SnowShow Pilot App

How SnowShow pilots abandoned paper and pen in favour of a mobile app


About the Client

SnowShow is the biggest Polish winter tour provider, and also one of the biggest players in Europe. They target Alps in terms of destination, and students and grads as their audience. Their uniqueness lies in the combination of sport (skiing and snowboarding) with music. SnowShow organizes over 60 trips yearly. The biggest one, called "Music Fest", attracts over 2000 participant and the biggest music stars.

Client profile Travel Location Poland Work duration 4 months


When SnowShow asked us about creating their mobile app, we had already been working with them for over two years. Their growth initiated a need for increased processes automation. One of the most crucial parts of that was logistics during the trips. The idea was to equip SnowShow tour pilots with tablets and allow them to digitalize their work.

Here are the main challenges we faced:
  • creating and application that works off-line and automatically synchronizes when on-line (without data conflicts)
  • weak Internet connection in the Alps
  • limited data transfer due to roaming costs
  • big amounts of data required to be sent


We already knew the people behind SnowShow. We knew their business and they knew how we work. Our PM started with drawing wireframes that included all the data needed in the app. Then our designer made an InVision prototype. Meanwhile, our engineering team designed the architecture, taking into account all of the challenges.

Here are our solutions:
  • handy and intuitive interface, reacting to gestures
  • architecture dealing with Internet issues, off-line work, and sync
  • React Native as a technology choice
  • integration with Google Documents API

Business outcome

3 React Native devs involved
40000+ Single messages sent to participants
2000+ participants managed at once at the biggest event

The app created for SnowSnow met all the requirements. Our business knowledge enabled us to successfully deliver a fully functional app before SnowShow's biggest trip "Music Fest" (2000+ people). They benefited by being better organized, spending less time on tasks and communicating better during the event. Here is the summary of how they gained a unique advantage over the competition:

  • reduced time of pilots' work and hence - growth in general user happiness
  • application working with limited access to the Internet (very poor or no connection)
  • reduced roaming costs
  • greater central control over the system due to sync
Testimonial quote icon

Since I've been working with them, I know that we are implementing the best solutions. They are not only doing what we ask them to do, but they also propose improvements and functionalities that are better suited to us.

Peter Grabo
SnowShow, Product Manager