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Mediatask: Building a marketplace for hundreds of draftsmen and architects

How we re-written the product completely with intelligent algorithms and introduced various business automation solutions allowing to scale almost infinitely.

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Read the success story

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Automate routine tasks and focus your work on more complex objectives. Intelligent algorithms can help you significantly cut operational costs in the long run.

Accurate forecasting

Predict the future of your market and preplan your next steps. With the power of intelligent algorithms, you can make your forecasting more accurate and reliable.

Streamlined sales

Keep high customer retention and sell more. Intelligent algorithms, like recommendation systems, can be based on your client’s unique behavior and target them better.

Improved work efficiency

Identify areas in your organization that call for improvement. With the power of data and algorithms, you can spot problems before they cause a downturn.

How To Hire Algorithm Developers Matching Your Needs?

Algorithms have started as a mathematical concept but nowadays are most often linked to the world of IT. For algorithm development engineers, algorithms are complex pieces of code that aim to solve a specific problem. Examples of IT algorithms could include:

  • An e-commerce recommendation system (“if you bought product X, you might also like product Y”)
  • An algorithm sorting data into different columns and rows
  • Facial and object recognition
  • Google search ranking algorithm
  • Customer care chatbots

Many of these algorithms are nowadays driven by machine learning, making them AI solutions. Computers are no longer only told what to do but also programmed in a way they learn how to solve issues. In other words, modern machine learning algorithms allow machines to create their own algorithms!

Building algorithms was always considered the pinnacle of software development and in the world of AI algorithm development, it got even more complex. Because of this, if you wish to take your digital product and business to the next level, you should hire algorithm developers who can deliver you tailored AI solutions.

But how to find the right algorithm development engineers for your business and hire them fast? We explain everything you need to know in our guide below. 

The most important technical skills of an algorithm developer 

Being a highly specialized and complex field, algorithm development requires a set of both practical and theoretical skills. To help you in the hiring process, we list the most important ones below.

  1. Good grasp of complex mathematics

    Algorithms are one of the most complex and advanced areas of academic-level mathematics. While nowadays it’s easier to become a developer without a background in maths, algorithm development is the area where old-school computer science education still matters and is actually necessary to grasp the true power of algorithms.

  2. Proficiency with relevant programming languages

    Algorithms can be built using virtually every programming language — however, some of them will work better than the others. C++, for example, is a language utilized for especially heavy software, such as video games or robust desktop applications, and is, therefore, used often for complex algorithms as well. Other popular options for algorithm development include Python, C, and Java.

    However, you should especially consider hiring algorithm developers who are proficient with technology you are already using. If you are looking for an expert to support your web product based on Node.js in the back-end, knowledge of JavaScript will be crucial. Similarly, if you are developing a native iOS app, you should hire algorithm developers experienced with the Swift language.

  3. Experience with relevant frameworks and libraries

    Algorithm development engineers often have their favorite toolstack to work with — but if you already have an AI/ML/data team in your company, you might want to hire algorithm developers experienced in the frameworks and libraries you are already using.

    Popular frameworks and libraries for algorithm development include Torch (prioritizing GPU usage), Theano (Python library), mlpack (popular C++ library), and Azure ML Studio (for users of Microsoft Azure cloud).

  4. Understanding of machine learning theory and other relevant concepts

    This one is important especially if you are building AI/ML solutions — be aware that not all algorithms require artificial intelligence, so your algorithm developers might not necessarily need to possess these skills.

    However, if you do want to build AI/ML solutions, you need to know that before one becomes an AI algorithm development engineer who builds functioning solutions, there is a lot of theory that needs to be understood. This includes knowledge about artificial intelligence theory, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and more.

Some additional skills might be needed depending on your project’s unique needs. To make sure your checklist is filled with all the necessary elements, we recommend you to align it with a software consultant or an IT project manager experienced in algorithms and — possibly — AI/ML products.

The power of soft skills

Your algorithm development engineers will have to work closely with other programmers in your company to make sure their solutions are implemented well into the final product. Because of this, remember to consider soft skills when assessing each of the candidates — a specific set of these will guarantee your business healthy cooperation across teams and improved efficiency.

Focus especially on the following soft skills.

  1. Researcher attitude

    To always strive for innovative solutions that can make your product truly unique.

  2. Expert time management

    To be able to find the most efficient way of delivering the desired results.

  3. User empathy

    To take into account the perspective of the user when planning and developing an algorithm.

  4. Attention to details

    To build algorithms that are truly reliable and accurate.

The educational path of algorithm development engineers

As it has already been mentioned, effective algorithm development requires proficiency with complex mathematics. When AI algorithms come into play, understanding of the theory behind AI and machine learning solutions is also crucial. Algorithm development engineers most often acquire this knowledge at the university — this means that when you hire algorithm developers, you will most likely end up with candidates who graduated in majors like computer science, mathematics, statistics, data sciences, and similar

Be aware that a Master’s degree (and even Ph.D.) is more than welcome in such a complex field as algorithm development.

Assessing the experience of an algorithm development engineer

But practical experience with algorithm development — especially in a business environment — is even more important than formal education. Only such experience provides you with a guarantee that you hire algorithm developers who can deliver results of the highest quality — and do so fast.

For the best efficiency, consider especially the three most important elements of the company fit.

  1. Project fit

    Hire algorithm developers with previous experience in the type of product you are developing. E-commerce, web, mobile, and other digital products all require knowledge of different tools and techniques — find the best fit by looking at your candidate’s portfolio and achieve outstanding results in no time.

  2. Industry fit

    Similar benefits can be achieved by hiring algorithm development engineers who worked not only on products similar to yours but also within your industry. Understanding of your target customer and unique obstacles on your market allows them to bring fantastic ideas to the table from day one.

  3. Company culture fit

    The area that — just like soft skills — should never be underestimated. Hire algorithm developers who share the same values as your business for improved cross-team collaboration and smooth introduction of your new hire from day one. Values to consider may include the approach to remote work, focus on diverse teams, or preferred work environment (startup vs enterprise).

Top algorithm developer job interview questions

To correctly assess the algorithm developer skills of your candidate, you should run a technical interview. Be aware, however, that running such an interview requires an expert in the field of algorithms and/or the technology currently used at your company. If you are not such an expert yourself, consider asking for assistance from a senior developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager. They will be able to prepare a set of questions and tasks that will help you correctly assess the algorithm developer skills of your candidate.

Below you can find examples of job interview questions that can be asked when hiring algorithm developers.

  1. How can you implement a binary search tree?
  2. What is the radix sort algorithm?
  3. What is naïve Bayes? Why is it called “naïve”?
  4. What's the connection between Gaussian Mixture Models and k-means?
  5. How would you approach building an Amazon-like recommendation system?
  6. What is SGD?
  7. What is a bucket sort algorithm? How would you implement it?
  8. How would you approach finding all permutations of a string?
  9. What is the Curse of Dimensionality? How can we overcome it?
  10. How different is the k-nearest neighbor algorithm from k-means clustering?

Who else you might need?

Investing in algorithm development can bring amazing results for your digital product, including improved user experience. But to take your product to the top, you will need more than sophisticated algorithms.

Whether you are looking for talented digital designers, experienced data scientists and data engineers, or accomplished Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and IT project managers, we can help you hire them fast. At Ideamotive, we run the industry-leading network of IT professionals planning to take the next step in their career. 

Get in touch with us today for a tailored selection of experts — our consultants will always review your business profile and unique project requirements to connect you with talents perfectly fitting your company. 


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