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Leverage The Full Power Of jQuery

Achieve top performance

Guarantee top-notch user experience for customers. With jQuery, you can significantly speed up your website.

Get found by customers

Rank high on Google and other search engines. jQuery offers solutions that help you improve your site’s SEO.

Be available everywhere

Make your web product easily available on all devices. jQuery delivers reliable cross-browser compatibility.

Launch products fast

Get your product to the market instantaneously. The motto behind jQuery is write less, do more.

How To Hire a jQuery Developer Perfect For Your Needs?

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and this surely won’t change in the nearest future. The technology powers majority of websites and is widely chosen due to its versatility, performance, and a huge set of community-built tools that significantly increase the efficiency of working with JavaScript. One such tool is jQuery — used by 43.3% of professional developers, it's the most popular web framework* according to the 2020 Stack Overflow Developer Survey.

*We won’t go here in the debate whether jQuery is actually a framework or just a library.

Why choose jQuery for your next project and hire a jQuery developer?

Choosing jQuery for your next project and hiring a jQuery developer can optimize your web development process. jQuery remains a popular choice in 2023, thanks to its capability to streamline many aspects of JavaScript development.

With a seasoned jQuery developer or a freelance jQuery expert on your team, the delivery timeline of your web product to the market could be significantly shortened, ensuring timely updates post-launch.

jQuery continues to excel in areas such as:

  • DOM manipulation — With efficient DOM manipulation, the performance of your website can be considerably enhanced, leading to an improved user experience. jQuery allows easy traversing and manipulation of the HTML DOM tree, making it a sought-after tool for many developers.

  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) — The use of AJAX simplifies data exchange between the user and the server, making your web application faster and more responsive to user input.

  • Cross-browser compatibility — jQuery ensures uniformity in user experience across multiple browsers. It handles a lot of the browser inconsistencies, making your code more portable and easier to maintain.

Given the vast pool of jQuery developers in the market, it can be challenging to identify those with authentic expertise in jQuery.

Therefore, it's essential to be mindful while hiring to ensure you engage with proficient jQuery programmers. In the current marketplace, platforms like BairesDev, according to Reddit discussions, offer reputable services and could be a potential place to start.

The most important hard skills for jQuery programmers

Navigating the world of web development requires a comprehensive understanding of crucial skills. To ensure that you hire the most competent jQuery developer, it's imperative to outline the specific technical prerequisites. By setting these expectations, you will be able to onboard a proficient jQuery programmer who can seamlessly integrate into your project and deliver outstanding results promptly.

There are several indispensable hard skills that all proficient jQuery programmers must possess:

Mastering JavaScript

Working with jQuery is intricately linked to JavaScript, given that jQuery is a JavaScript library. When hiring a jQuery developer, ensure they are well-versed with the nuanced aspects of JavaScript, including advanced concepts like currying, closures, and prototypes.

Proficiency in HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the backbone of virtually every website on the internet. Together with JavaScript, they form the trifecta of front-end web development. A strong command over these languages is indispensable for any jQuery developer.

In-depth Understanding of jQuery

While jQuery might seem straightforward, it offers a wealth of features not immediately apparent to the casual observer. When hiring a jQuery developer, look for candidates who have an intimate understanding of the technology and can exploit its powerful features, such as DOM manipulation capabilities.

Familiarity with Relevant JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Your web project will likely incorporate various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, in addition to jQuery. These may include solutions like Angular, Vue, or React. Therefore, you should hire jQuery programmers who have hands-on experience with your preferred technologies to ensure optimal work efficiency.

Experience with Back-end Development

While jQuery programmers predominantly focus on front-end development, a basic understanding of back-end technology can be highly advantageous. If they comprehend the server-side technology supporting your product, they can collaborate more effectively with your back-end developers and produce solutions less likely to trigger unforeseen issues. Nevertheless, as various languages can be employed for back-end development, it's vital to consider which languages your company primarily uses.

Crucial soft skills for jQuery programmers

As a front-end-centered specialty, development with jQuery requires a set of soft skills to truly thrive in the role and deliver creative products. The most important of these soft skills are…

  1. User empathy

    To always consider the target customer of the company when developing the product.

  2. Attention to detail

    To deliver issue-free solutions that always perform amazingly.

  3. Approachability

    To happily participate in brainstorming and collaborate well with other members of the team.

Finding jQuery programmers who truly fit your company

Besides the hard and soft skills, there is one more area to consider when you want to hire a jQuery developer — the company fit. Look especially closely at…

  1. Product fit

    JavaScript and jQuery can power up virtually any type of web project you have in mind. To make sure the development process at your company is going truly efficiently, hire a jQuery developer who has previously worked on a project similar to yours. For example: if you are building an online shop, look for a person experienced in e-commerce solutions; if you want to have a reliable booking system, get on board someone who has built one in the past.

  2. Industry fit

    Your new jQuery programmers can work even more efficiently if you hire these candidates who have experience working in your industry. They will have the knowledge of technical solutions and obstacles common in your business vertical and, therefore, be able to deliver the right results faster.

  3. Company culture fit

    The success of a web project is highly based on how the whole team behind it cooperates. To facilitate innovation and collaboration in your company, hire experts sharing similar values. First, consider the values that drive your business (e.g. style of management, type of office environment, focus on diversity; then, onboard people who also consider these values vital.

Why hire remote jQuery developers?

In the last few years, more and more modern businesses have been transitioning at least partly into remote businesses. We see a growing number of companies either having at least part of their team working remotely or even going fully remote and abandoning their physical office altogether.

What are the pros of hiring remote jQuery programmers?

  1. You get access to a wider selection of candidates from across the globe. You don’t need to choose anyone — you can pick the most shining talents instead!
  2. More developers are keen to work with you — approximately one-third of developers consider remote work options as an important factor when looking for new job opportunities.
  3. It’s easier to provide 24/7 technical support for your website or web app — simply hire jQuery developers from a few different regions so you know there is always someone looking after your product.
  4. You can better optimize your budget — in many countries, costs of living are lower than in the West.

Where to look for when you want to hire remote jQuery programmers? Our recommendation is the Central Eastern Europe region. Local developers there are not only considered as one of the most knowledgable and experienced ones but also their salary requirements are usually lower due to the lower costs of living in the region.

The questions to ask when you hire a jQuery developer

Every interview process should be finished by running interviews with the most promising candidates. The technical part of such an interview should be, of course, handled by a professional experienced in jQuery. If you don’t have the required knowledge yourself, we recommend asking for assistance from another JavaScript/front-end developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

What technical questions can be asked when you hire a jQuery developer?

  1. bindapply and call — when would you use each of the three?
  2. How is event delegation useful?
  3. What is your preferred JavaScript front-end framework? Why this one?
  4. What is the difference between delegate() and live()?
  5. What is end() used for?
  6. Classical inheritance vs prototypal inheritance — what are the differences between these two?
  7. What is hoisting?
  8. When would you use a closure?
  9. How does event bubbling work?
  10. What does it mean that JavaScript has a same-origin policy?

Who else will your team need?

When you decide to hire a jQuery developer, you end up with an expert who can help you take the front-end of your website or web app to the next level. But there are more elements to consider when you want to make sure that your product is truly successful. You will need a reliable back-end developer to handle the server-side operations, data scientists to help you understand users, Product Manager to lead the project through all the stages… And that’s barely the beginning of the list!

With Ideamotive, you can onboard all these experts fast. Thanks to our robust network of IT talents, we can help you hire a jQuery developer or any other expert you need fast. After you get in touch with us, we will connect you with a selection of candidates perfectly fitting your company profile and any unique requirements you have.

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