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Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager,


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How to pick a Go/Golang development company

The best technology stack is only half the battle when it comes to ensuring the success of your future project. Think of it this way: every item in the stack is a good quality brick that can be used to build your project, and a Go/Golang development company is a craftsman with the necessary skills to put those bricks together into a successful product. However, choosing the right master can be troublesome. What should you look out for in hundreds of software development companies where you should outsource (closer or further?) And how to make the whole outsourcing process easier and more efficient?

In this article, you will find many helpful tips and advice on how to choose the right Golang development services for your project. It doesn't matter if you are already targeting outsourcing or not. You can use this list to select suppliers of almost any type. So read on and make a fully informed decision about your business.

4 basic steps to follow


#1. Check the track record

The best place to start your assessment is by going online and doing a little investigation with your chosen Golang company. Take a look at their website and see if they have experience building applications similar to what you're aiming at. If coders have a portfolio, spend some time looking at it, focusing on the design and performance of their projects. Which of their results are they most proud of? Are there any well-known brands or products included in their projects? Pay attention to the case studies and customer reviews they post as they speak louder than any other content.

You can also turn to third-party services to gauge the performance of a software company and what its customers think of it. Sites like Clutch are a useful source of information about your potential contractor. If the software company you are considering is listed on Clutch, that means the company has several verified reviews from past customers, so be sure to make this one of your first points when testing the company's reliability and skills.

If there is little information or you feel like you want to know more, just ask the company for links. Consider downloading an information pack from its website to get a better understanding of its offer. This can help review the first proposal.

#2. Consider nearshoring or offshoring

While many projects can be completed regardless of where the software company is headquartered, the location of your contractor sometimes matters - usually when it comes to specific business or project requirements.

When working in cities such as Berlin or London, hiring in-house developers will cost much more than outsourcing the work to a team in, say, Eastern Europe, or will simply not be possible due to a lack of qualified specialists.

This is why offshoring has become so common in recent years. In fact, Poland has lately become the dominant software development hub for the UK, Switzerland, and the US.

Naturally, with offshoring, the time difference can be a problem if you need quick decisions or real-time communication. On the other hand, offshore companies can usually maintain decent quality work at relatively low costs. In addition, the type and scale of your project may not require real-time feedback. When using nearshoring, communication is not a problem, which is especially important in large-scale applications that require constant maintenance (for example, large e-commerce stores, etc.).

#3. Compare offers

While hunting for the right Golang web development company, you may run into pricing. When you see lower price tags, you might be tempted to try something cheaper, which is natural. And indeed, sometimes you can find this rarest gem, quality software development, at a low price. However, there is one interesting twist.

We all know that there are no good, cheap, and fast solutions at the same time. And if you just go "cheap," you may soon find yourself spending a lot more money than you originally planned. Why? There are two reasons: 

  1. when someone does not know how to do something, they need more time to complete the given task, or 
  2. you spend more time fixing errors that have arisen later.

#4. Estimate the talent pool

Ask about the availability of experienced programmers in a specific field or technology (web apps, mobile apps, e-commerce, IoT, etc., whichever suits your project requirements).

Did you know that you can ask for so-called blind summaries of relevant developers and projects that they have implemented so far, as well as simply ask how many years of experience they have with a particular technology?

It is important that your project is in the hands of developers with extensive experience in similar work.

Choose Ideamotive

Ideamotive offers best-in-class Golang development services to businesses around the world. Using the latest tools and technologies, we help product owners get the most value in less time by building their Golang solutions for websites and applications. 

At our development company, we have a team of experienced Golang developers capable of creating flexible and secure Golang solutions for various industries.

What makes Ideamotive the best Golang development company?

Our Go developers are well equipped with the latest hardware systems, high-speed internet, and industry-standard tools to bring the best Golang projects to life. Our Golang programmers use GitHub and BigBucket for version control; on the other hand, to ensure the maximum productivity of your project, we use project management tools such as ClickUp and Slack, and Jira. 

Looking for a Golang development company? Reach out to us. We will provide you with a development team consisting of experienced and vetted devs, PMs, UX/UI designers, Scrum Masters AI devs, and whomever you need to help you deliver your product from ideation to deployment. We will make sure that people who work for you are seasoned and reliable in the type of work you do.

As a top-notch development company for Golang, we also take care of the security of your intellectual property by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

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