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How we developed an app that helps in managing social interactions and document distribution between multiple international teams within the global corporation?

CarPal: Changing the way the goods move in cities

How we provided the right set of talents and technologies and enabled the quick growth of the existing product?

TRAVELDUCK: building a marketplace for boutique adventure trips and activities

How we created a fully functional digital marketplace from scratch and helped the Client validate the business model for scaling up.

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How to Pick an Android Development Company

To succeed and survive in today's circumstances, marketplaces, commercial organizations, individuals, and companies have no way to develop their own applications other than to hire an Android app development company.

Android mobile apps have become an astonishing and easy way to achieve your revenue and production goals.

So, here are several steps to help you choose the right Android app development services.

#1 - Do thorough research around the world

Your prospective agency does not have to be from your local area. In reality, most projects are outsourced to companies that can provide a great application, but outside their home country.

This saves you a significant amount of money and also gives you the opportunity to choose the best Android app development company.

With the help of Internet technologies, it has become much easier to unite people around the world, and no matter where the company is located, you can always find them on the Internet and hold the necessary discussions.

#2 - Make a list of developers who will help you

You can always hire two types of Android app developers: one that will develop a mobile app according to your requirements, and there will be those who put extra effort and suggestions to make your Android app better.

The second type of employees will make their work unique and present their brand and quality of work.

Plus, an experienced Android app developer should be ready to tell you about the features, technology, design, marketing, and other things that make a great Android app.

They are the ones who know the latest trends in Android, and they can easily integrate those trends into the app even if you didn't know about them before.

#3 - Know what you want from your Android mobile app

The first thing you need to understand when you want to hire a software company is that you need to know exactly what you want from your Android app.

It would help if you were clear about what exactly you want in your mobile app. Then you can easily find and hire an Android application developer who can develop a specific type of application and more.

#4 - Find an Android app development company with unrivaled experience

Having experience in a specific field is essential and should help you choose the right Android app development company. This could be a company or a freelancer with an unrivaled track record in the industry.

You need to look for a company that has developed a quality Android app in the past, not just look for the number of apps that the company has developed.

Developing an Android application is not something simple and, in addition to subject knowledge, requires creativity, special skills, and understanding of the target audience.

#5 - You must set a time to complete

Time is of the essence and won't help if your Android app company takes “forever” to release the final app.

As a business, you are bound to have your own strategies, marketing goals, and timelines. Make sure you choose a developer who can work within the time frame you set.

#6 - Communication with the developer is of essence

Whether you are hiring a developer in your area or outside, it is important for you to have faster, more efficient communications.

There are several issues that need to be addressed as you develop your application, and it’s best to make sure that your questions are answered at all times. A company that communicates well is also a reliable company.

Continuous communication is also very important because the Android app development process requires constant updates, requests, and suggestions.

#7 - Consult on how to make the app profitable

Generally, developing an Android app is not only about wanting to see people download it but also an important platform for attracting leads and generating income. Regardless of the type of Android app you are developing. The ultimate goal is to generate income from it.

An experienced mobile app development agency can easily advise you on the best way to generate income from your Android app.

#8 - Choose quality over price

Finding the best developer does not necessarily mean you should choose the most expensive one, and it also does not mean that you should choose the cheapest agency.

Make sure you are getting the right value for the invested money. In most cases, cheaper web developers and coders lack quality, skills, experience, creativity, and infrastructure.

When making your shortlist, first identify the companies that can meet your quality standard and let cost be the next criterion in choosing the best option for your preliminary budget.

#9 - Technical efficiency of the company

Creating an Android app and building a website are two different worlds. The approaches used to develop Android apps are different from the approaches to website development.

As such, it is important to evaluate the technologies that a mobile app development agency works with and whether they have the technical skills to develop an Android app, as well as the type of platform you want to work with.

#10 - Build long-term relationships

As mentioned above, the development will not be a one-time process but a continuous development work.

Hence, it would be best if you chose a developer who encourages long-term relationships and also provides Android support.

#11 - Have a specific purpose and scope for your Android app

As technology continues to change, so do market trends. An Android application development project is not a one-time process, but you will need constant updates and changes.

As your business expands, so should your Android app offerings. This should be clearly communicated to the company producing the mobile application. Ultimately, they will be responsible for making changes and updates.

#12 - Look for companies with coding certification

Coding certificates and credentials are other important things that say more about the qualifications and skills of the developer.

This is similar to affiliation to determine if the agency/ company is aware of the coding standard and also to ensure the overall quality of your application.

An Android app development company should be able to offer support services for Android, as well as target specific business requirements and not degrade the quality of the mobile app.

Where to look for an ideal Android development company?

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