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Leverage The Full Power Of API Development

Make your product widespread

Have others talk about your amazing product. Develop a user-friendly API that other developers love to use in their solutions.

Streamline data transfer

Move data between software and devices easily and without hiccups. API developers can guarantee your digital solutions work issue-free 24/7.

Gather more data

Make your business more data-driven. Analyze how others utilize your API and make it more tailored to customers’ needs.

Protect your customers

Avoid dangerous cyber threats. Experienced API developers can guarantee you a cyber-secure solution trusted by your clients.

Hiring API Developers — What Should You Know Beforehand?

Many young businesses don’t yet understand how important it is to develop an amazing, user-friendly API — but these unique pieces of code might actually be the core of your company’s success.

What is an API or Application Programming Interface? To put it simply, it’s a software helping two digital products communicate with each other — transfer data from one to another. One of the best modern examples of an API are features like Google Sign-In or Facebook Login. By using them, developers can make their product more accessible and speed up the login/sing up the experience for the user.

Other popular API examples include:

  • Pay with PayPal
  • Travel companies APIs (e.g. providing info on free plane seats and prices to resellers)
  • Video or audio streaming API (e.g. YouTube Player, Spotify Player)
  • Delivery companies APIs thanks to which you can see more detailed status of your order-in-transit directly on the shop’s website
  • APIs for Internet of Things product (e.g. giving the ability to turn on a smart lightbulb from a smartwatch or a phone)

Do you need to build a robust API for your product so it can be utilized by third-parties? Then you will need to have experienced API developers on board!

Who is an API developer?

There is a significant difference between the role of a standard software developer and an API developer. The first ones most often build products for a broader audience. Sometimes this audience is the very general public (e.g. in the case of social media platforms like Facebook), other times the product is tailored to a specific industry and clientele (e.g. MedTech products used by the health industry). 

API developers work differently — their software (API) is supposed to be used by other developers from all around the world. Therefore, they do not have to simplify their creation to be understood by non-tech-savvy people. Instead, they have to build software that they themselves would love to use. 

There are many different features of a good API but the most important ones are:

  1. Predictability

    So it always works the same way, without hiccups and unpleasant surprises.

  2. Security

    So it doesn’t end up being a critical vulnerability for the product.

  3. Minimalism

    In other words — easy to install and configure, not filled with unnecessary options.

  4. Being well-documented

    Explained briefly but comprehensively. Documentation can be prepared either by API developers themselves or in cooperation with technical writers.

  5. Usefulness

    Designed in a way it actually makes things simpler for developers.

The most important technical skills for API developers

As it is with any other technical role, API developers must possess a specific set of hard skills that determine their ability to deliver amazing results. The most important such skills are:

  1. Understanding of the REST architecture

    REST (representational state transfer) is an architectural design in the area of web services. Most modern APIs utilize it as the standard that most web developers worldwide understand. APIs that meet the standard are very often referred to as RESTful APIs.

  2. Understanding of JSON

    JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the most popular and widely used web data interchange format. It's text-based, lightweight, and language-independent, making it the perfect solution for fast and efficient exchange of data between different programs.

  3. Knowledge of relevant programming language(s)

    APIs are developed using back-end languages and tools. How to choose the language for your API? You should closely review what technologies are used for the development of the products that would utilize your API. The most popular choices include Java, JavaScript (with Node.js), Python, PHP, and Ruby. Most API developers are experienced with at least a couple of these so they can flexibly provide API solutions for many different use cases.

  4. Experience with relevant frameworks

    Some of the popular web frameworks can significantly speed up the development process of APIs and make it easier. Frameworks are usually bound to a specific language — for example, Express is used with Node.js, Spring with Java, Django with Python, Laravel with PHP.

  5. Experience with the cloud

    Cloud platforms are the current standard for APIs. They make the data transfer faster and more secure, and the data storage more efficient. The most popular cloud platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Additionally, your API developers might need to possess some skills specific to your unique project. To make sure you make your requirements as clear as possible, we recommend you to discuss your exact needs with a software consultant or an IT project manager prior to starting the hiring process.

The fundamental soft skills for API developers

While broad technical knowledge is a must for API developers, it should not overshadow the importance of soft skills. These can highly impact how well your new hire cooperates with others in the company, directly impacting how innovative and efficient your whole company is.

What are the most important soft skills for API developers?

  1. Expert time management

    To transition with ease between different daily tasks.

  2. Attention to detail

    To build APIs that are reliable and cybersecure.

  3. Desire to learn new things

    To strive for revolutionary solutions that may impact the whole industry.

The best API developers job interview questions

What is the most reliable way of checking the skills of your API developers? First, review their portfolio; then, run a technical job interview with them. Remember that such an interview should be prepared and led by an expert in the field of APIs and the technologies your company is using. If you don’t possess such technical knowledge yourself, we recommend asking for assistance from another developer experienced with API creation, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

What are some questions that an API developer can be asked during a job interview?

  1. What is the difference between GraphQL and REST?
  2. In your opinion, what are the go-to APIs for a modern web app?
  3. What is SOAP?
  4. What is URI?
  5. In your own words, what does make API RESTful?
  6. What are the components of an HTTP request?
  7. What is your preferred API testing tool? Why this one?
  8. How do you ensure the cybersecurity of your API?
  9. In your opinion, what are the fundamentals of writing a good API?
  10. How can you utilize data to make your API better?

The importance of the company fit

To get truly amazing results for your project — and have them delivered fast — consider also the company fit during the hiring process. What should you exactly look into?

  1. Product/project fit

    Consider the product you are developing your API for. Is it an IoT device? A mobile app? Desktop software? Think also of the features that make this product unique. Then, review carefully the portfolios of your candidates and look for experts who have developed solutions similar to what you have in mind. They will be able to deliver results faster thanks to their previous experience.

  2. Industry fit

    Faster result delivery, more efficient workflow, and higher usefulness of your API — all these and more can be an effect of finding an API developer who already understands your industry. Look for candidates who have experienced working within your business vertical.

  3. Company culture match

    There is nothing that drives innovation across a company as brainstorming of like-minded individuals. Build your team of amazingly performing and cooperating experts by paying attention to your company culture. Consider values that drive your business to success, such as the style of management, remote work options, or focus on diversity, and find API developers who also think of these values as important ones.

Who else will you need?

Amazing, user-friendly API can make your product more widely used, even by top enterprises in your business vertical. But there are more things you have to look after if you want to deliver truly stunning digital solutions. Hire additional experts, like web developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, or Product Owners to make sure you make the most out of your unique product idea.

Do you want to have all these professionals hired fast? We can help. At Ideamotive, we connect businesses looking for IT talents with best-in-class professionals from all specialties. Whether you are looking for API developers or other experts, we can find you people who truly match your project.

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