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Memcare: Digital transformation for funeral homes

How we have re-written the whole web app from scratch in two months and gave it new, modern design and outstanding user experience

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Read the success story

We’ve been extremely satisfied. We work with multiple partners, but they’re our main supplier because of the quality of their work.

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Håkon Årøen

Co-founder & CTO of Memcare

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Why Should You Consider React For Your Next Web Project?

Speed up development

Have milestones reached swiftly and your developers working more efficiently. Thanks to the component-based structure of the framework, React developers can introduce new features to your website or web app significantly faster.

Improve the site’s performance

Make use of React’s Virtual DOM and deliver a top-performing site. 40% of internet users leave the site if it loads longer than 3 seconds — you can make sure your site fits this limit thanks to the performance-improving features of React.

Choose a stable solution

Have your website supported by a future-proof solution. React has been developed by experts at Facebook and is used in multiple products of the IT giant. The framework has also a growing community of developers, actively helping each other.

Open your business for mobile

Be ready to take your products to smartphones and tablets. React Native, a younger brother of React, allows rapid cross-platform mobile app development which is crucial in the era where 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

How To Hire React Developers Perfect For Your Project?

React, a front-end library/framework developed by Facebook, is currently (as of the 19th of April 2020) ranking 4th in the technology ranking on GitHub with 13,133 commits, 1,378 contributors, and over 147k stars.

According to the Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey, conducted by surveying over 90k developers, 31,3% of devs use React in their projects, which gives the technology one of the top places in the ranking of most used web frameworks. That’s more than React’s main competitors, including Vue.js and Google-supported Angular. The Facebook-backed technology wins also in other important rankings — it’s the most loved and the most wanted web framework among surveyed developers.

What does this raw data mean to businesses around the globe? That the community behind React is huge, filled both with experts in the field as well as complete front-end beginners who chose React as their first web framework to learn and master, following the more experienced peers.

How can you make sure, then, that you hire React developers who know all the good practices of using the framework, so they can deliver the project fast, according to deadlines and budget? Read along to learn about all the things you need to look for when planning to hire React developers.

React developer hard skills to look for

As web development is a highly technical job, it requires a specific skillset related to the technology used. When you plan to hire React developers specifically, you need to look for people with the following hard skills.

  1. Expert knowledge of JavaScript

    React utilizes JavaScript, the most popular programming language for web projects. Good knowledge of it means being able to handle issues like DOM manipulation, performance tuning, mobile strategies, memory leaks, and more.

  2. Previous experience in React

    There are many JavaScript devs who are happy to work with any framework, but it’s the people focused on React development who you should be looking for. Consider also hiring those who have some additional experience with React Native — you might want to take your product to mobiles at some point.

  3. Knowledge of JSX

    JSX is syntax used in React to make HTML/XML code coexist with JavaScript. It’s a very React-specific thing, so if you find a developer knowledgeable in JSX, they probably can handle your project well.

  4. Knowledge of popular libraries used with React

    There are a lot of additional libraries available that can significantly speed up the development process and improve the performance of your website or web app even more than just with vanilla React. Some of the most important ones are Redux (state management), Redux Form (complex forms), Material UI (Google-created UI package).

  5. Experience with Node.JS

    If you want to hire a React developer that will be also responsible for the client-side of your web project, they should be experienced in some back-end technology. Your best bet would probably be Node.js — a technology allowing to use JavaScript, a primarily front-end language, on the back-end as well.

Soft skills to look for when hiring React developers

Your new React developer hire will be the core of your web project technological development. But the team behind your product is surely bigger, with many of its members not being necessarily hugely tech-savvy. That’s why it’s important for your new developer to be able to cooperate well with the rest of the people in the company — be able to understand them and explain the necessary tech complexities, so the needs of other specialists can be translated into functioning features of the web project.

To make sure the teamwork thrives in your company, look for the following soft skills when you want to hire React developers.

  1. Expert time management

    Especially crucial for smaller startups, hiring usually a limited number of developers. In this kind of environment, being able to manage time and workload by yourself is incredibly important in order to reach the next milestones on time.

  2. The attitude of a researcher

    Because the React community is so huge, brainstorming on forums happens often and new tips and tricks are figured out on a regular basis. If you hire a React developer who also actively participates in the life of the community, your web project might be filled with some great, innovative features that have been tried only by a few other devs.

  3. Accountability

    Even the most expert developers make mistakes. Being able to admit your own failure is a crucial step to investigating what went wrong and later learning a valuable lesson from it.

React developer job interview questions

Found a candidate that seems to fit your requirements? Then it’s time to run a proper technical job interview with them. If you don’t feel so confident in React web development yourself, you might want to consider approaching an expert who can help you run the interview. This could be another web developer, a software consultant, or an IT project manager. Whoever you choose, they should, of course, have a proper experience of working with React-powered projects.

What kind of questions can be asked during a React developer job interview?

  1. What is Virtual DOM and what is its role in React?
  2. What are the lifecycle methods in React?
  3. What are the keys needed for in React web development?
  4. What’s your go-to tool for testing JavaScript code? Why this specific tool?
  5. What are the most common ways of creating a React component?
  6. What is a container component?
  7. What’s the Context API?
  8. How to prevent data mutation?
  9. What are the ways to prevent re-rendering?
  10. What is an HOC? Give an example of one.

How to hire React developers that fit your company?

Company fit is another thing you should consider when you want to hire React developers. The better your new colleague fits the team, the more efficiently everyone works, delivering the results fast.

What a company fit can include?

  1. Industry fit

    Look for people who have experience in working with products similar to yours. These developers will bring to your team the knowledge of solutions that already proved to be successful on your market.

  2. Product fit

    Web project is a broad term for a huge number of different solutions, from small websites to huge online shops to complicated machine learning-powered web apps. When hiring a React developer, remember to focus on these candidates who have already worked on products that have something in common with the one you are developing.

  3. Company culture fit

    Think of the management style of your company, working hours flexibility, the ways coworkers can interact with each other. All these create a company culture, always unique to a specific business. Take it into consideration when hiring a React developer — look for people who share your company’s values, so you will end up with a team that cooperates perfectly.

Why hire a remote React developer?

The recent coronavirus crisis taught many companies how valuable are the people with experience in remote work. It’s easier for them to manage their time well outside of the office and deliver better results when put into unusual circumstances. 

We highly recommend hiring remote React developers for building every business. Developers are often people who find remote work the most comfortable option for them and thrive in a more flexible working environment. Having such an expert at your company protects you from additional problems you might have if another such crisis happens and you are forced to enforce fully remote work.

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