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Why Should You Consider Flutter For Your Next Mobile Project?

Cut costs of app development

Optimize spendings by hiring fewer developers. As Flutter allows you to share code between both the Android and iOS versions of a mobile app, it takes fewer professionals to get your product to the market.

Speed up development

Reach project milestones swiftly and make your app available to customers in no time. Using Flutter, up to 70% of code can be shared between the iOS and Android versions of the app, making the development process faster.

Retain native-like performance

Release apps that are fast, free of bugs, and user-friendly. Flutter uses a special programming language, Dart, which allows you to keep up the great performance of your app, similar to the performance guaranteed by native technologies like Swift or Kotlin.

Pick a solution of the future

Start using the technology that you will be able to stick to for years to come. Flutter is still a very new tool (the stable version released just in 2018) and the company behind it, Google itself, has some great plans for its future.

How To Hire Flutter Developer Perfect For Your Mobile Project?

Cross-platform app development is currently one of the top trends in IT — it allows to significantly speed up the development process by allowing the same team to work on both the iOS and Android versions of one app. One of the best tools for cross-platform mobile development is Flutter, a Google-developed and supported technology that, despite being announced just in 2017, has already managed to have a huge number of followers.

According to the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, approximately 3.4% of developers worldwide use Flutter. That might not feel like much at first sight, but it’s enough to already beat some more mature technologies. And it seems the popularity of Flutter will only grow — in the same survey, the framework ranked as the 3rd most loved technology (higher than its direct competitor, React Native) and as the 6th most wanted technology.

One of the reasons why Flutter is so loved by developers is the easiness of making an app using it. Of course, it still requires knowledge of coding, but Flutter’s main programming language, Dart, is simpler than many other used for building mobile apps. 

This makes the technology interesting for lots of beginners who want to become mobile app developers. For you, it means the market is getting slowly filled with Flutter developers who are not experienced enough to handle really complex projects. 

So how can you hire Flutter app developers that will really get the job done? Read along to find out about all the things you need to consider.

Most important hard skills of Flutter developers

To make sure you hire a Flutter developer who will swiftly deliver the results you want to achieve, you should focus on looking for people with a specific set of hard, technical skills. What are the most important of these skills?

  1. Proficiency in Dart programming language

    Just like Flutter, Dart has been created by the developers at Google. The programming language can be used for different kinds of projects, including even desktop apps. However, most Dart developers are focusing on mobile app development with Flutter.

  2. Real-life experience with Flutter

    Flutter expands some features of Dart and makes cross-platform mobile app development faster thanks to the multiple widgets available. It’s crucial for Flutter developers to already have experience with the most important widgets (such as MaterialApp, SafeArea, ClipRRect) so the whole project can go smoothly.

  3. Understanding of best mobile design practices

    Flutter developers are often half-coders, half-designers, being responsible for all the interface of an app that a user sees. Because of this, it’s crucial for them to have a good understanding of all the best design practices, with a special focus on the current mobile trends. For example, with the Cupertino Flutter widgets, Apple-style apps can be built, but they might feel clunky if the developer is not aware of the best ways to approach mobile design for iOS devices.

The importance of soft skills for Flutter developers

If you want to make sure you hire Flutter developers who are really the best, you should not only look at their technical abilities but also the soft skills. These often make not only the work of Flutter developers themselves more efficient but can also help in improving teamwork and collaboration within the whole company.

So what soft skills you should be specifically looking for in your Flutter developers candidates?

  1. The attitude of a researcher

    The Flutter community is still young meaning new solutions and innovations are revealed nearly on a daily basis. However, they sometimes go unnoticed being posted on low-key forums and subreddits. If your Flutter developers are active in the community and know where to look for information, they can bring to your project the innovations that will become a standard in a few years.

  2. Approachability

    A great-looking and successful mobile app is most usually an effect of a collaborative work of multiple different talents, including designers, data scientists, project managers, and, of course, Flutter developers. It’s therefore crucial for your new hire to be able to communicate well with the rest of the team — even the people who might not be necessarily that tech-savvy.

  3. Understanding of the client

    Looking at a product from the customer’s perspective might not be easy, but is crucial to great app development. There is no other way to create an intuitive, user-friendly interface of an app than to put yourself in the shoes of a person who is not necessarily a tech expert.

Top job interview questions for Flutter developers

One of the best ways to assess all the above skills of a Flutter developer is to run a technical interview. It should be a mix of questions related to Dart, mobile app design, and Flutter itself so if you don’t feel confident in the topics yourself, you might want to ask for help from another mobile app developer with experience in Flutter, a software consultant, or an IT project manager.

Below, we’ve listed down some of our favorite job interview questions to ask Flutter developers.

  1. What’s typedef used for in Dart?
  2. How would you approach implementing QR reader in a Flutter-based app?
  3. What are your go-to Flutter widgets when starting a new project?
  4. What’s the singleton pattern? How to build it in Dart?
  5. What is the difference between stateless and stateful Flutter widgets?
  6. Hot restart vs hot reload — what is the difference between the two?
  7. What are Dart’s null-aware operations used for?
  8. What is the hamburger menu concept in mobile app design? What are some alternatives to it?
  9. What are some ways of improving the user experience of an app while keeping the interface as it is?
  10. How would you approach adding AR (augmented reality) features in a Flutter-based app?

The power of the company fit

You can strengthen the effect Flutter developers have on your whole project even more by focusing on finding those who match your company in the best way possible. What can be considered when looking for the perfect fit?

  1. Industry fit

    If possible, try to hire a Flutter developer who already has worked on some projects related to your industry. Such experience means this developer already understands your target groups and what works best for them.

  2. Product fit

    Look for Flutter developers with experience in projects similar to yours. The app they previously developed doesn’t have to be literally the same as yours — simply look for similarities, for example in terms of specific functionalities you want to implement in your app.

  3. Company culture fit

    Employees and management sharing the same values improve the overall teamwork and power innovation. Remember about it also when you want to hire Flutter developer.

Why hire a remote Flutter developer?

As the number of professional Flutter developers is still relatively small, you might not find one available in your city. Fortunately, many experts are happy to work remotely — and there are good reasons to use their services.

According to studies, developers often find themselves more productive when able to work remotely and are more motivated to work. Hiring remote Flutter developers means also more effective use of funds as you don’t need to prepare an office space and additional hardware for them. 

Enhance the mobile experience

Flutter developers can surely be the backbone of the technical part of your project, but you will also need other experts to make your mobile app really successful. App designer, UX designers, product owners, IT project managers, data scientists — together, they can get you the results you anticipate.

How can you have these experts hired fast? Reach out to our professional consultants. At Ideamotive, we run an industry-leading network of top IT talents from all around the world looking for new work opportunities. After you get in touch with us, we will connect you with a tailored selection of professionals, based on multiple factors, like your company’s industry, type of product, and any special requirements you might have.

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