Free PHP Developer Job Description and Ad Templates

Coming up with a relevant ad and job description for a PHP programmer requires many efforts and attention to detail. Therefore you need a professional PHP developer job description template.

PHP is a tricky language to tame. Hence, it puts more than the usual burden on the developer to ensure the stability and performance of the application. This site will provide you with PHP web developer job description samples to help you write the perfect job posting and make it easy to find and hire someone that matches your specific criteria.

PHP Developer Job Description Templates

  • Junior PHP Developer
  • Mid PHP Developer
  • Senior PHP Developer
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Newbies are just taking their first steps in PHP development. They know the basics of the programming language and can develop some features. Usually, newcomers work well in teams - they have the opportunity to learn under the supervision of more experienced colleagues.

Entry-level PHP developers are well suited for simple to medium projects. They have a slow pace of development and can be hired to do some monotonous work.

A basic beginner skillset includes:

  • PHP and HTML programming languages;
  • basic PHP functions and MVC design pattern;
  • work with content management systems (CMS);
  • knowledge of one of the main PHP frameworks.

The responsibilities of a junior PHP developer are related to the work of building websites and web applications using PHP. 

  • As a junior-level employee, you usually work on a development team or report to a senior developer. 
  • Your responsibilities may include writing, testing, and debugging code. 
  • You can work with the client-side of a site or application, but most PHP developers work on the server-side and with back-end programming and solutions. 
  • You may need to troubleshoot or provide updates after the website or app is online.

Individuals of intermediate level already have several development projects in their portfolio and can create effective web applications. These developers are quite autonomous and can run the application without explicit control.

Mid developer skillset:

  • knowledge of several PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, or CakePHP;
  • analysis of product requirements;
  • implementation of various databases;
  • adding server functions to improve application performance;
  • troubleshooting code;
  • implementation of object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP;
  • adherence to some development standards, such as Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY), to make refactoring and debugging easier.

Senior devs are PHP experts who work in specific fields using the latest technologies and web development practices. They can analyze the requirements for the product well and suggest how to make it more efficient and safer. In addition, they can advise on what features to add to your application and how to improve the product source code.

The expert skillset includes:

  • Knowledge of most PHP frameworks;
  • Experience in advanced technologies such as PHP for the Internet of Things, blockchain, machine learning, and other solutions
  • Past practical developer experience as a senior developer.
  • Providing leadership and guidance to project staff, including mentoring less experienced team members
  • Past experience working with clients to sell ideas, define requirements and execute complex processes.
  • Experience in working with creatives and conceptual projects.
  • Experience in the practical application of a number of software development methodologies.
  • Excellent experience with PHP5, MVC, OO, LAMP, HTML5, Javascript, XML, and SASS
  • Excellent experience with MVC web applications
  • Strong experience in enterprise architecture
  • Deep, extensive, innovative knowledge and understanding of the Internet and the latest technologies and standards.
  • Experience working on high traffic, consumer-oriented sites.
  • Understanding data security and its application on consumer-oriented sites such as competitions and social media platforms.
  • Experience working on localized sites for global markets.
  • Experience in Linux Server environment
  • Agile governance experience such as Jira and Confluence
  • Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Confidence in presenting ideas to colleagues and clients.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time and manage the workflow.
  • Work as a team, but without remorse.
  • Documenting functional and non-functional technical requirements.
  • Stay on top of the latest trends, innovations, culture, and new technical developments/changes in the industry.

PHP Developer Job Ad Templates

  • Junior PHP Developer
  • Mid PHP Developer
  • Senior PHP Developer
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Company intro

We are [company name]. Currently, our HR department is looking for a junior developer ready to become an integral part of the project team. If you are keen on coding and have a fluent level of [required foreign language], then feel free to drop us a line.

Be sure, wus you’ll have a great opportunity to work and learn from more experienced developers. Here at [company name], you’ll have a great environment for career growth.


  • Good knowledge of PHP 7+ (MVC, OOP)
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Knowledge of PHP framework: Laravel
  • Knowledge of CMS OpenCart
  • Good knowledge of MySQL, ability to write queries by hand
  • Knowledge of HTML / CSS,
  • Experience with JS frameworks (Vue, Angular) will be a plus
  • Strong GIT proficiency
  • [Add other relevant requirements here]


  • Create websites and web services from scratch (both simple sites and services and portals in the field of health tech, corporate, e-commerce)
  • Refinement and technical support of existing projects (stretching the layout, creating modules, improving functionality)
  • [Don't forget to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies related to your project]
  • [Indicate required education level or certificate]

We offer

  • Remote work
  • Experienced team (designers, layout designers, programmers, managers)
  • Stable and timely salary
  • Regular revision of the salary
  • Work from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 (6 hour working day), without overtime and work on weekends
  • Paid vacation, sick leave, training
  • [Additional options]

Company intro

This is a great opportunity to work for a reputable company with an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality work and pushing the boundaries of [your industry title] industry. Based in [your city], we are able to offer an outstanding PHP developer the opportunity to develop their careers in a company that is expanding and growing.

In exchange for your skills and dedication, we will offer you a great salary and the opportunity to succeed in a great team.


  • PHP + MySQL - professional knowledge and experience;
  • the ability to analyze, recommend and justify technologies and solutions;
  • knowledge of algorithms, understanding of the main principles of OOP, design patterns and paradigms;
  • experience in database structure design and query optimization;
  • the ability to delve into details and understand someone else's code;
  • English at the level of reading technical documentation.
  • [Add other relevant requirements here]

It would be a plus

  • higher technical education;
  • experience with high-load web projects;
  • experience in RESTful API development;
  • experience with search engines (Sphinx, Elasticsearch);
  • experience with queues (Gearman, RabbitMQ);
  • experience with NoSQL DB (Redis, MongoDB, Memcached);
  • striving for excellence even in small things;
  • the ability to do and speak simply and clearly.
  • [Don't forget to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies related to your project]
  • [Indicate required education level or certificate]

We offer

  • option to work remotely;
  • work on a famous product;
  • the opportunity for career and professional growth;
  • regular revision of wages;
  • official registration;
  • paid vacation and sick leave;
  • excellent working conditions;
  • MacBook Pro for work;
  • participation in conferences and training events;
  • corporate parties and professional holidays;
  • corporate interest clubs;
  • use of the library;
  • payment of 50% for sports/hobbies;
  • payment of 50% for training.
  • [Additional options]

Company intro

We are looking for a senior PHP developer with 5+ years of experience to work with [TECHNOLOGIES REQUIRED FOR YOUR PROJECT]. We expect you to be actively involved in technical decision-making, so you need to be a reliable and proactive person to be successful in this position.

The right candidate is supposed to be an experienced professional capable of designing and developing complex systems, working out technical solutions, and promoting development best practices.


  • from 5 years of experience as a PHP developer;
  • solid understanding of OOP, work with CLI;
  • work with frameworks, mainly Yii;
  • understanding and ability to describe the areas of application of basic programming templates;
  • knowledge of SQL query language, ability to write complex queries, ability to debug/optimize queries, understanding what indexes are, ability to apply them;
  • experience with search engines, mainly Manticore (SphinxSearch);
  • work with queues (Gearman, RabbitMQ);
  • experience with Docker;
  • experience with version control systems, including git;
  • Linux skills (meaning working in the console, knowledge of basic commands and command line utilities);
  • understanding the syntax of XML, JSON data formats;
  • working with caches, ways that can be complex and problematic;
  • experience with composer and PHPUnit framework.
  • [Add other relevant requirements here]

It would be a plus

  • work with highly loaded projects;
  • basic administration skills of Linux;
  • acquaintance with Agile / Scrum development methodology;
  • experience with JIRA;
  • understanding the principles of microservice architecture.
  • [Don't forget to mention any other frameworks, libraries, or other technologies related to your project]
  • [Indicate required education level or certificate]

We offer

  • remote work with a tracker;
  • work in a product IT project from a large product company;
  • opportunity to gain experience with an interesting complex site with traffic of up to 6 million visits per month.
  • [Additional options]
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