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20 Amazing Shopify Website Examples To Get Inspired Now

Dec 14, 20208 min read

Michał Rejman

Chief Marketing Officer of Ideamotive. Travel addict and remote work advocate.

It appears that businesses with e-commerce as part of their strategy are the most resistant to turbulence in the economy. Let’s look at 20 good Shopify website examples to learn from.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. It helps you establish an online store and provides tools and solutions for payments, marketing, shipping, and other issues an e-commerce business might need.


Shopify is easily scalable, so it will grow with your store and adjust to your needs. No matter how small or big your business, you can use and experience all the benefits of Shopify services. It’s super-easy to set up your first small, side-hustle online store within a couple of days. And on the other hand, you can use Shopify for a world-wide e-commerce business with thousands of items on stock.


In this article, we will give you Shopify website examples that will inspire you to make your e-commerce business better and more profitable.

Why do you need to look at other stores?

If you want to know what works, just look at what others do. Therefore, the Shopify website examples you will see in this article are invaluable. Why it's so important? Today markets are demanding and hard to satisfy. Not to mention customers’ loyalty. 


By now, you probably know that having a great product is not enough. You’ll need to build an extraordinary website to attract and keep your customers with you. With Shopify, you can build your website on your own (if it’s a smaller online store) or hire a team of Shopify developers, experienced in e-commerce (if you set up a marketplace).


Let’s look at 20 examples of businesses that know how to do it.

Shopify website examples

Here is the list of good websites that use Shopify in various industries. Look them up for inspiration and best practices. This list will help you find your style and solutions that fit your brand no matter if it’s a small shop or international marketplace.

1. Fashion Nova


Fashion Nova is a fast fashion retail company from the US. The thing you should pay your attention to is the user-generated content. Apart from dozens of photos with professional models, Fashion Nova presents you with pictures of their customers wearing their clothes. The thing is, it not only shows you that people actually buy and wear these clothes, but also it engages customers in promotional activities. Moreover, as a customer, you have access to over a dozen payment methods.

2. The Economist


The Economist is a newspaper and magazine. However, their online store offers printed books, audiobooks, stationery, and even clothing and accessories.


The first thing you see is a pop-up with a newsletter subscription form and a 10% discount. It works and is incredibly useful for future marketing.


Their clear design is consistent with the look of the magazine’s web-page. It is a great example that you can adjust your Shopify website to any UI and graphic design. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if your new online shop will differ from your current website.

3. Penguin Books


Penguin is one of the biggest publishers in the UK. However, its online store provides you with many goods complementary to books too. Bookends, cups, toys, furniture...


Across the website, you see many photos of Penguin’s products in their natural habitat - at home. Professional pictures aim to show you when you purchase the products they will fit your home.


Again, you can see how the online store design is in line with the publisher’s main site and its book covers.

4.  BBC


This Shopify website welcomes you with a newsletter-and-discount pop-up. You can browse the store filtering products by shows or product categories. Among them are accessories, books, food, and, of course, DVDs/BluRays.


In this example, you can see how flexible and adjustable Shopify is. BBC had its online store earlier. However, the previous platform hadn’t fulfilled the needs of the BBC and its customers. The challenge was not only to recreate the look and UI but also to keep all the features and functionalities.

5. Gymshark


Gymshark sells fitness clothing and accessories. It moved from Magento to Shopify in 2015 to handle its rapid growth and evolving needs. Shopify was the solution to the scalability constraints of the previous platform.


One of the very first things you see is a clear Call to Action (CTA) „Shop Now“. And a simple menu with three categories which makes navigation and buying easier. It’s clear that this Shopify website has one goal. To catch your eye with professional photos and guide you to successful purchases.

6. Emma Bridgewater


Emma Bridgewater is a classic British pottery brand. As it discovered the growth of the importance of mobile among its customers, Emma Bridgewater decided to move to Shopify Plus.


To satisfy mobile users, the online store had to make sure that the mobile experience is at least as good as that of desktop users. And it works. Professional photos bring association with the upcoming season and atmosphere.


On the back-end side, the company uses data tracking to provide customers with multi-currency checkout.

7. Condor


Condor Cycles sells bicycle and cycling accessories. Customers can choose from a wide variety of products devised in detailed categories. Moreover, an online bicycle customization tool, as well as a set of tailored services (bike fitting, pedals fitting, custom wheels, etc.) await Condor's customers.


The website itself has a neat design. The content focuses on bicycles and the cycling community. Besides products and services, customers will find lots of practical how-to guides and travel journals.

8. Raaka


At Raaka, they sell chocolate. But what they pay attention to is credibility and transparency. And you can see it right from the beginning. The design is clean and minimalistic. Their main page provides you with all the information about the chocolate trade. Even before you see all the bars, you learn about transparency, organic sources, roasting, and the production process.


Moreover, Raaka uses Shopify integration with Zapier for e-mail marketing and limited edition chocolate subscription management.

9. Budweiser


Budweiser can’t sell beer online. Therefore, it established an online store named Beer Gear that sells brand merchandise, apparel, barware, lifestyle products, and much more using Shopify.


The whole website focuses on a playful atmosphere and fun. Photos related to sports and cheering lure customers to purchase brand-related gadgets. To build and keep rapport with the audience, they use humorous pictures and share consumer-generated content.

10. Beard & Blade


As usual, this online store welcomes you with a newsletter-discount pop-up. Since everyone is using it because it works, you should test it for your business too. Furthermore, Beard&Blade’s Shopify-based website is very clean, almost clinical. Just the way any barber-shop should be.


The first thing a visitor sees is one of the blog articles. Know-how is the main focus of this site. You'll find here all kinds of information and guides covering beard and hair subjects. This place gives value. Only then it suggests a purchase.

11. HG Walter


This example shows how Shopify isn’t for big brands only. HG Walter is a London-based butcher. They deliver only locally, and yet, they have a great Shopify website with all kinds of meat and online payment.


A simple online store for a local business like this needs a personal touch. Each item on stock goes with full info about preparation techniques and how many people you’ll need to invite for dinner. Moreover, usually, you will know where the meat came from. Apart from clear, professional photos, you’ll find there a blog with recipes and some behind the scene secrets.

12.  Clare


Clare’s mission is to ‘make paint shopping easy and inspiring, so you can create a home you love’. To do so, they provide beautiful photos. But there's more. The big plus is a quiz named ‘Clare Color Genius’. After a short series of questions regarding your interior and character traits, you end up with colorful suggestions.


Furthermore, Clare shares tips and knowledge about paint and interior design. Last but not least, with every paint, you get detailed information about pollution and safety. Their paints are free of carbon-based solvents and release fewer pollutants (Zero VOC and GREENGUARD certification).

13. BeaverTown


If you thought that your online store must be neat and minimalistic, check this one up. British craft beer brewery proves that Shopify website developers can do virtually anything. If your brand identity is as crazy as in the case of BeaverTown, don’t you worry. You can get an e-commerce store looking exactly the way you’ve imagined.


Everything on this site, from the ludicrous graphic to Instagram feed, to the customized cursor, shows that even in a traditional business like a brewery, you don’t need to be serious.

14. Bitter Milk


Bitter Milk is an American family company. They produce and sell cocktail mixers made from natural ingredients. Products are dedicated mainly to professional bartenders. As their goal is to present proficiency and genuineness, the website design is clean and kept in retro style. The customer experience suits the story behind their product and the design of mixers’ bottles.


You’ll see from the very beginning that this site's main focus is on the product. You immediately see a selection of products you’re encouraged to buy.

To give their customers more confidence, Bitter Milk provides a wide range of cocktails recipes that include the use of Bitter Milk mixers.

15. Of Mercer


Providing modern women with fashionable and classy dresses, jackets, and other clothing suitable for work Of Mercer is an inspiring e-commerce example.  Dedicated to working women, Of Mercer Shopify website focuses on women empowerment and well-being. You can see how their website grabs your attention with neat photos and appropriate copy.


Moreover, Of Mercer uses upselling and offers to wrap their products as gifts. Upselling and cross-selling strategies are vastly common in e-commerce, and fortunately, Shopify enables the implementation of such solutions.

16. Revival


Revival sells high-quality rugs. Their mission is to make shopping more accessible and enjoyable. The company has close relations with artisans who create their products. As a result, customers can count on customized rugs suiting their needs quickly.


Apart from stylish photographs, every product is described with attention to details such as a region of origin, dying technology, the meaning of patterns, and interiors design. Furthermore, Revival offers design support to help customers fit new products at home.

17. bebemoss


bebemoss sells knitted toy animals made by women, especially those fleeing war in Syria. As to ensure transparency, the store provides customers with information about the exact person who made the toy. Moreover, to show the importance of the story behind the brand, bebemoss offers you a choice between shopping and learning about their history.


Speaking about the store itself, it’s full of photos and videos of children playing with knitted animals. They use professional pictures as well as the Instagram feed. And to ensure you make a good choice, bebemoss employs ratings and opinions from customers. Finally, if you want to give more personal touch to the toy, you can buy a crochet kit and knit it on your own.

18.  Urbana Sacs


The very clear design of this website is devoted to sales. Right from the beginning, you see beautiful photos of Urbana Sacs products in use. These products are backpacks, organizers, totes, etc. made with washable papers. These eco-safe products are made with sustainable materials.


To show that the company is devoted to sustainability and ecology, they give you transparent information about materials, sources, and processes. Real-life photos support this kind of communication and show classy and chic style is available with Urbana products.

19.  IDRAW


IDRAW is an example of e-commerce selling only one product in various versions. In their online store, you will find beautiful sketchbooks. Some of them include step-by-step guides on how to draw for a particular industry (e.g. automotive).


IDRAW's Shopify website is easy to scan and navigate. Lovely full-width pictures of sketchbooks show what this place is all about. Add intuitive interface, integrated Instagram feed, and online chat, and you end up with a profitable Shopify store.

20. haus


haus sells furniture and interior accessories. Their Shopify website has a simple and clear design. You see that they focused on the shop and products on sale. There are no distractions for the customer experience. Just full-width images and videos of products encouraging you to dive into the world of furniture.


High-quality visual content and easy navigation make shopping in haus very easy. Moreover, each product site gives information about designers and producers.

Shopify developers at your fingertips!

You’ve seen 20 examples of great Shopify websites. To create your e-commerce website, you can choose one of the plenty of themes available online. However, if none of them suits your needs, you can create a custom theme on your own.


Working on a tailored theme is possible because Shopify provides you with full access to its code. So if you want your business to be among websites that use Shopify, all you need is an experienced Shopify developer.


Where to find experienced Shopify developers, you might ask. Well, we can connect you with the best ones! There are dozens of experienced Shopify developers in our Talent Network, ready to work with you on your e-commerce project.

Michał Rejman

Michał is a digital marketing veteran with a growth hacking mindset and 10+ years of experience. His goal is building high-quality technological content, with particular emphasis on React and Ruby on Rails. Traveler, climber, remote work advocate.

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