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10 eCommerce Web Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2022

Oct 8, 20215 min read

Adam Kozłowski

Head of Design at Ideamotive. More of a craftsman than an artist - with a pragmatic approach to clients' goals.

With COVID-19, the world has changed a lot. The way people shop changed. eCommerce store owners have to focus on the design. The competition is high, as many stores came out to the market. eCommerce store owners need to make their websites look outstanding and feel smooth. This is the only way to keep clients while attracting new ones.


This article will let you know about the key eCommerce web design trends of 2022. You can combine them and see what happens. Or collect a single pattern and implement it within your store. The result will be impressive. People love shopping on trendy, bright, and responsive websites. Let’s discover more of what they crave and how to attract them.

Interactive Design 

People love to interact with the brand in any form. That’s why the trend that started a couple of years ago is prospering in 2020. There are many ways a brand can use an interactiveness:

  • Show the advantages of the products creating 3d models.
  • Collect client’s reactions with micro-interactions.
  • Tell the brand’s story using interactive videos.

Source: apple.com

Apple AirPods Pro landing page is interactive and attractive. On the first screen, the user can watch the video or a snap with the product. When a user scrolls the page, the light moves on the headphones. It feels like the product is yours and it's lying on the table.


Please pay attention to the down-right corner of an image. There is a pause sign. The user can pause an animation. It’s a tiny detail that means a lot.




Because about 80% of people remember the things they see or do. And you will remember those futuristic headphones from Apple, won’t you?

Asymmetric Layouts 

Asymmetry is a risky move to stand out from the competitor’s crowd. If you overdo it, that might look odd and off-putting. But if you will find out the just-right formula for your brand, there will be hype. Angles are everything when it comes to the website design of 2022.


Source: dada-data.net


The source website combines asymmetric layouts and interactiveness. The animations make this website look smooth and modern at the same time. A visitor feels like they got to the art gallery, not to the site. Website designers were all about contemporary art, and that’s their thing.

3D Modeling and AR

The more people touch the product, the more likely they will buy one. It’s impossible to let the consumers touch the goods in 2022. Marketing is nice, but safety first.


What to do?


Use AR and 3D.


Those technologies immerse the consumer deep in the product. They help to convert even the most challenging type of customers — tightwads


Source: aircards.co


Black and Decker uses augmented reality to let people align their business cards. This web AR experience lets people see their cards differently. It’s impressive and everyone who has seen this will be amazed. Business card that looks like the usual one becomes magical one with a simple QR code!


So if your company retails goods, think about the virtual try-it-on. A dedicated app is the best solution. But at least the virtual try-it-on widget will increase the engagement. It is the key to skyrocketing conversions!

Typography-Based Design

In the 2010s the text meant more than the way it’s written for marketing. But in the 2020s there is a whole philosophy behind the large fonts. People want to see fewer letters, more art. They want to feel impressed and amazed. To keep the clients on their toes, it’s best to use typography-based design.


Source: editorialnew.com


In this example, the product is the font. A whole website to sell one font. The design massive, simple, and breathtaking. You cannot just leave this website without craving to explore it. 


So the engagement is high. It is what your business needs.

Saturation And Bright Colors

It takes 90 seconds to form an opinion about the website or an app. And 90% of this opinion depends on the color choice. To attract customers, you have to choose colors with courage. People want to see the world in bright colors. If you are up for some black and white scheme, make sure it looks incredible. Example: the Editorial New website from above. 


Source: heycusp.com


Another example of the vivid colors used right is the heycusp.com website. Their design impresses from the first seconds. The color scheme is striking and contrast, but bright and optimistic. They also use interactiveness. When a user puts the cursor on the case study, an image starts to wave.

Simplicity And Minimalism

35% of Americans desire to have some minimalism in their lives. And you can provide it to them by making your website or an app look smooth. Design is where less is more. Good minimalistic designs can last for decades. Remember the “Keep Calm And Carry On?” The British Government posted it in 1939. And we use the pattern for motivation and memes in 2022.


Source: alitwotimes.com


People eager simple eCommerce web design solutions. Ali Ali is the website with the design close to the famous “Keep Calm.” It’s bright and simple and easy to scan. A consumer who’ll come there will understand the concept within seconds.

Shoppable Photos

Instagram launched it was Shoppable Photos feature in Fall 2017. Since then, many brands have increased their traffic. For example, Natori got an increase in revenue from Instagram by 100%. You can repeat this success by implementing the shoppable lookbooks. People love it because it brings the feeling of a connection with a brand.

Source: ometria.com


Joules’ design is one of the best practices in shoppable photos. It shows products in the way it will look on customers. So the person gets immersed into the vibe needed right from the website. 


Would you buy clothes from this lookbook or the common-looking internet store?


80% of people would love to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences. How does it relate to bots? 


Well, bots well-made can boost your sales and save your time and money. Here's how.

  • Bots will reduce the costs of the customer support department.
  • Bots can help you with building the omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • Bots can act as personal shoppers. It will make your client feel very good and boost your sales.
  • Bots can help you with the retargeting.

Source: mobilemonkey.com


Let's take Mobile Monkey Bot for the best practices example. It acts more like a friend than a bot. It sends jokes, uses emojis. It answers naturally and grammatically correct. That's why it creates a feeling of getting in touch with a brand. And as you remember, people love this feeling.


77% of people have recommended, or chosen brands with personalization. That's why you need to think about your audience's segmentation. You have to show people the things they love. As a result, they will love your brand. Cookie retargeting will help you with this.


Source: asos.com


ASOS uses cookie retargeting in the best way possible. They collect info about the consumer's preferences, dropped carts, and more. When a person comes back, they offer a discount on interesting items. Simple, elegant, working.

Dark Mode


People in 2020 tend to use the dark mode more often than a usual mode. The dark elements make a website look minimalistic and attractive. The dark mode is easy on-the-eye and it makes elements of the website pop.


The dark themes are good for the OLED screens. They save power and extend the screen lifespan. Dark mode is also trendy. It can make every website look aesthetic and ultra-modern. Combined with the glowing neons, the dark theme creates cyberpunk vibes.


Source: jackdaniels.com


As you can see, the dark mode can be combined with every brand. Jack Daniel’s is a whiskey manufacturer. It’s brand mood is vintage combined with the drive. And dark mode makes the website even better, more dynamic than the light mode.


Even the black-and-white photos look nice on this website. They contrast with the overall design and connect the visitor with the sense of time. Dark mode makes this website look even brighter than before. 


This trend is modern and useful, so why not to try?

Wrap Up


Does it feel like your website design needs a change? You are in the right place. Connect with professionals and hire eCommerce developers for your goals. No limits. 


There are dozens of talents like that in our network. We will connect you with people whose skills are ideally suited for you. They will match your style, industry, technology, and company culture. Your conversions will skyrocket; people will love your brand. Drop a line to the professionals and start being #1 today!

Adam Kozłowski

Designed the first website around the year 2004 and since then worked in various fields of design like branding, advertisement, and product design. Currently focused on UX/UI and consulting for a robust approach to results-focused applications.

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