How to prepare, design and develop a new tour provider brand in two months


About the Client

Chilling is a new player on a summer sport & music trips stage. They provide tours to the hottest exotic European locations. The brand is endorsed by SnowShow as a guarantee of the best possible experience. Chilling targets mainly adventurous and outgoing students - but grads and "oldschool" people will find something for themselves there, too. Their biggest summer festival gathers over 500 sensation-seekers.

Client profile Travel Location Poland Work duration 1+ years


Chilling is a sister company of SnowShow. When we started working on the project, we already knew the environment, people, and processes in this travel business. However, we had to decide on how to use the existing system to integrate the new brand, in both the technical and the business realm.

That created a number of challenges summarized below:
  • a new domain, but whith the same login credentials for existing SnowShow users,
  • diferent website content, including new categories of trips,
  • maximizing the usage of the existing booking system structure in creating the new one.


We started with designing wireframes for Chilling, to determine how much it was going to differ from SnowShow. The analysis of feedback results allowed us to produce high-fi designs. But more importantly, we decided to separate Chilling\'s CMS from SnowShow\'s one, due to significant differences in front-end - and the possibility that even more differences could arise in the future. We managed to adjust the CRM to match the requirements of a new platform, with only a few small changes.

To summarize what we did:
  • a brand new Chilling CMS
  • new designs targeting young people and referring them to the wildest summer European locations
  • recommendation system for summer trips
  • upgrade of the SnowShow booking system to handle summer trips

Business outcome

2 months to deliver MVP
15 trip categories in the year of releasing the new webpage

Chilling was designed and developed within two months. It brought new customers from day one after release. Our new summer design targeting students and young grads led to fast sales growth and the great success of the first Chilling season. Here is the summary:

  • new brand created for a fraction of the cost of building it from scratch
  • advanced booking system shared with SnowShow
  • an extensible webpage that can be developed independently from SnowShow due to separate CMS
  • outstanding sales results after the first season