Nielsen: supporting corporate communication with a mobile app

How we developed an app that helps in managing social interactions and document distribution between multiple international teams within the global corporation?



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    Mobile App Development, Web Development, UX/UI Design, React Native Development, Ruby on Rails Development, React Development


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    7 months

Nielsen is a global marketing research corporation founded in 1929. It provides reliable measurement and data analytics for marketers and sales specialists worldwide. The company is well-known for the Nielsen rating — audience measurement system for TV, radio, and newspapers. Today Nielsen operates in over 100 countries and is listed in S&P 500 index.


Our partnership with Nielsen started with a small business process optimization task. About a year later they invited Ideamotive to face a much more substantial challenge: bring the company workflow to the next level by building the company's official mobile app.

Here are the challenges that we faced:

  • complex organizational structure
  • a wide vision of change without specifics
  • strict global security limitations
  • small experience of the client in conducting agile projects
  • various types of users with various access levels
  • the technology choice to match external and internal app users
  • integration with the tools established in the organization: Google Suite and Google+
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Our team started with gathering all the existing requirements and limitations for building the app. With all the data in one place, we organized a workshop in the client's headquarters with all the application stakeholders. The main objective of the meeting was to determine priorities, draw first wireframes, set-up the roadmap and project's organizational structure. We also explained our agile process, implemented it, and aligned it with Nielsen needs. Before programmers and designers started to work, we had three more technical meetings - each with a different stakeholder and regarding a different aspect of the app.

On the course of our work, we have introduced numerous solutions to existing technological problems, such as:

  • conducted research on the main areas of digitalization within Nielsen organization
  • analyzed company structure, assets, limitations, and existing processes
  • collected actual needs and pains of Nielsen employees and external app users
  • adjusted our process to comply with Nielsen's requirements
  • React Native as our technology of choice — for the fastest progress
  • implemented push notifications that allowed to get instant feedback from coworkers
  • built CMP for access and content management


The app we built met all of the stakeholders’ expectations. But what's more important to us, is that it's widely used within Nielsen. The app precisely maps the company's structure. From now on, Sophie from the HR department can make an inquiry about the IT teams retreat and receives the result within 15 seconds, with our push notification solutions. After the event, members can chat about it and exchange their experiences. During the working day, a Nielsen analyst will receive a notification as soon as a document is ready for a client and they can pass it immediately to them.


What is the business outcome of our cooperation?

  • enhanced documents exchange and improved time-to-delivery
  • improved communication within divisions (formal and informal groups)
  • fast team inquiries with push notifications
  • improved information flow within the organization
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