Free AI Developer Job Description and Ad Templates

Artificial intelligence is still an attractive technology, but the demand for it is growing every year. Many companies strive to create an AI-based product, creating an enormous interest in the labor market.

The job description is what will help you attract a lot of good specialists. But it is not enough to describe what qualities you want to see in an employee. In the eyes of job seekers, you will look like a professional and competent company. Advantages over your competitors can only interest and attract employees to apply if they are already interested in this by your company and your project.

For your convenience, you can find an easily customizable AI developer job description below. We've created samples for junior, mid, and senior AI developers. In this way, you can target the specific type of developer that suits your needs perfectly.

AI Developer Job Description Templates

  • Junior AI Developer
  • Mid AI Developer
  • Senior AI Developer
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We at [Organization Name] are looking for a motivated junior AI developer who will be willing to provide the development of innovative products and make a significant impact in this area.  You will be supported by AI engineering leads, application developers, and account managers to ensure your success. Our ideal candidate is someone with a passion for developing their skills, learning from mentors, and thinking outside the box to find the best ways to solve our clients' gaps.


  • Introduce new methods, technologies, and standards as needed
  • Supporting account managers in obtaining analytical information based on text and structured data
  • Apply NLP techniques for Natural Language understanding.
  • Provide NLP support for various languages
  • [Other Responsibilities]


  • 1 to 3 years of experience  coding in Python
  • Knowledge in Classical NLP: preprocessing techniques, data transformation
  • Commitment to learning new technologies and methods
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills
  • [Other Requirements]

Working Conditions:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Possibility to work remotely
  • Comfortable office
  • [Perks Offered]

Due to the growing demand for the services of our company, we are looking for a mid-level AI developer. Our ideal candidate is a person who can help our clients embody their ideas into reality and offer a solution to specific technical problems in the industry. If you are a team-working person and strive to develop your skills, send your resume to our company!


  • Set up and manage AI development and product infrastructure
  • Build data ingestion and data transformation infrastructure
  • Build AI models from scratch
  • Help others understand what benefits they gain from your model
  • Be a good team player
  • [Other Responsibilities]


  • More than 3 years of experience in Python, Java, C++
  • Proficient in building scalable systems
  • Experience with productization of AI models from numerous frameworks
  • Experience in major machine learning frameworks: Pytorch, Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow, Pandas, SparkML
  • [Other Requirements]

What do you get?

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Comfortable office with recreation area
  • Social package
  • Regular workshops and training for AI developers

Our company has opened a senior AI developer vacancy. We offer you a job where you can unleash your full potential, working on projects for international companies, creating unique products, and finding non-standard solutions to the problems of our clients.


  • Work with the AI engineering team to craft best-in-class AI technology for our next AAA title
  • Come up with ideas for new AI architectures and technologies
  • Design, plan, and implement performant and optimized AI systems
  • Mentor junior members of the team
  • [Other Responsibilities]


  • 5+ years of experience in Java, Python, C++
  • Basic understanding of networking
  • Ability to code in a variety of integrated development environments
  • Experience with Matlab/Simulink
  • Ability to write and speak about research and development results with a variety of audiences
  • [Other Requirements]

What do you get?

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Social package
  • Friendly and professional team
  • Different pieces of training and workshops

AI Developer Job Ad Templates

  • Junior AI Developer
  • Mid AI Developer
  • Senior AI Developer
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Have just recently graduated and are looking for your first AI developer job? [Organization Name] is looking for a junior AI developer who will participate in creating products for our clients based on artificial intelligence technologies. If you are interested in this vacancy, you should remember that your task is creating and maintaining AI products. On such projects, you will be working with a development team, and therefore it is necessary to have communication skills. All decisions are made collectively, so we welcome your participation in such meetings. All employees of our company are friendly and willing to help junior developers with their difficulties. If you fit all the criteria, fill out the form as soon as possible!

(you can use the given qualification description or add frameworks, libraries, and technologies relevant to your business at will)

We are looking for a junior who:

  • Has 0-1 experience coding in Python
  • Comes up with new ideas
  • Has a desire to learn and develop
  • Is strong at analytics and solving problems
  • Can easily communicate with clients to help them form their requirements and needs
  • Experience working with Open-Source language models
  • Strong organization and presentation skills
  • Intellectually curious with an ability to focus on what matters to the business
  • [Other Requirements]

If you are hired, we expect you to make the following commitments:

  • Build models, train, test models, and deploy models to serve NLP capabilities in a cloud environment
  • Support NLP capabilities with additional components and process improvements
  • Collaborate with teams of experienced analysts, developers, and business experts to implement opportunities as they are discovered
  • Rapid development of models to showcase capability and receive feedback
  • [Other Responsibilities]

We want our employees to have the best possible working conditions, so we offer [Your Proposed Salary Range], [Type of Contract], and [Perks Offered].

If you meet these requirements, apply as soon as possible!

We are [Organization Name] a fast-growing technology company that provides services for the creation and maintenance of products based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are professionals in our field, as evidenced by many positive reviews from our clients. That is why we are looking for a talented middle AI Developer who can help us develop AI products and offer our clients the most creative and unconventional solutions to their problems.

If you are interested in this vacancy and would like to become part of our team, please make sure that you meet the requirements listed below. If so, feel free to apply!


  • MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science or related discipline
  • 3+ years of experience in coding Python, Java, and C++
  • Ability to work in a diverse collaborative environment.
  • Demonstrated expertise in machine learning research
  • Experience working with deep learning toolkits
  • Ability to formulate a research problem, design, experiment, implement and communicate solutions
  • Strong mathematical skills in statistics
  • Experience with multiple AI techniques: Heuristic Search/Planning, Knowledge Representation, Diagnosis, Machine Learning, Cognitive Systems
  • Experience in reading scientific papers and replicating methods
  • [Other Requirements]


  • Developing and maintaining proof-of-concept software
  • Ensuring consistent progress towards projects' goals
  • Designing architectures to achieve project goals
  • Develop and deliver demos of software
  • Contribute expertise to writing government proposals
  • Keep up with the latest ML developments and evaluate how they can be applied to our products and business needs.
  • Design and analyze metrics to verify model and algorithm effectiveness.
  • Build simple yet functional models, deploy them early, and continuously improve our products
  • [Other Responsibilities]

Working conditions:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Comfortable office in a great location
  • Corporate pieces of training and workshops
  • [Perks Offered]

Contact us if you are ready to become a part of our company!

Due to the expansion of the staff, [Organization Name] is looking for an experienced senior AI developer. His task will be to create a variety of products based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, communicate with customers, and solve their needs. We also expect you to be happy to help junior AI developers solve their problems. We offer you a job in a company that is one of the leading employers in this market. We are honored that your skills and talents will be a great addition to our challenging projects.

We require our potential candidate to have:

  • Very strong Graduate/Ph.D. level degree in Computer Science/or other engineering disciplines from top tier schools
  • 5+ years of experience in coding Python, Java, C++
  • Strong skills in relational databases
  • Ability to write SQL like queries to create new joins or data frames with the goal of framing the right business questions for the AI platform development team
  • Ability to discuss with clients all types of possible solutions
  • Strong ability to manipulate data using Pandas/Numpy and other python libraries
  • Experience of 5+ years on live industry projects at the enterprise level
  • [Other Requirements]

All our employees work in excellent conditions, a supportive and friendly atmosphere:

  • [Your Proposed Salary Range]
  • [Type of Contract]
  • Ability to perform some tasks remotely
  • Social package
  • Career opportunities
  • Comfortable office in the city center
  • Full technical support
  • Developmental training and workshops
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive and productive atmosphere
  • [Other Perks Offered]
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