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Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager, JRPass.com


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How to hire a freelance Go/Golang developer?

When it comes to web development, Golang has been established to be faster than Python in plenty of various use cases and is capable of handling complexity better than Python. Because of this, Golang is generally viewed as a Python alternative.

There are several features that make Go attractive when weighing whether to use it to build a product or service. Let's take a closer look at them.

That's why Golang developers are steadily gaining popularity as more companies implement long-term strategies to improve the performance of their server systems.

That being stated, Golang devs are still not as easy to find as JavaScript or Python ones.

However, it's safe to say that early adopters of the language are passionate about and well versed in how to apply it in their field of work.

Golang is a general-purpose language, which means it is used for cloud and networking services, web development, DevOps and site reliability, and even command-line interfaces.

If you want to build a web application that takes advantage of Go's backend capabilities, you need to find a freelance Golang developer who is experienced in building web apps using Go.

Backend devs tend to be invited to learn Golang, making it somewhat difficult to find full-featured Golang engineers who currently have additional JavaScript. This is bound to change as the popularity of Golang grows. Unsurprisingly, as it is one of the very few languages ​​that delivers on its promises of performance and usability.

What is a Golang developer?


Go developers are usually backend developers, DevOps engineers, or cloud engineers with knowledge of the Golang programming language and specialize in one or more areas (DevOps, web development, data science, etc.).

As the popularity of Golang grows steadily and the demand for faster applications grows, we can expect an influx of Golang developers.

Go devs also tend to be seasoned software developers with experience with JavaScript, Python, or even other languages ​​such as Java and C++.

Depending on the specific area they work with, they most likely had to use a dominant language prior to their transition to Golang. This is good because they will still need these languages ​​when dealing with the technology stack in general.

What a Golang developer has to offer?


The desired Golang developer skills depend on what you are trying to build.

Let's see what these high-level character traits are.

Networking and Cloud

  • Golang possession
  • Experience in using containers (Docker, AWS ECS, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with cloud automation (Terraform)
  • Knowledge of cloud providers: mainly AWS (S3, EC2, RDS, ECS, IAM, etc.)
  • Knowledge of using CI / CD tools and services
  • Good understanding of LINUX based systems (Alpine, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux)
  • Experience in implementing IDP (SAML, OIDC)

Web development

  • Golang possession
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and ES6
  • (Full-Stack) Excellent knowledge of the framework or frontend library
  • Experience in creating RESTful API
  • Ability to write non-blocking code and use advanced techniques (multithreading)
  • Proficient in multithreaded programming
  • Knowledge of relational databases / SQL development
  • Deep understanding of data structures, algorithms, and concepts of object-oriented design

DevOps and site reliability

  • Golang possession
  • Experience with GoLang Ansible
  • Python proficiency
  • Experience with Bash
  • Experience Kubernetes and Docker
  • Deep knowledge of LINUX-based systems
  • Experience in continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment

Why hire a Golang developer via Ideamotive?


We would advise you to contact our marketplace for freelancers and to hire single devs for your project.

Why a marketplace? Because we have a wide range of seasoned and experienced developers with extensive knowledge and expertise in robust development and cross-platform support.

Golang developers available on our tech talent marketplace are pre-screened, interviewed, and then trained to become true software experts capable of adapting to situations that are both within and beyond their general competence.

At Ideamotive, we strive for the highest standards for our developers. Just as elite special forces units recruit only the best of the main arms, we recruit developers who either demonstrate amazing potential or demonstrate exceptional skills. Then we take their talents and hone them even further.

Another benefit of hiring an Ideamotive developer is that you won't incur the hiring costs, which can average about 30% of a developer's salary, as well as the overheads associated with full-time employment.

With us, you can enjoy an experienced outsource developer for a reasonable quote, as well as additional project management assistance.

To find out more, fill out the contact form and tell us about your project, and we can get you started.

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We can make it much easier for you to develop your Golang-based product by contracting experienced Go developers matched with your industry and type of product. We have a wide range of developers with a diverse set of skills, so it is highly likely that we have someone for your project needs.

Our developers work in a convenient time zone, so you don't have to worry about problems when communicating in real-time. We do not use the services of rookie and non-techie individuals. We have a team of outsourced software engineers who are ready to contact you in a timely manner.

Reach out to us to launch a conversation today, and we will start your project in a few days, not weeks.

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