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How to pick a PHP development company?

If you are also planning to use this lucrative programming language for your next project, you should focus on choosing the best PHP development company. There are many companies that require testing and validation on various parameters before the final decision.

So, this is where we end your struggles of picking the PHP agency. Let's read this step-by-step guide to choosing a firm that matches your needs.

6 steps for choosing the right PHP company for your project


Step 1. Check if the PHP development company is working on these important and popular PHP technologies

PHP has survived in this thriving industry because it is dynamic. New PHP technologies provide more advanced features that make it easier for them to be alive. As an entrepreneur, you should hire top PHP developers. Check out their expertise in the following PHP frameworks:


Be sure to ask about this framework as it is one of the most popular PHP technologies. As per the latest statistics, 120,000 websites use Laravel. Great ORM and advanced MVC architecture make it a powerful framework. It offers robust caching and routing features. You can choose this framework because it is developer-friendly and allows you to provide web development services in PHP quickly.


It is the best friend of developers looking for a simple set of tools to develop complete web applications. 97,000 websites are built with CodeIgniter, according to the latest data available. It is an easy-to-use framework with built-in libraries. Exceptional performance and clear documentation work to its advantage. Codeigniter is a framework that features simple solutions over complex ones.


If you are looking for a PHP development firm that can build complex and large web applications, make sure they have experts on the CakePHP framework. This framework provides built-in support for various complex technologies such as AJAX. It offers powerful scaffolding and honed MVC conventions. It is often recommended for its easy reusability.


A popular website like (traffic rating 503) uses this PHP framework. Symfony is user-friendly. It offers a great number of reusable PHP components that are utilized for validation, security, templating, and more. It is one of the best PHP frameworks for developing large-scale PHP web applications.


The Yii framework is a popular modern PHP framework widely used for building web applications and APIs. According to the latest statistics, 93,000 websites are using Yii. The website, which has 500 million monthly visits, uses the PHP Yii framework. In terms of benefits, the list doesn't end there. It offers fast caching, AJAX support, great testing, and an easy setup. All this allows PHP web developers to create high-performance web applications using the Yii framework.

Zend Framework

This is a collection of professional PHP packages. Zend is best suited for developing enterprise-grade web applications. The flexibility supported by this framework allows us to create dynamic web applications. Its multilingual features for fast debugging make it one of the most robust PHP frameworks out there.

Step 2: Check company portfolio 

The second step to choosing a reliable PHP application development company is to check its portfolio. In this step, you will learn about the company's ability to complete a large project on time, the previous projects the company has worked on, and the area of ​​expertise. You will also find out if the agency's PHP development services are relevant to your business.

Step 3: Browse the website

Believe us, the well-built website will immediately appeal to your eyes. From this experience, you will automatically know that the website is run by a team of experienced PHP developers who are absolute experts in coding. When in doubt between two companies, you should look at features, graphics, usability, content, animation, and then compare.

Step 4: Review comments

Here comes to the rescue. Reviews are a direct reflection of customer satisfaction. When picking an expert PHP website development company, you need to see if past clients are sharing positive reviews or not. By this, one can understand whether the company was able to offer its customers world-class services or not. Job satisfaction matters a lot. Take enough time to read each review carefully.

Step 5: Measuring total work experience

By checking the work experience of a PHP agency, you will know how efficiently and on time it will complete all projects. This formula will assist you in understanding how experience can be related to customer satisfaction.

Step 6: Practical filling out of the contact form

This step should never be neglected when choosing an affordable PHP dev company. A reliable company will always offer its customers a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, clients will indicate details such as their expectations, requisites, and business details. This is the most standard process for obtaining information and customer details. The company can get the basic idea of ​​your specific project by looking at the questionnaire. This is a very important step as it ensures that you and the company are on the same terms. A top-class company is one that will always take all these steps carefully.



There are companies that use a variety of technologies in the context of web development, as well as a company that utilizes only PHP will allow you to create outstanding business websites. For this, it is imperative to hire PHP developers who are dedicated and passionate about providing comprehensive PHP development services to suit your needs.

That's why we strongly recommend turning to Ideamotive. Our company has vast experience in creating products using PHP technology. 

We will put together an A-team of PHP devs and other tech talents you need matching with your industry to deliver a product from the ideation to deployment. 

Contact us today to appoint our highly qualified PHP developers. We guarantee the delivery of high-quality web applications.

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