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How to Hire a Freelance Hubspot Developer?

HubSpot features a powerful set of tools for a modern business. The main components of the HubSpot system are CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), with which the sales department can easily manage all potential customers, as well as CMS (content management system), a platform for website management. The popularity of Hubspot CMS is constantly growing as it allows companies to easily launch websites, optimize their performance s well as integrate sales and analytics.

Still, this system has its drawbacks, and while HubSpot is a very user-friendly system, it requires bringing an additional expert. That’s why businesses often decide to hire a ​​Hubspot consultant freelance-based who would be responsible for all the Hubspot development-related tasks.

Skills for a HubSpot Developer

Before hiring a specific freelance Hubspot developer, you must decide what tasks should be completed. Also, decide which type of developer is best suited to meet your needs: junior, middle or senior. Remember that every single project requires a specific skill set, but there are generally technical and non-technical skills in the Hubspot space that a professional developer should have. Let's talk about these skills in more detail so that you have an idea of ​​what to look for when choosing candidates.

Deep Knowledge of HubSpot CMS and APIs

One of the basic skills that every HubSpot developer should have is understanding and experience with HubSpot's API. Thus a developer should be able to create integrations with other back-end systems and analyze the API documentation of other systems.

Understanding HubSpot COS (Content Optimization System)

The HubSpot COS (Content Optimization) is part of the HubSpot site. With COS, you can create templates using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will define different layouts. It is worth adding that knowledge of the programming languages ​​described above is a necessary skill for a HubSpot developer.

HubSpot developers must also have experience with the system to be able to create custom projects and integrate them into the CMS. In addition, you need to be able to create pages that use smart content as a mean to provide more specific content to targets that fit certain criteria.

Understanding Libraries and Frameworks

This knowledge is necessary to make the work of the HubSpot developer easier and reduce the load. Everything is explained by the fact that with the help of popular libraries and frameworks, you can improve the functionality and performance of the site several times. It is worth adding that the entire HubSpot is also built on the Bootstrap framework, and therefore, by understanding its principles of operation, the developer can get additional ways to customize the site design.

Knowledge of UX/UI Design Best Practices

A freelance HubSpot developer is hired to create unique website templates from scratch, often by translating wireframes created by your UX/UI designer. This means that they must be able to combine front-end web development and design work. To ensure that the work of the HubSpot developer will not only perform well but also look good, take a detailed look at the portfolio of completed work from a design point of view. Never forget the importance of good UX and UI!

Experience With Inbound Marketing

While inbound marketing experience or design certification is not a requirement for hiring in some companies, these skills can help gain a better understanding of HubSpot's broader purpose and what it has to offer users beyond API integrations.

With these skills, the HubSpot developer should easily build landing pages that maximize conversion potential.

HubSpot Developer Responsibilities

The responsibilities that a HubSpot developer must fulfill will largely depend on various factors such as the needs of the company, the amount of time you have been with the HubSpot developer, and the structure of your organization. To avoid controversy and misunderstanding, you must define the developer’s responsibilities beforehand. If you are unsure what tasks you may need to have performed, below is a list of the main responsibilities of the HubSpot developer:

  • Design and implement clean as well as semantic code
  • Design new pages for the clients' websites
  • Optimize and maintain existing websites
  • Create landing pages, emails, and many other types of reusable templates
  • Creating custom modules that are not provided by Hubspot
  • Collaborate with designers to validate and ensure the feasibility of website designs
  • Collaborate with other developers to build internal libraries, resources, and reusable processes
  • Identify opportunities to improve the performance of clients' websites
  • Create integrations between HubSpot and third-party systems
  • Help manage custom sales fields and properties

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Hiring not only a HubSpot developer but also any other developer is a rather complicated process that requires a huge amount of time and effort.

If you are familiar with this problem and are constantly faced with it, why not leave searching and hiring employees for Ideamotive. Our company is the best option for finding and recruiting professional HubSpot developers. This is because our team has developed a platform that brings together only the most experienced developers and provides the following benefits:

  • Only vetted HubSpot developers. You don't have to worry about their professionalism because before getting on our platform, each developer undergoes a thorough check of the technical and non-technical skills by our team. This way, you don't have to worry about the HubSpot developer being an amateur and failing to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Fast hiring process. Another benefit of working with Ideamotive is time savings. Usually, the process of hiring a new employee takes months. With Ideamotive, this process takes up to 21 days, which saves you a huge amount of time. You can also count on our internal Hubspot development team!
  • Business advisory services. Before selecting developers for your project, we thoroughly analyze the current state of your project and your competitors. We strive to offer you the technological solution that would make you closer to your business goals.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that Ideamotive provides, all you need to do is fill out a contact form and our team will reach out as soon as possible.

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