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CASHLET: building a financial Android app for investing and managing savings for an African market

How the full-remote mobile app team delivered a financial app in Nairobi and connected it with a Kenyan mobile payment system.


  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Mobile App Design, Android App Development, React Native Development, Java Development



  • Team Composition

    3 Mobile App Developers, 1 Mobile App Designer, 1 Project Manager

    Work duration

    5 months

Sycamore Capital Corp specializes in investment banking, capital raising, and commodity trading. Determined to revolutionize financial sector, they envisioned CASHLET, a mobile app designed to democratize investing and savings management for its citizens. This is where Ideamotive’s unique talent-matching service came into play, pairing Sycamore Capital with the right tech pioneers to bring this vision to life.


Sycamore Capital approached Ideamotive with the concept for CASHLET - a user-centric app to facilitate easy management and growth of personal finances. While they possessed the foundational backend code and app designs, a comprehensive evaluation revealed the need for a significant overhaul to ensure quality and functionality. Crucially, seamless integration with M-Pesa, Kenya's premier mobile payment system, was essential.

Solution Through Strategic Talent Matching:

Drawing on our extensive experience and proven track record in the FinTech sector, we leveraged our expertise to expedite the team onboarding process. As all initial designs were provided by the client, our proficient team swiftly assimilated the project requirements, enabling us to commence development immediately—a feat accomplished in just a week's time. 

This accelerated timeline was not only a testament to Ideamotive's efficiency but also underscored our deep understanding of the intricacies within the FinTech domain. With a wealth of successful projects under our belt in this industry, we approached this endeavor with confidence and precision, ensuring that every step was executed with the finesse and agility that our clients have come to expect from us.

Leveraging our strength in building relationships and understanding specific industry needs, we quickly identified and matched Sycamore Capital with a team of tech experts skilled in mobile app development.

Rapid Team Onboarding:

Time was a very important factor. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, Ideamotive orchestrated a remarkably swift and streamlined onboarding process. This meticulous approach not only facilitated the rapid integration of the carefully curated team but also catalyzed the initiation of the project, aligning perfectly with our client's pressing timelines. By seamlessly synchronizing the talents and resources, Ideamotive exemplified its dedication to delivering results with precision and speed.

Technology and Innovation:

The team, proficient in React Native and Java, embarked on reengineering the backend while preserving usable code segments. This strategic choice facilitated the development of an Android app - a priority for the African market - with an easy pathway to iOS expansion.

Design Enhancement:

Recognizing the need for an engaging user experience, Ideamotive facilitated the integration of external design experts to refine the app’s interface, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Navigating Challenges with M-Pesa:

The collaboration faced technical challenges in integrating M-Pesa for transaction verification via SMS. Ideamotive’s team creatively employed remote access tools to ensure seamless payment processes, underscoring the innovative problem-solving approach brought by the matched talent.

As for the workflow, we used the Agile approach. The client was as engaged in the process as possible, constantly providing feedback on our deliverables which significantly speeded up the development process.

The biggest challenge was working with African payments provider M-pesa because we did not have a phone with an African SIM card to confirm transactions. We had to use a remote control to overcome this challenge.


Maciej Radziwon

RoR & React Developer at Ideamotive


The collaboration led by Ideamotive’s matched talent significantly elevated the quality and performance of the CASHLET app. By optimizing resource-intensive tasks and refining the user interface, the app now offers a streamlined investment experience, aligned with the vision of making financial management accessible and efficient for Kenyan users.

As a result of our work, app users got a paperless method to invest their money, with an easy way to see how their investment is performing, and the ability to get their money back fast.

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