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We’re located in the heart of Europe, in the European Union. We believe in high standard of work and agile approach. When you are ending your business day, we are still working to deliver the next batch of code to you next morning.

Did you know?

Poland in well-known for the best programmers in the world. At Ideamotive we gather top class specialists from the web and mobile industry . If you’re looking for a team to start your project right away or want to extend your in-house tech department - don’t hesitate to leave us your email. Ideamotive can become your virtual team, without the overheads and stress of scaling a team in-house. We’d love to help you develop your next great digital product.

Our technology stack is built to deliver results fast and reliably. We use Ruby on Rails for backend development and React for web frontend. For Android and iOS we use React Native, which allows us to write almost the same code for both platforms.

Our head office is based in Warsaw, Poland. We use the latest collaborative technologies including Slack, Jira & Skype to make working together a breeze.

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