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Innovating Telecommunications: The Success Story of Telecommunication Company

Developing a mobile application that facilitates the quick setup of a phone number, the addition of an eSIM, and direct account management from a user's smartphone.

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  • Client




  • Project scope and technology

    Implementing telcom ios and android app



  • Tech Stack

    React Native, iOS, Android, Agile

    Work duration

    12 months

In 2018, a leading telecommunications provider in Europe embarked on a journey to introduce an innovative solution designed to solidify its market dominance. The initiative focused on developing a mobile application that facilitates the quick setup of a phone number, the addition of an eSIM, and direct account management from a user's smartphone.

Recognizing the need for developers skilled in a very specific tech stack to bring their vision to life, the company turned to Ideamotive. Known for its extensive talent base and niche developers, Ideamotive was the ideal partner for this ambitious project. 

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The company opted for React Native, enabling the efficient creation of cross-platform mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, to enhance development agility and flexibility, the organization fully transitioned to Agile methodologies, departing from the traditional waterfall approach.

At a pivotal stage, Ideamotive, known for proficiency in React Native and Agile methodologies, was invited to join the project. Our track record with this tech stack highlighted by our work for high-profile clients like Nielsen, Aura, and a prominent fintech company in London, underscored our capability to drive development forward.

Upon Telecom's request, we quickly identified a pool of React Native developers with leadership experience from our extensive CV database. After Telecom selected their preferred candidates, we arranged interviews and simultaneously prepared the necessary legal documents.

We swiftly signed the NDA agreement because Client was familiar with our reputation and trusted us as a reliable partner, facilitating an expedited process and ensuring all legal aspects were secure. 

Once the candidates were chosen, we had all paperwork ready for Telecom's Procurement Team and provided the developers with tailored onboarding to seamlessly integrate them into the project, ensuring they felt like an integral part of the team from day one.

We knew that our selection by Telecom was based not only on our technical expertise but also on our efficient account management and decision-making processes.

We supplied the client's team with senior React Native developers responsible for pivotal development tasks, with one eventually leading the team due to their exceptional skill and leadership.

Later, we also added a seasoned DevOps engineer, significantly speeding up the development process and deployment timeline through expert integration and automation practices.


Outcomes and Impact

Following a year of diligent effort, the application was successfully launched, garnering enthusiastic reception.

In just two years since its premiere, the application gained over 100,000 users, which indicates its great success. Customers appreciated above all the flexibility offered by the application, the lack of obligations, and the freedom of choice, which fits into the current consumer trends.

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Official Statement from the Client's Press Office


The triumphant outcome of this project cemented the collaborative partnership, underscoring the benefits of enduring cooperation and mutual trust. Our continued support to the client through the provision of top-tier IT specialists fosters further innovation and growth.

This collaboration not only yielded substantial benefits for both parties but also markedly enhanced customer experiences, serving as a powerful endorsement of its success.

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