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Get your website and business to the top of Google results. Leverage HTML5’s advanced SEO features and get truly visible online.

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Develop products that soon will be the new standard. HTML5 allows you to take your VR and AR ideas to the web and makes them easily accessible.

How To Hire HTML5 Developers Perfect For Your Project?

HTML is the standard for virtually any website. Even the most complex web projects, like social media platforms or huge online marketplaces, start with the basic architecture set up using HTML.

According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Survey, approximately 62.4% of professional developers use a combination of HTML and CSS in their daily work. These two computer languages are the base of every website’s front-end — the part of the website visible to the customer.

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, released initially in 2008 and in 2014 as a W3C Recommendation. It significantly expanded the potential of the language by adapting it to the needs of a modern internet user. Thanks to HTML5, videos on websites could be played without using the archaic Flash Player, geolocation became a thing, and the sites became better adapted to mobiles and could also be used offline.

Who are HTML5 developers?

When you want to hire HTML5 developers, you are most likely looking for experienced front-end developers who can help you build user-friendly, modern websites or web apps. With the right HTML5 developer on board, you can:

  1. Keep your website cross-platform and responsive, making it look great on phones and tablets.
  2. Build truly unique web projects, such as browser video games or VR/AR experiences.
  3. Deliver a smooth user experience to your customers, as well-optimized HTML5 sites load fast and guarantee reliable performance.
  4. Make your business rank higher on search engines by utilizing HTML5’s SEO functionalities.
  5. Implement even the most sophisticated designs prepared by web designers.
  6. Build stunning web apps that are truly scalable.
  7. Build mobile apps, including progressive web apps (PWAs).
  8. Implement virtually any functionality you want your site or app to have.

What skills should an HTML5 developer have?

HTML5 might be the most commonly used computer language, but it does not mean that simply anyone can build a stunning website or web app. If you plan to hire HTML5 developers, always remember to look for people with the following set of technical skills…

  1. Expert knowledge of HTML5

    HTML is usually the first computer language wannabe developers learn. However, many end up only with the knowledge of HTML basics, not going deep into the possibilities the language gives. Make sure you hire HTML5 developers who possess true expert knowledge on the topic and understand the full potential of HTML5.
  2. Proficiency with CSS

    CSS is pretty much inseparable from HTML. It provides the much-needed tools to make an HTML website or web app more attractive visually.

  3. Proficiency with JavaScript

    The last element of the computer language trinity for a front-end developer. JavaScript allows to implement more complex functionalities in the HTML5 code and is the technology that drives most modern websites.

  4. Knowledge of relevant frameworks and libraries

    Carefully picked frameworks and libraries can significantly speed up the web development process. Some of the most popular HTML5 tools like this are Bootstrap, Foundation, and HTML5 Boilerplate — but there are way more and your developer should be an expert who can pick the right tools for your unique project based on their experience.

  5. Experience with back-end development

    Although HTML5 developers work primarily on the front-end of a website or web app, they should still be able to navigate the project’s server-side. Technologies used on the back-end vary, but the most popular choices are Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript with Node.js.

Growing with the right soft skills

Complex web projects are very rarely the work of one person — there is usually plenty of different people behind such a product’s success. This means that when you hire HTML5 developers, you must find individuals who are not only savvy in the technical aspect of their job but ones who are also not afraid of cooperating with others for the best results.

To ensure that your team delivers top-notch results every time, look for HTML5 developers with the following soft skills:

  1. Accountability

    To be able to admit one’s mistakes, find a way to fix them, and learn from them.

  2. Smooth time management

    To find the right way to handle multiple different tasks during one day — and be always ready for the unexpected.

  3. Attention to detail

    To deliver an issue-free code that makes your product truly reliable.

  4. Creativity

    To be able to assist in the design process and provide suggestions that enrich the user experience.

Asking the right HTML5 job interview questions

Don’t just blindly believe what your candidates say they know — check their knowledge carefully by running a proper technical job interview. If you are not knowledgeable in HTML5 yourself, remember to ask an expert for assistance. This can be another front-end developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

Below we list some of the questions that HTML5 developers are most often asked during job interviews.

  1. <div> vs. <span> — what is the difference?
  2. How are SVG and Canvas different?
  3. What is event bubbling?
  4. CSS pseudo-elements — what are they and when would you use them?
  5. How can you achieve code immutability?
  6. Cookie vs. session storage vs. local storage — what are the differences?
  7. What is hoisting?
  8. What is the same-origin policy in JavaScript?
  9. What is the difference between JavaScript’s .call and .apply?
  10. What is your preferred CSS preprocessor?

The importance of the company fit

Having in your team an HTML5 developer who fits your business across multiple different spectrums gives your company some incredible benefits.

  1. Product fit

    Hire HTML5 developers who already worked on solutions similar to the ones you want to have in your product. Review your candidates’ portfolios in search of sites or apps with features you find desirable. Such experience will allow your new hire to develop these features for you faster.

  2. Industry fit

    If possible, hire HTML5 developers with previous experience in your business vertical. Such devs most likely already understand your target customer and are able to tailor your product to the users’ needs better.

  3. Company culture fit

    Help your team cooperate better by filling it with like-minded individuals. Consider the most important values that drive your business (management style, type of work environment, working hours flexibility, etc.) and hire HTML5 developers who share these values as well.

Why hire remote HTML5 developers?

HTML5 developers can be found virtually anywhere in the world, but not all of them may have the experience and company match you are looking for. Even if you’ve been planning to work primarily in a stationary office, we highly recommend looking into hiring remote HTML5 developers. 

What are the main benefits of going remote?

  1. Access to a virtually endless pool of developers from all around the world.
  2. Access to worldwide’s top developers.
  3. Possibility to cut costs by hiring HTML5 developers from regions like Central and Eastern Europe — they are considered to be one of the bests on the market, but their salary requirements are usually lower than those of Western IT professionals.
  4. Easier 24/7 technical support for your product, should you choose to hire HTML5 developers from a few different countries/timezones.
  5. Higher satisfaction of your employees — remote work options is the fifth most important job factor for developers
  6. Better protection from unexpected crises, such as a global pandemic or regional instabilities.

Who else does your web project need?

HTML5 developers, however, can take care of only part of your web project. To make sure you deliver a truly amazing product to your users, consider investing also in additional experts. Hire back-end developers to guarantee top-notch reliability of your site, include web designers in the process to achieve the most user-friendly experience, and consider adding a Product Owner and/or IT project manager to lead the project as a whole.

Whatever IT experts you are currently looking for, you can find them fast and easy using our industry-leading network of talents. At Ideamotive, we connect businesses with the IT professionals they need, always picking the experts based on the unique requirements and profile of each company.

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