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FinTech Conferences And Events You Cannot Miss In 2022

Nov 29, 20216 min read

Miłosz Kaczorowski

Co-founder at Ideamotive. Technological advisor and software consultant.

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Technology transforms the majority of industries nowadays but finance was one of the fastest industries to embrace modernity. Fintech adoption for money transfer already reached 75% in 2019, the insurtech was already used by 50% of consumers. As a result, fintech revenue is expected to reach $159 billion by 2022, with a growth of almost 12% compared to 2021. 


Investors are ready to support the industry as well. In 2020, the value of the fintech funding reached $121,5 billion, with Ant Group being the most valued fintech company worldwide.  


If you want to join the 79 unicorns of the fintech industry with your startup, you should definitely consider visiting fintech conferences. You can find a huge network, new perspectives, and pain points in there, as well as get advice from the million-dollar companies themselves. 


We have picked 10 fintech conferences to be excited about in 2022. 


FinTech Conferences - Allfintech


FinTech Conferences - Fintexfintech

Finext Conference Dubai 2022 offers numerous learning opportunities about fintech. You will be able to discuss and create the future of fintech with Aamena Khan from PwC, Mark Homeier, global CEO of Maxonrow, Anne-Sophie Perret, Founder And Managing Partner at CIRCE Partners, etc. 


The topics to be discussed include embedded finance, AI and ML in fintech, spend management and its influence on the industry, blockchain, long-term finance and risk management, investments and innovations in fintech, etc. 


The organizers also offer networking activities along with the product and service showcases. Attending Finext Conference Dubai is a great way to kickstart the series of fintech events in 2022.

Ticket Prices 

  • Delegate pass - $399
  • Group pass - $1499
  • Free for students

FinTech Conferences - Nexusfintech

Nexus FinTech is a global fintech conference for networking and partnering. It connects regular attendees to VIP guests who are senior executives in top financial institutions and investment companies. The latter are looking for new tech solutions for their existing platforms or for fintech startups and ideas to invest in. 


While registering, regular attendees describe their networking goals and organizers connect them later with VIPs that might be interesting for them. As a result, you do not have to meet absolutely everyone to find the right person. Overall, every attendee will get 10 personal meetings. You will be able to meet Mike Cagney, Kathryn Pertalia, Jon Barlow, Donald Butler, Jillian Cohn, etc. Such a great networking option is one of the reasons for this conference’s popularity.


This FinTech conference combines two events, actually. You will also be able to attend LendIt Fintech Industry Awards that highlight the best fintech solutions in 14 categories. They receive applications of nominees till November 30. 


You are free to either attend one event (Dealmakers Summit or Industry Awards) or buy a ticket for both at a reduced rate. 

Ticket Prices 

  • Nexus Dealmakers Summit only - $3,600
  • Awards Dinner only - $600
  • Nexus Dealmakers Summit + Awards Dinner - $4,000

FinTech Conferences - FinovateEuropefintech

At the FinovateEurope FinTech Event, you will be able to see 50+ product demos, learn from 60+ speakers, and network with more than 1000 senior attendees. 


As for the topics of presentations, you will be able to hear premium speakers talk about inclusion in fintech, investments, how financial services changed forever, UX for better customer experience, lessons from tech giants, strategic partnership building, the influence of COVID on mobile wallets, etc. It will cover mainly practical advice on customer experience and the future of the fintech industry. 


The networking will be facilitated through an app where you can find people that you may be interested in and pre-arrange meetings. You are also welcome to just mingle during the numerous networking breaks and evening sessions. 


This FinTech conference also offers Startup Booster programs. The qualified new startups who have ideas but no demos yet will get tickets at a reduced price to all the fintech events and unlimited possibilities of networking to raise funding. This program attracts numerous promising startups to the conference, thus as an investor you can connect with the best ones for funding, and as an entrepreneur you can network with like-minded peers.


An all-access pass for two days (physical event) - £1,099 if you book before November 19. The price will be doubled after. There are discounts for booking more than 3 tickets and governmental structures. The digital pass is currently unavailable. 


FinTech Conferences - Nordic Fintech Summitfintech


Nordic Fintech Summit is one of the top finance and technology conferences gathering leading Nordic financial institutions, fintechs, and regulators who will discuss current trends and give practical advice and case studies in the fintech industry.


There will be four learning paths: Strategy & Impact (market strategy for banks, the future forms of profit for banking, talents that will be in demand in the fintech future), Payments, Financing & Commerce (BNPL, embedded finance, and the future of payment), Banking Technology (renewing core banking system, public cloud core, new tech in banking), and Growth & Development (use cases on building a fintech unicorn, new bank establishment, data and AI for finance, and new product development). 


The conference is great for business operating in Europe, as it would mostly focus on the trends and cases from this region. Taking into account the fact that most popular fintech conferences focus solely on the US market, Nordic Fintech Summit should not be missed.

Ticket Prices 

The Hatching Bird tickets come at the price of 295€ and will be 865€ after October 28. 

FinTech Conferences - Fintexfintech-1


Fintech Talents North America is for learning, networking, and exhibitions. It is aimed at credit unions, community banks, and fintechs from across North America. The organizers have created an amazing event platform where participants can easily switch between stages, interactive sessions, personal video calls, and fintech companies’ booths. 


Among the speakers, you will find CEOs of credit unions, bank presidents, co-founders of the biggest startups, etc. You can also consume case studies, reports, and other pieces of content from famous financial institutions and later talk to their representatives. 


As it’s an online conference, representatives of more companies will be able to visit it, thus you’ll get a chance to connect with an extensive network of fintech professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Ticket Prices 

  • Standard - $399
  • Premium - $499 (the same as premium but with access to post-event content 

FinTech Conferences - UK FinTech Week And IFGS 2022fintech

UK FinTech Week And IFGS 2022 is a combination of fintech week and a global summit that will bring together fintech founders, bank ex-cos, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, policy-makers, politicians, academics, and media. You will be free to learn from them and discuss what you are passionate about with the biggest experts in the industry. The networking opportunities will be enhanced by the networking app with profiles of all the attendees who are willing to meet new people. 


The conference would greatly focus on the best technologies for the fintech industry such as Python, Ruby on Rails, and machine learning solutions. Thus after attending the event you may find the answer to some technological challenges your project faces. 

Ticket Prices 

Tickets and topics of the finance and technology conference are not announced yet. 

FinTech Conferences - AI in Finance Summitfintech


AI in Finance Summit is a fintech conference for learning and discussing AI and machine learning in fintech. The event is aimed at data scientists and engineers, financial regulators, CTOs, CFOs, CEOs, directors of innovation, etc. 


AI and machine learning experts and analysts will talk about AI for predictive analysis, the interlink between behavioral economics and AI, tech transformation in capital markets, the best tools for AI in fintech, AI for decision-making, NLP, AI in payment systems, risks, and security, etc. Organizers offer lectures, roundtable discussions, and Q&As. As AI is an integral part of many fintech products, learning more about this technology and its trendы would help you gain a competitive edge.


There will also be a networking party where you will be able to meet 600+ industry innovators and technologists and schedule 1:1 meetings. 

Ticket Prices 

  • Early Bird Pass - $1059
  • Early Bird Virtual Pass - $149
  • Startup Pass - $795
  • Student/Academic Pass - $595

FinTech Conferences - FinTech 2022fintech


FinTech 2022 is a hackathon where you can try your skills, find new teams, and collaborate on game-changing products. During 48 hours, participants will brainstorm ideas and build solutions for payment solutions for developing nations, longevity banking, payroll fintech, and regtech. 

The best teams will be offered entrepreneurship programs, token distributions, lab access, fee subscriptions, business and peer-to-peer mentoring, the creation of a business plan with industry experts, and meeting with 20 influencers in fintech. All participants will receive free recruitment services and job-seeking advice from the HRs. 


This is a great opportunity for newbie entrepreneurs to find funding for their projects, attract partners, and showcase their ideas to the world.

Ticket Prices 

Tickets are not announced yet. 

FinTech Conferences - Finovative Springfintech


Finovative Spring is a fintech seminar focused on the influence of the pandemic on fintech and the future of the industry. You will be able to see more than 50 demos, learn from 100+ speakers and connect with over 1100 senior fintech professionals, platform players, financial institutions, regulators, and investors. Organizers offer an app for finding people that might help you. Startup booster programs are available for this event as well.  


Finovative Spring is one of the most expected fintech startup events as it offers numerous opportunities for startup owners to find funding and partnership for their projects.

Ticket Prices 

  • All-access pass for three days (physical event) - $1,698 ( $3,098 after January, 7)
  • Demo days pass - $1,299 ($2,229 after January, 7)
  • Conference day pass - $899 ($1299 after January, 7)

FinTech Conferences - LendIt FinTech USAfintechLendIt FinTech USA will be about networking and learning from more than 250 speakers about fintech trends and the future. 

The central topic of the event will be banking: how banks turn into fintech and fintech turns into banks. Speakers will discuss AI and other tools for credit, financial health, SMB fintech, consumer lending, etc. Besides, you will also be able to hear about cryptocurrencies, the possible state of the industry in 2027, embedded finance, and real-time payments. 


The organizers also offer exciting networking possibilities with more than 10,000 meetings. 

Ticket Prices 

An early bird ticket costs $2,195. The price will be $800 more after January 14.  

Bottom Line

Attending fintech conferences in 2022 is a great way to network and discover new trends. By meeting the industry professionals you get a chance to attract funding, hunt top experts, and just exchange ideas. By listening to the presentations and successful cases, you would stay on top of the industry trends, would be able to easily find solutions to your challenges, and get some inspiration from top market players. 


In the article, we’ve discussed the top 10 upcoming conferences and events for 2022 information about which is already revealed. However, make sure to monitor the industry-related media, as there will be even more attention-worthy events at the end of 2022.


In case you are an entrepreneur looking for fintech experts to build your product or a fintech professional looking for an interesting project to join, get in touch with Ideamotive. Our tech talent marketplace helps fintech companies build award-winning solutions s and connects skilled developers and designers with amazing projects worldwide. Thus, we’ll be glad to have you on our network!

Miłosz Kaczorowski

Co-Founder of Ideamotive. Highly skilled in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Linux System Administration. Experienced in implementing effective web apps.

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