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15 Atlanta Startups That Are Too Hot to Be Missed

Nov 19, 20195 min read

Robert Krajewski

Co-founder and CEO of Ideamotive. Entrepreneur, mentor and startup advisor.


With the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the South, the Metro Atlanta region is not only the “hip hop center of gravity” (for its rich and varied hip hop scene) but also one of the fastest-growing startup cities in the U.S.

This lively, energetic area with a thriving collaborative community is rich in ingenious tech talent, including App Developers in Atlanta, and the following 15 startup a-listers from the A-Town bear witness to that. 

1. RoadSync

Our first startup from Atlanta delivers a digital platform for logistics that makes mobile payments secure and fast. RoadSync has been designed to support drivers, repair shops, warehouses, and other logistics businesses with a one-stop solution for invoice creation and processing, conducting fleet checks, and handling credit card payments on all devices via a web-based platform and a mobile app.

Round of funding: Series Unknown

Founder/ CEO: Akmann Van-Mary, Ryan Droege

Funding: $2.6 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


2. Pindrop

Next on, with an impressive investment of over $212 million, is Pindrop, a provider of identity, security, and authentication solutions for voice interactions in contact centers. The Atlanta startup devised a technology that uses voice recognition, behavior analysis, and phone printing to help companies authenticate customers and detect fraud. Additionally, the solution brings a new layer of security to connected IoT devices with the identification of the speaker’s voice based on a variety of factors.

Round of funding: Series D

Founder/ CEO: Dr. Mustaque Ahamad, Paul Judge, Vijay Balasubramaniyan

Funding: $212.8 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


3. Springbot

The next Atlanta tech startup, Springbot, develops an all-in-one dynamic data-driven platform that supports e-commerce retailers in their digital marketing efforts. Springbot provides a single dashboard to track and manage all aspects of running multi-channel campaigns, including email campaigns, online ads, social media support, and more. The solution captures meaningful data and applies advanced analytics to extract actionable insights that inform marketing strategy at small and medium e-commerce sites.

Round of funding: Series C

Founder/ CEO: Allen Nance, Brooks Robinson, Joe Reger

Funding: $35 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


4. Roadie

Roadie is an on-the-way delivery mobile app that connects people who need to send a parcel with drivers who’d like to utilize empty space in their cars. The app taps into the sharing economy by providing low-cost, same-day delivery options to senders, and unlocking extra cash for drivers. The company boasts an impressive footprint of over 220 metropolitan areas in the U.S., which means that the service can reach more than 89% of American households.

Round of funding: Series C

Founder/ CEO: Marc Gorlin

Funding: $62 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


5. Bark

Every third US child has experienced cyberbullying at least once in their life. Online harassment has become ubiquitous, leaving children extremely vulnerable. Bark is a parental control app that leverages AI algorithms to monitor a child’s smartphone and social media without infringing on their privacy. The app searches through over 20 social media channels, looking for any suggestions at sexting, online abuse, profanity, acts of violence, and other alarming signals. If the app detects any disturbing content, an alert is created that notifies the parents, allowing them to act just in time.

Round of funding: Series Unknown

Founder/ CEO: Brian Bason

Funding: $16.5 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook


6. Gather

Gather is an Atlanta-based digital marketplace that connects brands with hospitality groups, restaurants, and independent venues to streamline event management. The platform sustains growth for its users by increasing brand exposure, facilitating bookings, and simplifying customer nurturing and feedback collection. It also provides all-in-one event management capabilities and enables smooth communication between the venues and all other parties.

Round of funding: Series Unknown

Founder/ CEO: Alex Lassiter, Nicholas Miller, Tom Merrihew

Funding: $57.5 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


7. Steady

Power (and dollars) to the people! That’s Steady’s motto, in brief. This gig economy solution is dedicated to helping people achieve financial stability by turning them into part-time or one-time workers. The mobile app unlocks new income opportunities for its users who can browse available gigs in their neighborhood, receive personalized job recommendations, and track their earnings to free themselves from debts, save for a particular goal, or simply gain another stream of income.

Round of funding: Series A

Founder/ CEO: Adam Roseman, Michael Loeb

Funding: $14.5 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Twitter


8. Patientco

This Atlanta startup serves healthcare providers with a range of cloud-based solutions for modern patient billing and payment experience. The company’s platform and mobile app reduce administrative complexities and facilitate the self-payment process, making it easier for patients to pay for owed balances, and for providers to collect payments. The solutions empower paperless, intuitive features such as e-bills, monthly installments, pay-by-phone system, or automated mailroom, and use advanced analytics to predict future patient behavior and create a superior billing experience for health consumers.

Round of funding: Series B

Founder/ CEO: Bird Blitch, Joshua Silver

Funding: $31.8 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


9. Bluefin

Bluefin is a provider of a payment security system targetting retailers, enterprises, and small to medium-sized businesses. The company develops modern security solutions based on point-to-point encryption, safe tokenization, direct post-payment processing, and other technologies, to give merchants and enterprises full control over the payment process and protect them from hacking and fraud.

Round of funding: Series Unknown 

Founder/ CEO: John Perry, Ruston Miles

Funding: $6 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


10. Urjanet

Urjanet capitalizes on data-driven capabilities to deliver a Data-as-a-Service platform that connects businesses and applications to data aggregated from over 6,000 utilities across the globe. The Urjanet Utility Data Platform integrates directly with customer applications and solutions through its RESTful API, allowing on-demand utility data delivery, standardization, and analysis. By combining energy management, sustainability reporting, utility bill management, and other features, the platform allows companies to optimize their utility usage, automate billing and invoicing, and drive greater savings.

Round of funding: Series C

Founder/ CEO: Sanjoy Malik

Funding: $32.1 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


11. Evident

Our next tech startup from Atlanta also focuses on security, delivering an identity assurance platform that helps companies reduce risk and friction while processing personal data. Thanks to the solution, all businesses handling sensitive data can protect their users while ensuring regulatory compliance. The API-based platform assists clients with seamless identity identification and AI-based identity proofing, which together lead to faster turnaround times and tightened security.

Round of funding: Series B

Founder/ CEO: Damian Starosielsky, David Thomas

Funding: $28.8 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


12. Bastille

With yet another security startup on our list, Atlanta is becoming a stronghold of security innovation. Founded in 2014, Bastille enables enterprise and government security teams to detect and mitigate risks related to cellular intrusion on devices emitting radio signals. The company’s patented software-defined radio and Machine Learning technology brings visibility to all mobile and IoT devices in the corporate airspace, protecting organizations from cyber threats and facilitating post-event investigation.

Round of funding: Series B

Founder/ CEO: Chris Risley

Funding: $39 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


13. Covetool

Covetool ideally demonstrates how AI-based solutions can nurture collaboration among modern professionals. The SaaS platform applies Machine Learning to provide architects, engineers, and real estate developers with a common workspace that automates the creation of energy-efficient building models. Thanks to detailed climate information, powerful simulations, and flexible design tool, they can greatly speed up the design process, optimize costs, and improve their designs.

Round of funding: Undisclosed

Founder/ CEO: Daniel Chopson, Patrick Chopson, Sandeep Ahuja

Funding: $1.1 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


14. Greenlight

Greenlight created a product that not only restores parents’ peace of mind but also helps them raise financially-aware kids. The Atlanta startup delivers a debit card for kids accompanied by a mobile app that allows parents convenient control over their children’s finances. The app makes it possible to top up a child’s accounts, select shops where the card can be used, manage allowances, charge parent-paid interest, and govern all remaining aspects of financial management for children. The service is available on a subscription basis and includes debit cards of up to 5 kids.

Round of funding: Early Stage Venture

Founder/ CEO: Johnson Cook, Timothy Sheehan

Funding: $81.5 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter


15. Volantio

Volantio partners with airline operators to help them optimize profit and minimize costs through a web-based airline revenue management platform, Yana. Guided by Machine Learning, the solution dynamically re-accommodates passengers in the case of overbooking, flight delays, stand-by, and other situations, alleviating customer frustration, increasing yield, and reducing operational costs. Yana integrates with popular messaging and email services to dispatch passenger updates, offers, and bookings conveniently and in real-time.

Round of funding: Series Unknown

Founder/ CEO: Azim Barodawala, Fenn Bailey

Funding: $2.6 M

Follow on: LinkedIn, Twitter



The above Atlanta startups are on ‘fye,’ but they represent only a handful of innovative tech companies in the city. As one of the top U.S. places to start a business, The Big Peach has a lot to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

If these successful tech companies have piqued your interest and encouraged you to build your mobile or web application, check our website and see how we can kickstart a sizzling hot startup project together, wherever you’re based!

Robert Krajewski

Robert is a co-founder of Ideamotive. Entrepreneur, who with passion spreads digital revolution all around the internet. Mentor and advisor at startup accelerators. Loves to learn and discover new business models.

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