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How to hire a C# Freelancer?

C# developers are in high demand nowadays since this programming language has a plethora of advantages and is used by leading modern companies and businesses. Websites, mobile and desktop applications, video games, etc are built on this modern object-oriented language due to its security and scalability. 

Although there are approximately 7.3 million developers working with this technology in 2021, C# professionals are not easy to hire because they are immediately assigned to high-cost projects. But what measures should you undertake to create a decent talent pool? Hiring a freelance C# developer is the most appropriate option, and in this article, we will try to help you select the best candidate. 

Types of C# Developers


The developers can be categorized into three groups according to their skills level, so we have junior, mid-level, and senior professionals. 

Junior C# Developers 

Juniors are usually not well-experienced and do their best to write a code that will work. They consider that software that works is certainly a good one. Junior developers write fancy codes, and it is challenging for them to program them straightforwardly. Complex abstractions serve as a means of self-affirmation for juniors who, as a rule, focus on the computer side of a code. 

Mid-Level C# Developers 

The representatives of this developer type need to have a high level of knowledge in architecture, performance, and security. Mid-level professionals know how to debug and have a deep understanding of the process. They should not stop on their achievements and keep discovering new development areas. 

Senior C# Developers 

Senior C# developers are prone to writing simple codes and not burden the software with unnecessary complications. They share their knowledge with others and are not satisfied with what they know, gaining new skills and knowledge. The most challenging tasks and unexpected code twists can be easily managed by a senior web developer. 

Must-Have Skills for a C# Developer


Any freelancer you want to hire for a C# development position needs to possess some skills to properly perform the tasks. We suggest you a list of skills characterizing a decent candidate:

 1. Deep Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms

The alphabets of programming: data structures and algorithms are must-have skills for any developer. It enables a person to think clearly and build straightforward codes necessary for flawless software running. By the way, world-famous companies like Microsoft and Apple require their candidates to have a deep understanding of these notions at technical interviews.

2. Experience with Databases

Data is an integral element of app development, so ensure a candidate is familiar with the basics of relational databases and how to create tables, views, and stored procedures in SQL Server. Your freelance development team must be aware not only of SQL databases but other updated technologies like No SQL. Consequently, the more C# developers know about databases, the better-optimized products they will accomplish. 

3. Understanding of Client-Side Technologies

A C# developer should have skills in building catchy and interactive web applications that will attract an audience and boost your success. The appealing product is more likely to be highly valued in the market. Therefore, pay attention that a candidate gets the hang of client-side technologies like HTML, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

4. Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) Certification Obtained

This certification is highly demanded in the IT market since a certified person knows the latest trends in the technology domain. They undergo certification every two years thus a candidate with MCSD would be a great backup to your project. Hiring a professional with this competency level would be a great success for any development team.

5. Most Valued Professional (MVP) Certification Obtained

Another crucial Microsoft certification is MVP due to the fact that your project will acquire a skillful mentor. MVP has leadership qualities and a high level of tech skills. Having a developer with this certificate ensures the scalability of your project. Consider that it should not influence your decision, and there are many other parameters to assess a candidate, but this certificate would be a great advantage. 

C# Developer Responsibilities


A high-qualified freelancer needs to stick to a lot of responsibilities to perform a good job and find their place in a C# developer team. 

  • Firstly, it’s necessary to design and build strong C# code, maintain its quality, affiliation, and automatization, paying attention to details and the tiniest flaws. 
  • A C# developer is responsible for the identification of bottlenecks and bugs, checking how the device manages these challenges. 
  • Another crucial task is to analyze and layout C# apps. The developer should use Win Forms for the UI layer and SOAP-based services for the back-end. 
  • It’d be a great advantage if a freelancer teams up with a Managed Services gathering that ensures round-the-clock support and defines relevant courses of action. 
  • It's vital to be responsible for performing peer code reviews that make it easier to execute code consistency and correspondence to the design of an application.

Finally, a C# developer who is ready to take responsibility for multiple tasks and is not afraid of possible challenges is a great candidate for the position. 

Hire C# Developers Through Ideamotive Tech Talent Marketplace


If you want to find an experienced professional without any risks, Ideamotive is a great solution for those seeking a freelance C# developer. Our marketplace has a rich talent pool of vetted developers from Eastern-European countries so you can choose from a wide range of cost-effective options. 

By hiring through our tech talent marketplace you are guaranteed to work only with devs who’ve proven their expertise in the particular field. So you can be sure that you’ll receive development services of the highest quality. 

Moreover, hiring through our marketplace significantly reduces the duration of a hiring process and you can find needed talents in less than 21 days. The ability to quickly scale the team up or down allows businesses more flexibility in achieving their goals.

If you want to reap all the advantages of such a hiring model, feel free to contact Ideamotive and we would find you individual C# development contractors or whole C# development teams in no time.

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