How to help a fast-growing startup with developing new features


About the Client

Packhelp is a successful European startup delivering custom packages all around the continent. In their 3D package creator, you can design an ideal box for your business – choose the size, material, color, and even imprint. Ready-to-use boxes are delivered to your door in a convenient form.

Client profile Packaging Location Europe Work duration 10 weeks


Packhelp came to Ideamotive with an existing app and as a well-established business. They were so successful that they couldn't handle all their development work internally anymore. That was their primary challenge. Together we agreed that we could help Packhelp temporarily, by creating a new module of their system.

Here is the summary of other challenges:
  • tight deadlines resulting from agreements signed by Packhelp
  • sophisticated business logic of the existing app
  • new module separated from the rest of the system while communicating intensively
Project scope: graphic-design Web application


We started with a workshop about Packhelp business requirements regarding the new module. After understanding the details, we approached the technical discussion with Packhelp's CTO. Together we decided on the overall system architecture and implementation details. We also agreed that the project would be conducted within a scrum methodology with our project manager.

Here we present selected solutions we created:
  • We implemented an external system module that connects to the main app and exchanges information.
  • We performed a series of technical meetings to build bridges between the system and the new module.
  • We carried out a scrum process that complied with our client's tools.
With focus on Ruby on Rails

Business outcome

2 Ideamotive devs involved
10 weeks of advancement in the new product

Thanks to our help Packhelp gained an additional workforce and finished a project that they wouldn't have normally even started. Together we progressed this fast pace startup by two months, which is critical for this kind of company.