ROAD.TRAVEL: Facilitating international collaboration for a travel marketplace

How we made it possible for a startup to work with outsourced staff without legal risks

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    United Kingdom

  • Industry

    Tourism (Travel planning, autonomous vehicles, bookings, and road trips)


    Angular JavaScript/TypeScript

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    Road.Travel team - 11 full-time staff and 8 contractors focused on content creation.

Road.Travel is a trip planning, booking and experience platform that connects trusted providers and end-users. Users can choose vacation packages, organize self-guided trips, automate bookings and much more on one platform. Road.Travel also provides white-label solutions for the travel industry.

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Nikita Dedik, the CEO of Road.Travel, started the company when he observed that most of the available travel planning solutions lacked extensive planning features or only catered to specific locations. As a passionate traveler and a firm believer in the power of technology, he created an all-in-one platform that integrates with the best solutions on the market to deliver a comprehensive travel planning process for various destinations. 

Road.Travel was scaling up rapidly until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Due to its adverse impact on the tourism industry and most of its partners (big corporations and automotive companies like Byton, Ford, etc.), Road.Travel began to explore opportunities with destination management companies and tourist authorities. For this project, they needed to develop a white-label platform.

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Road.Travel approached us with a detailed brief. They were looking to hire a senior JavaScript/Angular developer, preferably with industry experience.

Luckily, we had the perfect person in our database who matched their needs.

We facilitated drafting and presented the legal documents that enabled the developer to work for Road.Travel while living in Poland.

With these, he improved the development process and kept the project on track. This also ensured the client knew the delivery timeline for each function.

They are very professional, with prior experience in the travel industry and building booking systems which was a big plus. Communication was like a breeze, which was also an essential factor for us.

Nikita Dedik

CEO Road.Travel

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The collaboration led to the successful development of Road.Travel's white-label platform. It's an easy-to-use platform with powerful features. Users can find vacation packages, road trip itineraries and book hotels and car rentals from sites like and They can also use the budget optimizer feature to repackage trips so that it remains within their budget.

The greatest achievement of this project is that Road.Travel launched their first white-label client, which was (and still is) the largest and most popular online travel agency in Germany, shortly after.

What’s also important to mention is that this was the first time Road.Travel used outsourced developers, but definitely not the last.

We wanted to test that kind of cooperation and also have some financial savings thanks to that. Outsourcing worked for us very well.

Nikita Dedik

CEO Road.Travel

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