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Read the success story

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Leverage The Full Power Of Cross-Platform Development

Reduce costs

Deliver an amazing product at a fraction of the cost of native development. By sharing code between different versions of the same app, you can get results faster and with fewer people on board.

Maintain reliable performance

Build apps that run well and keep your customers engaged. Cross-platform app development solutions guarantee a reliable performance that is getting increasingly close to what native development offers.

Unify your app experience

Provide the same experience for all your customers. As cross-platform development encourages simultaneous development for different platforms, you can easily maintain the same design and UX across all versions.

Reach all platforms

Don’t limit yourself and establish a presence on all major platforms. Top cross-platform app development solutions allow to simultaneously build great apps for both web and mobile systems like iOS and Android.

Hiring a cross-platform app development team — what should you remember about?

With around 50% of internet traffic already coming from mobiles, it is not a surprise that technology like cross-platform app development has become a leading trend in the IT world.

To put it simply, cross-platform development allows to build apps more efficiently than with technologies native to each platform. How is it achieved?

  1. By allowing to use programming languages different to the ones recommended by the platform’s owner. For example, instead of forcing a developer to learn Swift in order to build an iOS app, the cross-platform development framework React Native makes it possible to create such an app with the more commonly known front-end programming language, JavaScript.

  2. By allowing to share a significant amount of code between different versions of an app. Most popular cross-platform development frameworks make it possible to share even up to 70% of code between the iOS and Android versions of an app.

All this is happening while keeping native-like performance and look & feel. An iOS app built with a cross-platform development solution can look the same way as it would when built using Apple-approved Swift. 

What’s more, cross-platform tools are often created and supported by the industry’s giants. For example, React Native is a work of Facebook developers, while Flutter has been developed by the experts at Google.

Are you feeling confident now that cross-platform app development is the perfect choice for you? Then follow our guide on how to turn your digital business into a successful cross-platform mobile app development company.

What cross-platform tools are there?

Before you start assembling your cross-platform development team, you should first choose the exact tool you aim to use — this will impact what skills you should be looking for in your developers. There are now multiple cross-platform development frameworks but the four main ones are:

  1. React Native

    Developed by Facebook and related to an incredibly popular JavaScript framework/library, React. According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, it’s the most popular cross-platform development solution on the market.

  2. Flutter

    A quite fresh technology developed by experts at Google. It utilizes Dart, a modern programming language, for great performance and code cleanliness.

  3. Xamarin

    Built by a Microsoft-owned company of the same name. Xamarin encourages cross-platform development not only for mobiles, but also for desktops, allowing to share code between Windows, macOS, and Linux versions of software. It utilizes the C# language.

  4. Ionic

    An open-source project, utilizing popular web technologies, including JavaScript and TypeScript, and able to run on top of Angular, React, or Vue. Ionic helps with building hybrid apps for mobiles, web, and desktop.

Assembling the right cross-platform development team

Choosing cross-platform app development for your project allows you to significantly cut costs when it comes to developers — you simply don’t need separate ones for each platform. However, it still does not mean that one person is able to handle the whole product. There is a number of people in different roles that you need to get your app to the top.

  1. Mobile app developers

    The developers you will need must be of a specific specialty. Firstly, they need to have experience primarily in working with mobiles. Secondly, besides knowledge of the native technologies, they also have to, of course, be familiar with at least one cross-platform app development framework — the one you want to use for your project.

    Having an experienced developer on board is crucial as they know all the tricks of delivering a stable, well-optimized mobile app. Even 90% of users stop using an app because it performs badly, so you really need to make sure your product shines in this aspect.

  2. Mobile app designers

    Designers with previous experience in mobile can help you in creating an app layout that really sells. In the mobile world, even small details matter — according to one study, around 21% of millennials (18-34 years old) delete an app simply because its logo doesn’t look good on their home screen.

    Experienced app designers will also bring to your project the needed focus on UX (user experience). Great UX means a user-friendly interface with a pre-designed user journey that encourages your users to go exactly where you want them to go in your app, keeps them engaged and turns them into returning customers.

  3. IT project manager

    An experienced IT project manager helps you in delivering the project on time and according to the approved budget. It’s crucial for the project manager to have deep roots in the IT world — you don’t want to hire just any PM, but one with an understanding of the technology used. This will result in the deadlines being well-planned and realistic, and the budget managed with small details in mind.

  4. Product Owner

    A Product Owner is responsible for the vision behind the mobile app and managing its development. Some of the PO’s tasks include prioritizing issues and features in the project’s backlog and planning out KPIs. A Product Owner is also the only person who makes the decisions on what the dev team should work on — this is done to prevent chaos and follow the initial plan as much as it is possible.

  5. Scrum Master

    Alongside the dev team and the Product Owner, the Scrum Master is a must for a well-performing Scrum team. Scrum itself is a management methodology that proved to be incredibly successful in the world of IT development — it enforces tasks to be done in regular development cycles called sprints. Just like the decision-making of the Product Owner, it helps in keeping the whole project from falling apart due to chaos.

    Scrum Master’s main responsibilities cover supporting PO (e.g. in managing backlog), supporting the dev team (e.g. by eliminating roadblocks from the team’s development path), as well as helping the whole company understand the potential and requirements of Scrum.

Most important cross-platform app development tools

All of the people involved in cross-platform app development have to be proficient in specific technologies related to the process. Of course, developers themselves are the ones who need to have especially high know-how. However, team members like the Product Owner or the IT project manager also need to have an understanding of how these technologies work to be able to precisely communicate with the dev team.

What cross-platform app development technologies and tools we are specifically talking about?

  1. Cross-platform app development frameworks

    As a reminder, the most popular are React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic. Some of them allow also to develop desktop and web apps, so look into it if you want to take your project outside of mobile.

  2. Relevant programming languages

    Different cross-platform app development frameworks use different programming languages instead of their native counterparts. For example, while React Native makes use of the incredibly popular JavaScript, Flutter chooses Dart, a quite unusual but new and modern language. This means that your framework choice will be directly linked to the programming language your developers must know.

  3. Native technology

    It’s highly recommended, especially for the developers, to be familiar not only with the cross-platform app development framework and language but also the technologies native to each mobile system. This is because cross-platform technologies can be mixed with native ones, allowing for even better performance and more efficient work. For iOS, the native programming language is Swift, while for Android Google recommends Java and Kotlin.

The importance of the company fit

Your cross-platform app development team should fit the rest of your company as much as possible for the best efficiency and fastest results. Consider the following three areas when assembling your new team...

  1. Industry fit

    Look for people with previous experience in your industry, as they most likely already understand your customer group and have the knowledge of solutions that proved to be successful on your market.

  2. Product fit

    Hire experts whose portfolio includes mobile apps similar to yours. Prioritize similarities in functionalities/features, look & feel, as well as target user group.

  3. Company culture fit

    Shared values, local/global approach, experience in diverse and inclusive environments, preferred style of management — all these things matter for increasing not only the work’s efficiency but also powering innovation in the whole company. Hire IT professionals that fit your company culture so everyone will feel welcome and safe in their work environment.

Assembling the perfect cross-platform app development team

Are you having trouble finding time and resources to run an effective hiring process for all the experts you need for your cross-platform app development team? We can help.

At Ideamotive, we have established an industry-leading network of top IT talents looking for new work opportunities. For the best experience and results, our experts connect you only with the professionals that fit your exact requirements, company style, and product specifications.

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