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Top AI and Machine Learning Conferences Your Start-up Can't Miss

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Patrycja Mach

Marketing Automation Specialist at Ideamotive


Elon Musk may keep scaring us about the potential issues coming along with the development of fully conscious AI, but the IT industry itself doesn’t seem to care that much. For now, we are still far away from the so-called true AI or artificial general intelligence. Instead, developers make use of way simpler machine learning techniques and incorporate them into their software in order to make every process more automatized.


Getting your business ready for AI


More and more industries are discovering the potential of this interesting turn. Automatization by implementing AI in your business means cutting costs, speeding up many processes, and allowing an increasing number of daily routine tasks to be handled by computers. Nowadays, machine learning can be truly used by any company in a variety of forms: from relatively simple chatbots that are able to handle part of your direct contact with the clients to impressively designed software forecasting the future of your market.


If you feel like AI hasn’t yet impacted your industry, it will surely change soon. It’s just like the famous saying about politics: 


Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you.


Change the word politics in the quote to AI or AI industry, and you get a golden rule on the future of IT.


Learning means winning


What should you do in this situation? 


Get interested in the AI market before your competition does. 


And there is no better place to learn about the most recent developments in machine learning than some of the top AI conferences around the world. They often gather the most important experts in the field that both present the most recent case studies as well as try to predict the nearest future.


To allow you to jump into this complicated world of machine learning easily, we decided to create a list of our favorite top AI conferences. All of them are widely known among entrepreneurs and are always attended by guests from the most important IT companies worldwide, including Google or Facebook.


And if you are already positive about turning your business into an AI-based company, for example, a machine learning-driven marketplace platform, our team at Ideamotive would be happy to help you achieve this dream. Contact us directly for more details and a quote on your new project.

GPU Technology Conference


GTC is one of the top machine learning conferences around the world. It's supported by Nvidia, the company behind the graphic processor that you can probably find on your desktop, laptop, and mobile. Lots of Nvidia experts have their presentations during the conference and are available for a chat during breaks.


Every year, the GTC focuses on slightly different aspects of AI computing. In 2019, the discussion covered topics such as autonomous cars and different uses of artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn about all the AI-related business opportunities that will arise during the next decade or so, GTC is surely the place to be.


The main conference takes place every year around March in San Jose, California. Recently, however, Nvidia decided to expand its presence to other places as well, such as Washington D.C. (November 2019) and China (December 2019).


The most pricey pass (including access to the 4-day conference, as well as additional training sessions) for the 2019 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose cost $2,300.


Follow the GPU Technology Conference on Facebook and LinkedIn.


DATAx Summits


DATAx is a series of top AI conferences run by Innovation Enterprise, a company specializing in various events related mostly to big data and AI. Often the summits are divided into different sections, each dedicated to the use of machine learning in a different industry. Recently, for example, DATAx run separate conferences on AI in healthcare sector and AI & big data for marketing.


Innovation Enterprise’s events are usually attended by representatives of the most important tech and media companies, including Apple, Disney, Google or Amazon. Business leaders from all over the world gather on the DATAx summits to discuss how the development in AI technology changes their industries and what is the best way to adapt to those changes.


Most of these top machine learning conferences take place in the US (San Francisco, San Diego, New York), but from time to time, they also go overseas (Dublin, Singapore). To make sure you are up to date with DATAx’s most recent events, it’s best to regularly check the official calendar on the Innovation Enterprise’s website.


One of the most important upcoming events in the calendar is DATAx New York 2019, taking place on November 6 & 7th. The Silver Pass to the summit (including conference access, breakfast, lunch & networking drinks, and exclusive access to content post-event) costs $1,099.


Follow Innovation Enterprise on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


RE•WORK Events


Similarly to Innovation Enterprise, RE•WORK runs different AI-related events, often related to a specific business vertical.


Probably the most popular event by RE•WORK is their annual AI in Finance Summit. This top machine learning conference brings together people from both the tech and finance industry, allowing them to mingle and share the best examples of using machine learning in various financial institutions. In 2020, AI in Finance Summit will take place in three different cities: London (March), New York (September), and Toronto (October). The currently available Super Early Bird Passes for the UK edition of the event costs £495.83 (excluding VAT).


Besides this signature event, RE•WORK also runs other similar summits, such as AI Assistant Summit (dedicated to discussing the impact of AI-powered assistants, such as Siri or Alexa), AI in the Pharmaceuticals Summit and AI in Insurance Summit. 


One of the most unique events in RE•WORK’s calendar is, however, their Women in AI Dinner. As the name suggests, the event is focused on bringing together women working with machine learning, allowing them to share their experiences.


More information on all of the RE•WORK’s top machine learning conferences can be found on their official website.


Follow RE•WORK on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conferences


If one would be looking for some type of an IT Bible, they would probably start the search by looking at the catalog of books published throughout the years by O’Reilly Media. 


Don’t know O’Reilly yourself? Ask any developer you have around, they surely do. O’Reilly Media has been publishing books about various IT topics since around the 1980s, and many of them are considered the best in their class. From general publications on the most popular programming languages to volumes focused on rare and very specific frameworks — whatever technology you want to learn about, O’Reilly surely has a book about it.


But like many other companies that became popular thanks to book publishing, O’Reilly is currently doing way more than that. They are now running trainings and courses for individuals and businesses, as well as setting up various IT conferences around the world. Among the latter, one of the biggest O’Reilly events is the annual Artificial Intelligence Conference. Or, rather, three of them — each one in a different capital of the start-up world: San Jose, NYC and London


O’Reilly’s AI Conferences are designed specifically for business leaders and are filled with various training, executive briefings, case studies, and all the other things that will help you keep up to date with the latest developments in the AI tech and industries worth investing in. The speeches are given by both CEOs and engineers to give the attendees the most comprehensive look at the market.


The Golden Pass for all three days of the 2019 London conference cost 1095 British pounds.


Follow O’Reilly Media on Facebook and LinkedIn, and O’Reilly AI Conference on Twitter.


Nordic Data Science Summit


One of the biggest AI-related event across the Nordics. Despite obviously not being as popular as similar conferences in the U.S., Nordic Data Science Summit is still visited by a representative of some of the most influential companies and brands. The speaker line-up for the 2019 edition includes people from Samsung, Nokia, BMW, H&MxAI, and more.


NDSS takes an interesting approach to some elements of a typical AI conference. One of the most interesting points of the summit are the panels, including both the practitioners and experts in a specific topic. This takes the attendees right into a unique debate, allowing to confront the potential future of the industry with the current possibilities humans have in terms of AI development.


The Stockholm-located summit also includes a special demo area, where various companies present — sometimes for the first time — some of their most recent products making use of artificial intelligence.


Sweden is considered the 7th most innovative country in the world, beating both the United States and the UK. If you wish to understand why this happens and to meet representatives of some of the biggest local, Nordic brands, Nordic Data Science Summit is definitely the place to be. The basic conference tickets for the 2019 edition of the event cost 652 Swedish kronas (approx. 660 USD/535 GBP).


Follow the Nordic Data Science Summit on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


World Summit AI


Despite being based in one of the European capitals, Amsterdam, the World Summit AI is an event more similar to top AI conferences in the US than, for example, the already mentioned Nordic Data Science Summit. As the name suggests, the World Summit AI is a more global-focused type of event, with more big names and big players than smaller, local brands.


The 2019 edition of the event took place on the 9th and 10th of October and included guests from companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Uber. One of the highlights of the summit was also the presentation by dr. Hui Xiong, representative of the most popular search engine in China, Baidu.


Of course, the global approach of the World Summit AI doesn’t exclude the more local players as well. The fact that the event is based in Amsterdam, makes it an easier destination for some European brands than the Silicon Valley-located conferences. That’s why the World Summit AI 2019 has been attended by many representatives of big European companies, such as TomTom, Shell, Telenor and even LEGO Group, making it truly an international conference on machine learning.


Another interesting feature of the Amsterdam event is the presence of officials from the European Union and local governments. For companies based in Europe or planning to invest more in the market, it is especially important, as it allows to understand better how politicians view the recent AI developments.


The standard tickets for the World Summit AI 2019 cost €1499 + VAT. There has also been a limited number of tickets for start-ups for just €249 + VAT.


Follow the World Summit AI on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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