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15 Amazing Examples Of Flutter Mobile Development

Sep 13, 20218 min read

Dawid Karczewski

Senior full stack developer and CTO at Ideamotive.

amazing examples of flutter mobile development

Despite only having been officially released for a span of 3.5 years as of 2023, Flutter has impressively secured a spot among the top 20 most active repositories on Github. This raises the question: What is the secret behind its rapid ascension and success? Let's delve deeper to uncover the factors driving Flutter's impressive growth trajectory.



Well, let’s take a look at some brilliant Flutter examples, check how Flutter mobile development framework helped creators in achieving their business goals and try to understand why they decided to go with Flutter in the first place.


But first - some info about the Flutter itself!


What is Flutter? 

Flutter is a relatively new open-source mobile SDK introduced by Google in December 2018. It allows easy and quick cross-platform app development, building native-looking Android and iOS apps from the same code base. It is particularly popular with startups because it enables them to create mobile apps for two systems simultaneously cheaply.


Thanks to Google developers and the community gathered around this tool, it is growing rapidly and may soon revolutionize the mobile app development market.


If you want to know more about Flutter, we invite you to read an article: Flutter App Development: Everything You Need to Know in 2021.


Flutter — popularity among software developers

According to the newest Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Flutter is the third most loved and the fourth most wanted framework. 


amazing examples of flutter mobile development-stack overflow developer survey



Moreover, its popularity is still growing, and last year it gained 98.9K Github stars (in the 18 months since its 1.0 release!). Today Flutter is placed among the top 20 most active repositories there.

Flutter Mobile Development - why it is a great pick for your business?

Why do so many developers and companies love Flutter? It has many obvious benefits that make it an ideal tool for mobile app development. 

The most important of these are:


  • Saving time and money
  • Excellent performance
  • Stunning UI
  • Compatibility
  • Open-source availability
  • Quick development time
  • Low entry threshold
  • Wide collection of widgets
  • The ability to create eye-catching animations.


So, what amazing apps have been created with Flutter? Let’s take a look!

15 Amazing Flutter Examples

1. Xianyu — fast and easy Alibaba Group mobile app build with Flutter


amazing examples of flutter mobile development alibaba


The first Flutter example is Xianyu — the mobile app of Alibaba Group, a popular Chinese eCommerce retail giant. 


The developers responsible for this project already had a ready-made app, so they started by implementing individual Flutter features and adding functionalities. Flutter allowed them to save a substantial amount of time because they could easily create an application for two operating systems with a single code base. 


Today, the app has more than 50 million downloads and is used by more than 10 million users per day. 


We were immediately intrigued by Flutter’s possibilities when it comes to UX – including high FPS and smooth UI. But, above all, Flutter was an incredible time-saver. It allowed us to use a single codebase which makes the maintenance of our app much easier and faster.


Because of the tens of millions of users we had, we could not build a new app from the very beginning, so we started implementing Flutter features incrementally, incorporating them with our apps. The ItemDetail page – the most crucial, complex, and frequently visited section – is run through a single codebase on Android and iOS using Flutter. (...).


Bing Sun, Developer at Alibaba Group




If you want to learn more about this app, watch this video or check out their blog.

2. Groupon — an app that was integrated Flutter instead of rewriting the existing one


amazing examples of flutter mobile development groupon

Groupon is an American global e-commerce marketplace that allows users to save money by using virtual coupons. In 2018 their developers decided to integrate Flutter into the existing Groupon Merchant application instead of rewriting it from scratch.


To build new features such as voucher redemption and detailed payment data visualization, they just added Flutter submodules into their native platform. This solution allows them to save a lot of money and time needed to build a new app.


3. Google Ads — a new version app that improves user experience

amazing examples of flutter mobile development google ads


The next example of a mobile app built with Flutter is Google Ads. It is a crucial tool for marketers and anyone who wants to manage their ad campaigns by mobile devices. The app allows users to preview campaign stats, update budgets, get notifications, call Google experts, and many more. 


Compared to its predecessor, the new Google Ads app created with Flutter offers a better user experience as well as new features such as alerts and the ability to edit any campaign.

4. PostMuse — an app that Flutter mobile development helped to rapid entry into the market


amazing examples of flutter mobile development post muse


PostMuse is an app for Instagram users, allowing them to create incredible stories thanks to many ready-to-use templates. Flutter allowed PostMuse creators to rapid app development both on Android and iOS. It was crucial, considering that it was the first app of this company, so they had limited resources and budgets. Flutter allowed them to enter the market very soon, as well as create a useful and well-designed app, without losing quality.

5. eBay Motors —- a Flutter mobile app to sell and buy vehicles

amazing examples of flutter mobile development post muse


Another Flutter example is eBay Motors native app — one of the key products from a popular retail platform. The app allows users to sell and buy cars and other vehicles using their mobile devices. You can easily browse the offers, post ads, and bid on vehicles you are interested in.eBay's IT team's main challenge was limited time, as they only had a year to enter the market. They decided on Flutter because it:


  • gives a lot of control over the system, 
  • allows them to create visually appealing applications,  
  • speeds up mobile app development,
  • reduces the cost and complexity of cross-platform app development. 


These benefits speak for themselves. The topic is so interesting that the developers decided to describe the entire process in a dedicated article, "Under the Hood of eBay Motors: New App Powered By Advanced Technology Like Flutter, ML and BFF".

6. Hamilton App — frequently updated news for musical Hamilton fans


amazing examples of flutter mobile development hamilton


It's not just tech giants that are reaping the benefits of Flutter. It has also been chosen by GoPose developers to create a dedicated app for musical Hamilton fans. The app provides users daily news and videos, lotteries for English and American cities, and tour locations, merchandise at the official Hamilton store, and many more.


The team decided to use Flutter because, in their opinion, this tool is fast, fun to work with, and allows for quick new features implementation. As they wrote in their blog post:


Flutter made it possible to deliver more and at a higher level of quality. If we had developed two independent fully native apps, we never would have shipped the feature set we had at launch. The ability to do more continues to be a major benefit as we grow and add features to the app on a weekly basis.

7. Philips Hue — innovative lighting control created using Flutter


amazing examples of flutter mobile development philips hue


Philips Hue is a personalized smart lighting system that is one of the best of its kind on the market. Their mobile apps: the Hue Sync App and the Hue Bluetooth App, are other examples of Flutter apps. 


Flutter has made it possible to bring an intuitive and easy-to-use control system to apps, allowing users to set moods and sync smart lights with other media. 

8. NuBank — a user-friendly banking app created with Flutter

amazing examples of flutter mobile development nubank


Flutter also has applications in the financial industry. The NuBank app is a perfect example of how this toolkit can be used in this industry. Their developers chose Flutter to create a digital savings account application. The platform allowed them to create an intuitive and easy-to-use app that perfectly fits the company's image, positioning itself as a mobile-first Fintech startup. NuBank appreciated the quick implementation possibilities and effectiveness which Flutter gives.

9. My BMW app — a Flutter app that connects BMW car to mobile devices

amazing examples of flutter mobile development my bmw app

Time for a Flutter case study in the automotive industry. My BMW app is the latest solution from the BWM Group, which continues to consolidate its position as a leading developer and supplier of automotive apps. Using the Flutter architecture, which it developed 100% in-house, BMW has created apps for iOS and Android from a single code base.  


The newest version (from March 2021) of this app introduces a lot of innovative features such as integration with Services from Amazon Alexa, pre-conditioning of vehicles with electrified drive systems, or the filter function for charging station search.


The BMW Group’s Flutter software development team is one of the largest in the world after Google’s own. As well as working on internal projects, our experts also offer software components externally as members of the Flutter community.


Dr. Nicolai Krämer, Vice President Offboard Platform BMW Group


10. SpaceX Go — an example of Flutter mobile development solution that tracks the spacecraft location

 amazing examples of flutter mobile development spacex go

SpaceX Go is an app that provides all the information about SpaceX, such as a list of previous and upcoming rocket launches, all vehicles, rockets, capsules, and ships created by this company over the years.


Moreover, the app even has a ship locator enabling users to check the status, speed, and position of the active vehicle used by SpaceX.


Thanks to Flutter, the application has a clear, easy-to-use, and distraction-free interface and is regularly updated.

11. Smart skills - Learn and Grow — a Flutter app that helps people to prepare for a job interview

smart skills 3


How about a Flutter use case with a solution for the HR industry?


Smart skills - Learn and Grow (previously known as Toughest) is an app that allows you to prepare for a job interview. It has a vast set of the newest as well as more popular questions and enables you to plan the flow of the interview based on the unique answers to the questions asked.


It is a useful application for users who are preparing for interviews. It has a set of questions, brain exercises divided into multiple categories to make preparing for a job interview easier.


The developers used Flutter to provide their users with an easy-to-use and intuitive app that helps them get a new job.

12. Realtor.com —  an app that helps Americans find their dream home


amazing examples of flutter mobile development realtor


Realtor.com is a popular USA estate application that helps people find dream houses for sale or rent. The users appreciate it, so it won many awards for the software and excellent customer service. 


Creators of the app used Flutter to build geolocation plugins to display available apartments on the map, including house options in the nearest area. Moreover, this tool helped them create data visualization features, photo support, graphical components, and many more.

13. KlasterMe — the first social media platform created using Flutter


amazing examples of flutter mobile development klasterme


Is there any social media site created using Flutter? Of course, there is. Just check the KlasterMe — an application available on iOS and Android for browsing, creating, and sharing various content online. It allows users to create their own pages, share articles, photos, contests, polls, and much more. 


By using Flutter, the developers were able to create an app for two mobile operating systems at the same time and further impress ClusterMe users with a simple but exquisite design. 


14. Reflectly —  an Flutter app that won awards for best design


amazing examples of flutter mobile development reflectly


Reflectly is a journal AI-based app that allows the storage of daily thoughts in one place.


This app was initially built using React Native. However, in 2018, they decided to rewrite it altogether. When their developer team realized they could code once for Android and iOS, they decided to choose Flutter. This decision allowed them to reduce development time by almost half. Even though the first implementation of their app on Flutter took them relatively a lot of time, this solution helped them implement new features quickly and cope with the ever-increasing user base.


It is worth emphasizing that Reflectly has an excellent UI, which is considered one of Flutter apps' best features. It has won many awards for its stunning design. 


Using Firebase Analytics and Sentry, we meticulously monitored the release for any unforeseen issues as it was being deployed to new and old users. Despite Flutter’s beta label, we did not, and have not, seen any major issues using Flutter in production across hundreds of thousands of users, running on a multitude of different iOS and Android devices.


 Daniel Vestergaard, Co-founder & CTO at Reflectly.



15. InKino — an exciting Flutter example to build a multi-platform app


amazing examples of flutter mobile development inkino


inKino is an app for searching movies and showtimes, as well as buy or reserve tickets for Finnkino cinemas. Its iOS and Android apps are built with a single Flutter codebase. But what's interesting, it is a multi-platform Dart project, and 40% of inKino's code is shared between Flutter and the web. The PWA (Progressive Web App) was designed using AngularDart.


For my app, Flutter was a perfect choice. I was able to publish inKino within a couple of weeks, to both app stores, after only working on it in my free time after work. The widgets and developer APIs that Flutter provided were sane, well-thought, and predictable. There was no need for boilerplate code such as list adapters, and everything was nicely documented (...).


Iiro Krankka, Creator of inKino app


Are you ready to create your own Flutter app?


Feel inspired? Are you ready to start working on your own Flutter mobile development project? 


If you want to build your development team and are on the lookout for talented Flutter developers, contact us. We run a Talent Network of top mobile developers and mobile designers from the CEE region. Tell us about your idea and we will connect you with vetted mobile Flutter experts who perfectly match your industry, product type, and company culture. 


And if you're not sure if Flutter is the right solution for your business, we recommend you also check out the examples of Kotlin mobile development, React Native mobile apps or React web development.

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