PACKHELP: Bringing the right tech talent to the fast-growing startup

How we delivered a developer team, advanced the work on a new product, allowed for scaling up and became a long-term talent delivery partner for the fastest-growing startup from Central Europe.



  • Client:


    Team Composition:

    6 developers and 1 IT project manager.

  • Country:



    Body leasing, Web development

  • Industry:

    Manufacturing (packaging)


    Ruby on Rails, React

  • Work duration:

    24 months (ongoing)

Packhelp is a Poland-based startup that creates custom packaging for B2B companies — mostly e-commerce and stationery brands. Customers can design their packages online or customize a default pattern and then order them in wholesale or retail quantities. Packhelp operates in over 20 European countries, the United States, Canada and Australia.


As a rapidly growing business (1st place in the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe” ranking for 2020!), Packhelp is expanding into new markets and constantly improving their platform. This creates a steady need to bring in new, exceptional software development talent who can help scale their product. Packhelp’s top priority is finding competent developers that meet their specific requirements. 

Initially, Packhelp came to us in 2018 with a well-defined, technical problem: they had an inefficient existing system based on Ruby on Rails and needed a sustainable module. The timing was crucial, as the team was struggling to meet the deadline set by the investors. 

We agreed that we could help Packhelp temporarily, by creating a new module for their system.

But that was just the beginning - the main issue they were facing back then (and are still  facing now) is the need to quickly scale their development teams by bringing in the right set of tech talent.



We started our collaboration in 2018 by organizing a workshop with Packhelp to identify their business requirements for the new module. With these details, we determined the required size and specific skill sets for each development team and the ideal project methodology.

Here are some of the solutions we created:  

  • We implemented an external system module that connects to the main app and exchanges information.
  • We performed a series of technical meetings to build bridges between the system and the new module.
  • We carried out a scrum process that complied with our client's tools.

After delivering the first project, we gained Packhelp’s trust and long-term collaboration became possible. Since then, we have built a fast and cost-effective recruitment process for Packhelp that guarantees quality hiring, including: 

  • Implementing a matchmaking process to identify and evaluate potential best-fit developers from our vast talent network.
  • Introducing the try-and-buy method: a recommended developer goes on a trial period before Packhelp decides to hire them.
  • Extremely fast, guaranteed exchange (within 24 hours) of developers who do not meet expectations.
  • Recruitment of developers with specific in-depth knowledge in each initiative required for  Packhelp's new system.

The best feature I've introduced for Packhelp was the improvement of specific types of packaging handling, including pricing and presentation mechanism.


Marek Zieliński

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer



In the course of recent years, we successfully delivered multiple developers to contribute to Packhelp’s growth.

With the support of our tailor-made body leasing services, they built an A-class dev team that manages a sustainable platform that can handle their growing clients' demands. We have secured Packhelp’s need for team scaling, being able to fast-track developers fit for their needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the demand for packaging skyrocketed.

Here is a summary of our collaboration so far:

  • Faster system for order optimization
  • Back-end fixes and improvements in the payment and packaging design systems 
  • An efficient system within the specified budget
  • Custom-made recruitment process
  • Fast-tracking competent and highly specialized developers for ongoing projects in Packhelp

We are proud of this collaboration and we are ready to support Packhelp for years of growth to come!

  • 9/10 NPS score
  • 5/5 review on Clutch

They provide good, steady work, and I can trust them. They’ve never failed us.


Arkadiusz Wasilonek

CTO & co-founder, Packhelp

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