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CarPal: Changing the way the goods move in cities

How we provided the right set of talent and technologies and enabled the quick growth of the existing product.


  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Mobile App Development, Web Development, React Native Development, React Development


    Saas, Automotive, Marketplace

  • Team Composition

    1 Mobile Developer, 1 Web Developer

    Work duration

    6+ months

CarPal is a same-day delivery service available in Singapore and the owner of CarPal Flee, a SaaS delivery management application that help logistics companies all over the world to manage their fleet in an efficient and scalable way.


CarPal reached out to us when they already had an existing development team working on the product and know-how regarding the development of software products.

They needed to scale their development team and add new technologies as fast as they wanted to grow the SaaS branch of the business - CarPal Fleet.

We helped them by providing software developers with expertise in React (for CarPal Fleet web app development) and React Native (for CarPal Fleet mobile app development) as an extension of CarPal Fleet development team.


Although CarPal’s office is based in Singapore with a six-hour time zone difference, we managed to develop a routine to deliver both applications at a fast pace without sacrificing the quality of work. Our developers contacted the client on a daily basis to discuss and plan the development and reported directly to CarPal’s CEO, who is responsible for product development.


Both CarPal Fleet apps are sophisticated pieces of code, but the mobile CarPal Fleet Driver app is, in our opinion, the most interesting:

  • It’s truly cross-platform while maintaining some iOS and Android requirements
  • There are 4 methods that allow the driver to prove the delivery in the app
  • It has a built-in contact module so the driver can contact his operations manager, customer or the receiving party through the app
  • There is a sophisticated location tracking module built in so all interested parties can know where the cars are all the time

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