Building a Distributed Software Engineering Team in Europe


How to bring exceptional tech professionals to your company, decrease hiring costs and optimize talent management? 🤔

How to navigate the European IT tech talent market and find perfect developers for your needs?

Watch our workshop about Building a Distributed Software Engineering Team in Europe and get all the answers you need!

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What will you learn from the workshop?

  • an overview of the key findings and highlights from the State of CEE IT Outsourcing and Offshoring Report 2021

  • How does the software development outsourcing market look like? What are your options?
  • practical knowledge on how does the model IT outsourcing process should look like (from the client's and vendor's side)
  • most common pitfalls and mistakes that you should avoid
  • $$$ perspective - how much does it all actually cost?
  • 3 secret insights about the CEE IT outsourcing market and what do they mean for potential partners?

What will you receive from us?

  • Access to the workshop video
  • Slide deck from the workshop
  • Your copy of The State of CEE IT Outsourcing and Offshoring 2021 Report

About the author

Organic Posting Webinar CEE IT 1080x1080 (13) Kamil Osiecki is a COO at Ideamotive. He helps tech companies from all over the globe find and onboard top tech talent matched with their technology, industry and team dynamics.