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Nielsen: supporting corporate communication with a mobile app

Developing an app to manage a document distribution between multiple international teams within the global corporation.

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Hiring B2B Web And App Developers — What Should You Take Into Account?

Unlike smaller startups, enterprises — with their high budget and experience — often run multiple projects at once to diversify their product portfolio and, by doing so, build a future-proof strategy. Hiring more and more developers every time might be, however, not efficient and cause significant management issues at the company.

In such circumstances, one of the best and most common solutions among enterprises is to hire B2B web developers, B2B app developers, and other similar experts. Depending on the current needs of the company, these devs can support a project only during the initial development stage or work with the business on a long-term contract. Some of the most common projects B2B web developers and B2B app developers are hired for include:

  • Company/product websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Custom software development (software to be used in-house, tailored to the company’s needs)
  • Development of digital products at scale (e.g. for white-label companies)

What type of experts your business may exactly need and how to hire them fast? In our guide below, we closely review the current market of B2B web developers, B2B app developers, and other digital professionals.

Most important software development experts for enterprises

With the versatility of projects going on in an enterprise, such huge companies need to work with developers from many different specialties. Some of the most popular specialties like that are:

  1. B2B web developers

    The more complicated the project, the more B2B web developers you will need. If you require just a quick and simple website, you might end up hiring only one full-scale B2B web developer. However, if you want to build a robust web app that can handle concurrently hundreds of thousands of users, you will need more than that — most likely separate teams of front-end (working on everything that the customer sees) and back-end (server-side operations) B2B web developers.

  2. B2B app developers

    With more than 50% of the internet traffic already coming from mobiles, many enterprises turn their attention to this part of the market. Depending on your unique needs and technology requirements, you will need a different set of B2B app developers. Some businesses decide to go with top-performing native technologies and hire Swift (iOS) and Kotlin/Java (Android) B2B app developers; others choose more budget-friendly options like cross-platform development or PWA (progressive web development) development.

  3. AI development experts

    Artificial development can make a huge impact on virtually every area of your company’s activity. From automating tedious manufacturing processes to improving customer service to directly influencing customer retention — expert AI developers can work on the web, mobile, and physical products.

  4. Data scientists

    The data experts can significantly improve your forecasting and provide more insightful information on your customer’s needs. While small companies usually operate with the help of a few more generalist data scientists, enterprises often invest in more advanced teams including experts like data engineers (building data pipelines) and data analysts (focusing on reviewing the data delivered to them).

What technical skills should developers for enterprises possess?

Because of the versatility of developers available on the market, depending on your company’s needs, you will need to hire different experts based on different requirements. There are some categories of technical skills, however, that you will always need to take into consideration. We list the most important of these areas below.

  1. Programming languages

    Different projects require use of different programming languages. For example, if you want to hire B2B web developers, you will be looking for a group of those experienced in the front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) as well as a group of those experienced in your back-end language of choice (e.g. Java, Ruby, PHP, Python). On the other hand, if you want to hire B2B app developers, you might be looking for Swift experts (iOS), Java/Kotlin professionals (Android), or people experienced with cross-platform development technologies (e.g. JavaScript + React Native or C# + Xamarin).

  2. Frameworks and libraries

    These tools can significantly speed up the development process as they provide ready-to-use code pieces that can be later tailored to the project’s exact requirements. Frameworks and libraries are usually language-specific — meaning they are designed with only one programming language in mind. For example, Express is a back-end framework for JavaScript/Node.js while React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development tool to be used with JavaScript.

  3. Cloud platforms

    Most IT projects nowadays are hosted in the cloud in order to provide top performance and accessibility of the digital product. The most popular cloud solutions on the market are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  4. Database management tools

    There are multiple database tools on the market — while most of them are focused on the popular SQL standard, others work with NoSQL. Whatever role you are hiring for, your developer should be able to smoothly operate on the database side.

When clarifying your hard skill requirements for developers, remember to consider the unique tech stack of your business. For example, your enterprise is most likely already using a cloud solution — make sure, then, that your new hire is experienced in this specific platform. Similarly, if your company is using SQL databases, you likely won’t need NoSQL experts on board.

Leverage the potential of soft skills

There are many truly valuable soft skills, but some of them are specifically useful in the corporate environment. These are:

  1. Expert time management

    To smoothly switch between coding, attending meetings, brainstorming, and other daily tasks.

  2. Patience

    To understand that in a corporate environment sometimes it takes months (or even years!) before expected outcomes happen.

  3. Team spirit

    To strive for innovation via collaboration and brainstorming.

The importance of previous enterprise experience

The enterprise work environment isn’t for everyone — it requires a specific attitude to truly thrive in it. It’s should be, therefore, of crucial interest to you to hire B2B web developers, B2B app developers, and other experts you need, with previous experience in the corporate environment

When assessing this experience, consider things like:

  • Previous experience with KPI-driven business strategy and history of delivered KPI results.
  • Positive attitude towards cross-team cooperation.
  • The preferred style of management.
  • Ability to plan work based on both short and long-term plans.
  • And more!

Don’t forget about the industry fit

You can achieve even better results if you hire also based on the industry fit. Hire B2B web developers, B2B app developers, and other experts who have already worked within your business vertical — this way, you will be able to leverage the unique knowledge they have.

What are some of the main advantages of hiring experts with previous experience in your industry?

  • They already understand your customers and are able to deliver a product better tailored to their needs.
  • They can better predict the obstacles your company may encounter during the development process.
  • They are familiar with common code mistakes in solutions similar to yours and can help you prevent them — therefore, delivering a more stable, issue-free product.
  • They can deliver the results faster by building your product based on their previous experience.

The hiring model variants for B2B web developers and other B2B experts

Depending on your company’s unique needs, you might choose a bit different approach to hiring the experts you currently require. Some of the most popular hiring models are:

  • Team extension — support your in-house team by hiring B2B developers to work on specific tasks.
  • Initial product development — hire B2B app developers and other B2B experts to build the initial version of your product, the so-called MVP (minimum viable product). Your in-house experts can later focus on maintaining and expanding the product’s features.
  • Dev center in another region — it’s also getting increasingly popular among enterprises to build their own development centers in more cost-effective regions, especially Central Eastern Europe. The developers there are considered to be one of the most skilled around the world but their salary requirements are often more affordable due to lower costs of living.

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Whatever the case, we can supply you with the right experts fast. At Ideamotive, we run the industry-leading network of IT talents from all specialties, including B2B web developers, B2B app developers, AI experts, data scientists, and more. To make sure you are fully satisfied, we’ll only connect you with the people who truly match your company profile and any unique requirements.

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