How to add a storefront to an existing ERP system


About the Client

Lauber is a subsidiary of Intercars, the most prominent car parts dealer in central Europe. The company has been operating for over 20 years and it provides services to the whole continent. They offer service and remanufacture for many types of components, like power steering racks, power pumps, alternators and starters.

Client profile Automotive Location Central Europe Work duration 9 months


Lauber came to us with an idea of creating an e-commerce platform that integrates a number of their systems. The storefront was dedicated to retail car parts dealers, repair shops, and diagnostic stations. The main challenge was to merge all the data labeled differently in different domains, and create a unique product card. Also, the company already had an ERP system; they needed the new storefront to communicate with it in both directions.

Below we present the summary of main challenges:
  • the client never did an agile project before
  • data with various sources that needed integration into one product card
  • established ERP system that needed to interact with the new storefront
  • a specific niche of end users (car part dealers, repair shops and diagnostic stations)


We started with a workshop explaining the meanders of agile project management. During the meeting, we created first wireframes and agreed on the general vision of the project. In the next two workshops we were collecting requirements for the first milestone — version 1.0. We started an agile sprint and educated Lauber reps in using our tools like JIRA and Confluence.

Below we list our solutions to most relevant problems:
  • workshop on Ideamotive's agile project management process
  • prototypes in UXPin and InVision
  • creating and implementing a process of merging product data from various sources (ETL process)
  • integration with payment gateways (PayPal)
  • advanced search engine and dynamic filters
  • car parts comparator
  • multiple language versions and currencies
  • Ruby as a technology of choice for scrappers, data integrators
  • React as a front-end choice

Business outcome

1386 code commits
55600+ products in store
7 data sources for e-commerce database

Lauber storefront was released successfully and quickly received positive opinions from car parts dealers. The ease of use and number of details were mentioned as primary advantages. From the release date, Lauber customers all around Europe can buy almost any car part they want through the Internet.

  • successful long-term communication within the agile framework
  • well-received and well-established storefront
  • the unified ecosystem of car parts within Lauber
  • Lauber can now sell car parts all around Europe
  • platform easy to upgrade and add new features to