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12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired

Nov 30, 20207 min read

Dawid Karczewski

Senior full stack developer and CTO at Ideamotive.

Nowadays, web apps have skyrocketed, and as a result, new advanced solutions have occurred offering faster and more responsive UX. In this article, we are going to talk about the Angular framework that has gained huge popularity. With its mature methodology, fast application development, and wide functionality, Angular provides huge opportunities for tech teams to build dynamic and complex single-page applications. 


Just take, for example, Gmail, Youtube, Paypal who trusted Angular and leveraged it to achieve their business goals. The Angular framework can be used for different purposes so that you can build different types of products:

  • Single-page web applications where the user can interact with the content appeared on the page dynamically. 
  • Animated mobile apps that run on any device.
  • Progressive web applications (PWAs) that can work offline and have quick load time.
  • E-commerce apps ensure a fast and positive buyer experience. 
  • Enterprise apps - they are scalable and secure for big teams and corporations.
  • SSR (server-side rendered) apps are geared to improve the website load time and visibility in SERPs. 

We have compiled some of the most notable examples of Angular web development. But first, let’s go through Angular specifics. 


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What is Angular?

Angular is one of the top frameworks with many interactive features known for the development of websites and applications. Founded by Miško Hevery, Angular is a JavaScript web framework supported by Google. Whether you plan to build a startup or create a market-leading application for your big enterprise, Angular will be a great fit for both scenarios. 


Web developers love Angular, as it is entirely suitable to both individuals and companies whose aim is to create advanced web applications with extensive functionality and solid UX/UI. A key benefit of Angular is its convenience to handle a wide range of commands. With its rich ecosystem, Angular has brought about solutions for both out-of-the-box and third-party solutions.  However, there is the main drawback of Angular using Regular DOM instead of Virtual DOM which means that in the case of rich data requests, this feature can affect an app’s performance. To be precise, if you want to update only one piece of information you need to update the entire structure of HTML tables as well. 


Plenty of popular websites and apps are built with Angular since their unique features make it outstanding in this competitive digital world.

Why Angular Should be a Great Pick for Web Developers

Angular development capabilities empower web developers to deliver app-like experiences through utilizing opportunities modern website platforms offer to them. One of the main Angular’s advantages is code reusability thanks to the self-sufficient nature of components that can be reused across different parts of an application. Angular web applications are equipped with a dependency injection feature allowing them to not break the app’s logic and modules that simplify the development process. Let’s outline the main benefits it offers to web developers: 

  • Through the website, users can access third-party services without the need to consult them.
  • It is a tool for saving both time and money thanks to code reusability.  
  • Angular simple templates allow Angular developers to build features quickly.
  • Developers can build their features and extend template language with their own elements.
  • Angular front-end development framework empowers development teams to build websites/apps with higher performance, cleaner code, and seamless updates. 

Gmail – a Huge User-Oriented App Built with Angular 

Google created Gmail in 2004, and afterward, developed the Angular framework. After the launch of Angular in 2009, Google incorporated it into Gmail to improve its effectiveness and provide users with an uninterrupted experience. By leveraging Angular capabilities, Gmail became a single-page app with a simple interface and seamless user experience, which makes it more efficient and easy-to-use. With over 1.5 billion users, Gmail is the most common email service around the world. 


12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - Gmail


Features improved by Angular web development in Gmail are the following:

  • Google Hangouts availability to be integrated with Angular apps thanks to the out-of-the-box Angular module. 
  • Instant opening of email without delays.
  • Emails are available in offline mode even if there is no internet connection.

Upwork – Powerful Freelance Platform Made with Angular

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - upwork

Have you ever thought about hiring a freelancer? Then Upwork is a platform that brings together freelancers that you can hire for any kind of job. Upwork is an Angular web where employers from anywhere can hire freelancers that can handle almost every job online. 


Angular provides amazing functionality, brilliant design, and protection of data for both freelancers and employers. Due to its efficiency and safety, Upwork is now the most popular among freelancers with enormous usage statistics. Angular enhanced Upwork features by offering seamless navigation, intuitive design, and making its webpage performance very high.


Angular contributions to Upwork:

  • Makes employers and freelancers easily interact and navigate seamlessly. 
  • The ability to third-party integrations. 
  • By accommodating in-built features, Upwork provides payment getaways for transferring funds.

PayPal - Top Online Money Transfer Service

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - Paypal

Online money transfer is now so convenient and fast, thanks to PayPal. It is fast and simple with high website performance since it is developed with the Angular framework.


With numerous active users, PayPal enables online money transfers between individuals and companies. PayPal has an incredible performance and can handle lots of information making it the number one online money transfer. 


Angular provides PayPal with large opportunities:

  • With Angular, the checkout process is seamless without the need to leave the web store to complete the purchase.
  • Both individuals and businesses can authorize in a few clicks.

Forbes – Reliable Online Source of Information

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - Forbes

Forbes is a digital media outlet with 74 million users worldwide. With Angular framework, developers made it handle huge traffics and work efficiently. This makes the website one of the leading informational sources for gaining knowledge across diverse industries. 


People visit this website as it covers numerous topics, and anyone can quickly get the answers to their requests due to organic content. What makes Forbes popular is its ability to work everywhere and on any device.


How did Angular contribute to Forbes's high performance?

  • With a reusable codebase, the website performs well on every device.
  • Users get an uninterrupted experience, as they can scroll and use the browser aligned to their needs.
  • Extensive possibilities for support and maintenance.

YouTube TV – Networked TV

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - YT

YouTube TV is an alternative Google TV to traditional AT&T TV. It offers affordable access to a countless number of live programs. It is accessible on most television brands, also compatible with smart televisions like Samsung and LG, thanks to Angular.


YouTube TV enables you to record and save as much information as you require and keep it intact for nine months. This feature of limitless storage capacity makes it admirable. How Youtube TV benefits from Angular:

  • Makes it easily accessible without having to use several decoders.
  • Users can easily save huge amounts of data. 
  • Allows synchronization with already existing television brands.

Udacity: Enhance Your Knowledge with eLearning Service 

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - Udacity

In recent days, eLearning and online studies have become more popular than ever before. Udacity is the most known provider of online courses offering a wide range of topics to study: AI, web development and programming, data science, etc. 


Udacity website is built with Angular 4.4.4. which makes a learning platform the ability to deliver students a better learning experience and learn from top-notch experts around the world.



  • Angular made Udacity accommodate several learners at a go.
  • Tutors can easily test the ability of students online. 
  • Ensures security and seamless delivery. 

Standard Banking Application: Fast and Easy Finance Operations

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - StandardBanking

It is a mobile banking application compatible with laptops, smartphones, or tablets. It is compatible with all the devices for convenience, and the application is developed with Angular to cater to its wide range of usage. Its main features consist of accessing bank services fast and securely. 


You can carry out various banking services such as checking your balance, paying bills, making a deposit, and transferring money from your bank account by just using an application on your phone. Angular ensures fast and secure operations in just a few clicks, so you can monitor your bank account and pay bills with ease.


With a mobile banking application built with Angular you can: 

  • make several changes to your bank account in seconds.
  • use it on every device.   

The Guardian

The Guardian is a popular British newspaper with 250 million people per month visiting it. In order to provide high readability and manage effectively page content and images, the Angular grid feature was deployed making it possible for endless newsfeed scrolling. 


With the help of Angular, The Guardian website can process and display a limitless number of images per day. If you have the same content management issue, the grid app is open-source available on Github, so you can use it when storing and updating content for your publishing media outlet. 


12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - TheGuardian

By implementing Angular, Guardian can: 

  • Effectively manage content
  • Store, process, and display huge data including images.

Weather.com: Straightforward Design with Angular

This website covers news of weather forecasts, interesting facts, and entertainment content. Offering extremely accurate forecasts, the website counts over 125 million visitors. Yeah, according to SimiliarWeb, the Weather website is considered to be among the top 5 most visited weather sources. 



Powered by Angular, the website has such functionalities as maps integration and broadcasting in real-time. Combining Drupal CMS and Symfony 2 components, it is required to download numerous widgets for desktop and mobile as well. Therefore, developers use Angular modules stored in separate directories allowing them to work on particular elements independently and receive widgets from each directory.  

JetBlue: High-Performance Website with High Loads

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - Jet Blue

JetBlue is an American low-cost leading airline. Serving thousands of passengers daily, JetBlue needed a solution to handle high traffic while at the same time keep a seamless UI for their users. Through the website, one can now book the flight, access the flight tracker section, pay for the ticket, and do other necessities from the comfort of the device.

  • Angular ensures a seamless and easy-to-use experience while users book or search flights tailored to their requests.
  • If a user wants to rent a car Angular third-party integration comes in to fulfill his/her needs.

Nike: E-commerce Platform for Your Convenient Purchase Experience

12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - nike


Nike is a trademark that made kits for sports activities. Being popular for manufacturing quality sportswear and offering sustainable and innovative products, Nike’s stores are located almost everywhere which makes a positive impact on their audience.


Through an e-commerce approach, Nike teams sell their products to people across the world. The e-commerce website is powered by Angular to make sure it fulfills requests from anyone and ensures the positive flow of orders without interruption from several log-ins.


How Angular contributed to Nike high performance:

  • The seamless placing of orders from anywhere.
  • Efficient online payment processing ensuring a buyer got a positive experience.
  • Integration with the third party to ensure the parcel is delivered to the desired destination.


12 Amazing Examples of Angular Web Development to Get Inspired - HBO

HBO is a website where one can access various entertainment programs ranging from novel series, blockbusters, and sports. HBO has thousands of people accessing it per day with everyone log in for different entertainment purposes.


To satisfy the needs of users, HBO leverages the Angular framework to ensure the smooth running of its program. The Angular framework made it possible to have an HBO mobile version and now everyone can access it from the comfort of their phone, thanks to its cooperation with Angular.

Final Word

Being one of the top runners in the web development race Angular offers multiple opportunities and is a great solution powered by advanced extensions and components. Therefore, due to its wide range of use and flexibility, the Angular framework has become a priority for most programmers. 


Angular is a powerful solution whether you want to build a small texting app, a website for your business, or a complicated app for several use cases. If you are looking to hire Angular developers, feel free to contact our Ideamotive team who will connect you with appropriate experts perfectly tailored to your needs and business goals.


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