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Daniel de Nieuwe, Senior Product Manager,


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How to select a Java development company

Since the competition of tech-driven companies is now higher than ever before, large businesses and enterprise companies are looking for the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions for hiring a Java development company. 

The main purpose of this is the employment of innovative and powerful technologies that will speed up the digital transformation processes. And the demand for development companies will only increase: according to Statista, the global spending on digital transformation will reach $2.4 trillion by 2024. 

But how can a company define whether any of the Java development services is worth it?

The Main Software Solutions Developed by Java Development Companies 

In general, companies start employing Java development because of its stability, flexibility, and various cross-platform chances. The high-quality and secure applications on Java allow creating plenty of digital systems that enhance the internal and external processes of any company. The systems created by Java development companies usually include: 

  • System optimization software
  • Customer relationship management (also known as CRM) systems
  • Project management applications
  • Switching from other technologies to Java
  • Supply chain management systems (mostly represented with employee management systems)
  • Learning management systems
  • Vizualization systems
  • Large-scale distributed systems and corporate applications, which include colossal data exchange and a large number of application users. 
  • Standalone apps for handwear devices

These and many other programs are the must-have for any Java service to complete. Its successful launch and brilliant performance usually depend on the level of experience of the development company, and some other indicators that prove its superiority. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Java Development Companies

Before you start looking for your best vendor in Java developing services, it’s essential to know the basic things that it must possess. Remember, your choice can define a significant part of the process's success. So, to make sure you’ve analyzed all the important criteria, follow the next tips:

Find Out the Company That Works Best With Your Industry 

It often happens that the development company has been working only with the specific industries and have very little experience with your industry. As a result, you need to provide them with enough time and more resources to deepen your project. Furthermore, sometimes you can face difficulties with the project’s structure and need to spend more on developing the entire work with another company from scratch. 

As a rule, a good Java developing company works with a wide range of industries, using the different software solutions and tools, and following the major software regulations like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, ISO:9001.

For instance, a good Java developing company has experience in the following industries: 

  • E-learning and Learning
  • E-commerce and Digital Marketing
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hospitality
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Intelligence and Data Implementation
  • Media and Entertainment

With knowing the industry your vendor has already worked with, it becomes more obvious whether you should start cooperation and how to make it beneficial for both sides. 

Discover the Team of Java Developers

Developing any app with a specific programming environment usually implies hiring a high-qualified yet professional team. As a rule, the team should consist of the team lead, designer, back and front-end developers, business analysts, project manager, QA engineers, etc.

A perfect option is also getting a personal account manager, as this client relations specialist can assist you with the project progress tracking and performance analysis. 

Pay Attention to the Time Efficiency

Make sure the Java development company you’ve chosen for your project development has a fast turnaround time. For a company of any industry, it’s quite important to launch the apps at the right time, otherwise, you’ll lose more time and resources because of that delay.

Thus it's essential to be selective and discreet enough to make the best choice of the Java development company. 

Check the Company’s Reliability and Efficiency

To make the most of your Java app development, make sure you’ve browsed the previous projects by the Java development company. Checking the case studies on Clutch, as well as the previous clients’ feedback can greatly help you to analyze the developing service performance, its strong sides, and weak points. Furthermore, with having this analysis, it becomes way easier to pick up the right candidate. 

Find Out the Ability To Create User-Friendly Apps

The digital market nowadays presents plenty of applications users can choose from. So, the major method programmers can attract people’s attention is to make the apps more personalized and targeted to a certain type of consumer. 

Utilized by Java developers, this trick can help not only to improve the user experience but also enlarge the number of consumers. 

Make Sure the Company Follows the Confidentiality

One of the prior questions that need to be known in advance is making sure the Java development company you’re going to hire works on the securу software and takes the privacy of your project development in the first place. Additionally, you can offer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), or some specific documents like that to ensure your project’s security at the legal level.

Reasons to Choose Ideamotive as a Java Development Company


Wide Pool of Vetted Talents

We thoroughly check the previous experience and technical skills of every Java developer in our team. So by working with us you can be sure that you’ll get the development services of the highest quality.

Custom-Made Team that Meets Your Business Needs

We offer an enormous database of designers, product managers, business analysts, QA professionals, and any other experts you may need to have on your team for successful product development.  

Flexible Pricing Options

We work either on a fixed price or a time-based pricing approach. You can choose the pricing option based on the complexity of your project, its duration, and your business needs.

Business Consultation  

We always thoroughly analyze the current state of your project, your niche, and your long-term objectives in order to come up with a solution that would help you reach your business goals.

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