Find any tech talent. Fast.

Hire vetted developers, designers, project managers matched with your individual needs. Build tech teams.

Focus on Business. Let us find, vet, and manage your tech team.

We partner with software companies, recruiters, individual contractors and freelancers to deliver the right tech people at scale.


The one software company you'll ever need.

Transparent talent origin

You'll always know where the given talent comes from. Of course, if you care ;)

Pay per hour

You pay only for booked hours of each talent.

One invoice per month

You just get one invoice. No matter how many talent sources we're engaging.

Full tech talent lifecycle taken care of

From onboarding, maintenance, replacement and reporting - we got you covered.

Focus on building your business

We'll take care of scaling your team as you grow.

Stay in control

Each week you get a full team utilization report with time logs of each member and a total budget spent. You will also get alerts on % of the remaining budget.


Access the enormous vetted talent pool

Get access to hundreds of software agencies and thousands of software dev freelancers from the CEE region on one platform.

Our matching algorithms and Talent Team will provide you with a perfect match.

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Scale fast in any tech stack

On the marketplace you will find devs skilled in virtually technology.

Don't settle for tech solutions not fitted for your project. Pick the perfect one and kick it off fast.

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Why Ideamotive?

Our unique business model allows us to deliver vetted tech talent fast and at scale, with reduced costs and a project-match guarantee.

Learn, how are we different from other companies on the market.

Ideamotive Classic software agency Freelancer platforms In-house hiring
Time required to find and hire a talent 1-21 days 1-2 months 1-5 weeks 1-6 months
Vetting and screening process in place
Technology, industry and company culture match
Hiring and management costs low medium medium high
Easiness of scaling the team easy difficult medium difficult

Get the experience of a software company with our boxed products.

Detailed Scope Estimation

A process that guides a Product Owner through the possible cost and timeframe of building a project from the ground up or adding a specific feature set to the existing codebase.

MVP scoping session

A 2-day workshop with the project team. We will work together to determine the MVP required to meet the objectives of your business within your planned budget and timeframe.


Get project-specific inspirations from world-class designers. The idea of ​​moodboards is to organize your inspirations at the stage of creating the concept.

Code Audit

Get accurate technical code quality ratings. Code Audit is done to assess the quality of work done by your current development team or to prepare for further project development.

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