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Our iOS success stories

AURA: building a mobile app with React Native for a medtech startup from London

How did our experts create a diagnostic mobile app with highly intuitive UX/UI fit for elderly patients from scratch?

Silvia Novak ENTIA

The design is accessible for many users, making the project a success. Ideamotive was organized and communicative throughout the engagement. As a result, they have a strong partnership.

Silvia Novak, Head of Product at Entia Ltd


LUMA: building a cross-platform mobile app with React Native for visualization of blood results

How we created a diagnostic mobile app for scanning blood test results with QR codes from IoT medical devices with visualization of results and data management

Noah Peddy LUMA

The team efficiently produced deliverables and met the project’s tight deadline. Their transparency and competency lead to a valuable, ongoing partnership.

Noah Peddy, Founder


Nielsen: supporting corporate communication with a mobile app

How we developed an app that helps in managing social interactions and document distribution between multiple international teams within the global corporation?

CarPal: Changing the way the goods move in cities

How we provided the right set of talents and technologies and enabled the quick growth of the existing product?

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How to pick an iOS development company

Thousands of new apps arrive on the App Store every day, and their competition is getting fiercer and fiercer every day. Among these progressive and challenging tasks, choosing the right iPhone app development company is truly a daunting task. 

Indeed developing an iPhone app is not an easy task. It is as difficult as realizing your vision of life. Only a renowned and experienced iOS app development company can make your dreams come true by releasing a mind-blowing iPhone app in a stunning app store.

11 Tips for choosing the best iOS app development services

Before choosing the right iPhone app development company, there are some important factors to consider. Your choice is very important to your growth and future. To make a wise decision, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Technical know-how

    Currently, mobile application development is one of the most dynamic areas. This is an industry that innovates every day. Therefore, developers must use the latest technology and skills to implement ideas and the newest features. They need to keep abreast of new trends in app development so that it stands out from the hundreds already available in the app store.

    Make sure that the devs of the iOS app development company have solid technical knowledge of the latest iOS tools and technologies, including Xcode, the Cocoa framework, Objective C, and Swift. Developers also need to have extensive domain expertise to develop iOS applications for businesses across a variety of industries using the latest iOS technologies.

  2. Business Experience

    The company must have years of experience in developing apps for the iOS platform. Check out their portfolio for the quality of iOS apps they've developed in the past.

  3. Check iTunes registration

    Make sure in advance that the company you are going to select is registered in iTunes. This ensures that the agency has some experience developing iOS apps and that they may have published some iOS apps in the past.

  4. Fast turnaround time

    Make sure the company has a proven track record of providing fast turnaround times. Your iPhone app company should also be fast enough to deliver apps at the right time.

    The iPhone is the next-generation testament, as are its apps. It's always good to be selective and discreet in choosing the most talented iPhone app development company.

  5. Confidentiality

    Make sure the company takes the security and privacy of your project seriously by providing you with a secure server and signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), etc.

  6. Clarity of concepts

    The right iOS development company is one that has a dedicated team of certified iOS developers with clarity in various iOS app development concepts to understand your needs fully.

  7. Time / cost ratio

    Always choose an iOS development company that will be happy to give you an estimate of the time and cost of developing an app in advance, so you can decide if it's within your budget or not.

  8. Artistic minds

    Thinking out of the box will help your app reach its target audience quickly. As you already know, only an innovative iPhone app can win, which complements the many other apps available in the app store. Check if the app developers are professionals with experience, dedication, and creativity. In fact, app development is a passionate art.

  9. Accessibility and understanding

    From day one to the day your iPhone app succeeds in the app store, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with the iPhone app developers. This will help you communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly and receive feedback and suggestions from them.

  10. Efficiency

    The App Store is a dynamic area where many new ideas become obsolete in a matter of hours. For this special reason, choose the right company whenever a new idea comes to mind. If not today, tomorrow someone might think the same way as you. 

  11. Ability to develop user-friendly applications

    The success of any iPhone app depends entirely on its effectiveness in reaching targeted users at the right time. The company you choose should be flexible enough to offer you a variety of innovative and user-friendly designs. Remember, most iPhone users need an app that they can easily interact with. When it gets too complicated, they don’t understand it and don’t see the need to download it at all.

All of these tips are sure to help you choose the best iPhone app development company.

Just make sure the company you choose is willing to manage other aspects of app development (like app marketing, for example) to maximize your ROI and increase your brand awareness.

At Ideamotive, we know that impeccable customer support is an absolute must, and therefore our support team takes customer feedback, implementation, and training seriously. We pride ourselves on working with new clients to quickly set up systems and complete data transformations, minimizing pain and maximizing results, and we'll be with you every step of the way.

If you're looking for a worldwide iOS app development company for your business, don't rely on luck! Contact Ideamotive today to schedule a meeting and find out why we are the right choice for your industry.

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