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How to hire a Java Freelancer?

For various companies from different industries nowadays hiring a Java developer is simply a must. Such professionals can easily launch unique web products: desktop and mobile applications, powerful platforms, and special software for handheld devices. Talented and skillful Java freelancers can provide high-secured, efficient, and stable software of different types, thus producing plenty of benefits to the hiring company. 

The high demand for these developers is also caused by the huge popularity of the Java language. But along with this, choosing an expert candidate becomes a real challenge for organizations: it’s critical to ensure the candidate can skillfully execute different projects entrusted and his skills correspond to the concerns of hiring companies. 

Nevertheless, it’s still possible for companies to easily hire freelance Java developers, even if the team doesn’t understand the technical aspects in detail. 

In this article, we will provide you with basic insights about hiring Java freelancers.   

Types of Java Developers


To start with, the categories of Java developers are usually based on their skill level, project portfolio, and working experience. Thus, on the job market, you can find Junior, Middle, and Senior Java developers. 

The main job positions held by Java developers mostly depend on their duties and the project specifications they’re running. As a rule, they include the following titles:

  • Project Managers
  • Design Leads
  • Software Developers

Java developers launch various applications and sites for the companies’ requirements or perform other tasks including the basics: writing class files, engineering stuff, designing samples, etc. Another typology that is commonly applied to the Java developer’s job classification is the systems they’re working with: standard (JSE), enterprise (JEE or J2EE), and mobile projects. 

Critical Skills for Java Freelancers


Whatever IT expert you’re going to hire, it’s essential to make sure the candidate has all the skills needed for successful projects’ completion. Java developers do not solely need to know the language, as this job also includes creating, developing, and testing the list of different things. With this said, here are some skills companies pay attention to when hiring freelance java developers:

  • Basic skills. This includes the knowledge of object-oriented programming (OOP) principles. 
  • Database knowledge. Some software like MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB can significantly assist in performing some standard tasks for big projects. 
  • Mobile platforms. The iOS and Android coding can come in handy if your project covers launching specific applications for mobile and other handheld devices.
  • Standard web technologies. Classic yet popular programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JQuery can in fact help to enhance the projects and create more complex and effective products, making them competitive in any area as well. 
  • Testing techniques. To increase the program’s productivity, it’s also important for the developers to know the testing methods that assist in ensuring the product quality and detect any weak points in its code. For instance, the tools like JUnit and TestNg can speed up the testing process and easily improve the workflow. 
  • SOLID principles. Single responsibility, open-closed, Liskov substitution, interface segregation, and dependency inversion principles are targeted at enhancing the application performance and boost its reliability. 

As you can see, in addition to the language understanding, companies are interested in developers who can perform the basic Java skills as well as the specific programming environments, including Selenium, Android, Spring/Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, and lots of others. 

Evaluating Best Java Freelancers


To hire freelance Java developer, any company needs to make sure the candidate is perfect for this position. Professional hiring experts recommend checking the following information about the potential candidate for the post of Java developer:

Analyze the Past Reviews

Before hiring a new employee for any department, it’s critical to figure out the previous experience of the interviewee. Ask for the clients’ feedback regarding the previous working practices, project portfolios, or some other materials you can look at to see the actual performance results. This prevents you from hiring inexperienced workers and scammers as well. 

Discover the Speed in Execution

If your company’s projects are limited in time, don’t hire first-time Java freelancers to save the investments. It’s important to prevent wasting your time, money, and resources. In addition, it minimizes the risks of exceeding the timelines as well as the need to redo everything from scratch by hiring another developer. 

Explore the Timezone and Location

If the team of Java developers includes outsourced employees, it’s also essential to make sure your new worker will have a comfortable time zone to work at. This means you need to adjust the working hours either for the outsourced workers or for the developers who work at your company. Furthermore, most companies require their workers to always stay online for better performance, so that’s surely a must to get the maximum efficiency of the working processes.

Discuss the Communication Tools

Make sure the requirements, internal regulations, software, and hardware questions are clear and understood. That is important for resolving many minor yet important issues that appear during the onboarding process.  

How Ideamotive Can Assist in Hiring a Java Developer


Hiring Java developers through the tech talent marketplace has many advantages over hiring through freelance platforms or directly communicating with freelancers. By using tech talent marketplaces as Ideamotive you get access to a wide pool of vetted talents where you would definitely be able to find the hero you are looking for. Here are some other benefits of such an approach:

  • Global talent pool
  • Only vetted professionals
  • Developers with great English
  • Ability to quickly scale your team up or down
  • Costs are below the average
  • Short duration of a hiring process
  • We handle all the legal aspects for you

If you need to hire a freelance Java developer, please feel free to contact us! Our professional team is here 24/7 to provide you with the best tech talent for your next projects!

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