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Hubspot Integrations: Where to Start, Main Features and Integrations

Feb 2, 20236 min read

Dawid Karczewski

Senior full stack developer and CTO at Ideamotive.

Marketing statistics are invaluable for strategic planning, which is why about two-thirds of companies use specialized software products just for this purpose. Among them, HubSpot stands out with its well-thought-out and diverse functionality that grants simple development and implementation. With its help, marketers and analysts can solve complex problems free of charge.


This marketing and sales hub outperforms the competition in many ways. Powerful tools, easy-to-use Hubspot integrations, and its own Academy engage a population of users exceeding 150 thousand. The company's total revenue this year should exceed $1.7 billion, so its shares are stable, which is another confirmation of the success of this integrated platform.


At Ideamotive, we have seasoned professionals in the implementation and customization of CRMs of all shapes and sizes. So we would like to share our firsthand vision of Hubspot's capabilities and prospects.


Hubspot Integrations- Where to Start, Main Features and Integrations - key statistics form yahoo


What is HubSpot and Why Do We Need It?

Hubspot is a comprehensive solution for marketing and sales automation, one of the most complete in the CRM market. In a nutshell, it is a platform with a set of tools for accounting and business promotion with the ability to integrate and automate SEO promotion processes, which also includes:

  • CRM functionality;
  • Form builder, landing pages, and mailing lists;
  • Lead tracking tools;
  • Detailed reporting.

The service allows you to engage target audiences better, expand the number of consumers, launch email campaigns, and store the information you need for work. With Hubspot, you can track various media and communication channels in one place: blogs, social networks, advertising, and user contacts alike.


It also allows you to create blogs, track customer content preferences, optimize SEO on the website and social networks, manage advertising on different sites, and interact with the audience on social networks, easily securing collaborations.


Users can maintain a database of contacts, organizations, and deals, as well as use the activity feed. You can correspond with customers, make appointments, and equip your website with chat forms or pop-ups to collect emails, contacts, and other user data. You also get to communicate through "generalized emails", accept requests from customers (tickets) or add new customers manually to the system.


On top of that, users get access to a number of features that allow for optimizing the appearance of sales channels, along with audience interaction tools. For thorough data analyses, one gets automated reports, which can be either selected from a template or generated anew in a custom fashion.

Benefits of HubSpot

The service is considered among the best in its niche because it combines a very large number of tools into one package. Most importantly, it easily integrates with hundreds of other services. Open system APIs allow you to integrate custom systems, eCommerce platforms, telephony, financial solutions, and much more.

Free and unlimited

HubSpot offers a ton of features at a reasonable price. At that, the cost of the CRM is not shaped by the number of users, contacts/leads, and transactions. This lack of restrictions allows you to add everyone you need: top managers who need dashboards and reports, salespeople, as well as marketers, presales reps, customer support, etc.

Convenient UI

A minimum of code and the absence of cumbersome settings are highly valued. All information about contacts, calls, and meetings is easily recorded. You can freely arrange report dashboards and create custom reports. You also get access to an intuitive page builder with a huge set of templates, as well as advanced content management features, including the ability to create collections.

Efficient customer tracking and analytics

Simply add the script to your site, and Hubspot will start tracking visitors. All user actions are tied to their cards in the system. When you open a contact record, you can see all the pages the customer visited, the forms they filled out, and where they first came to your site from.


HubSpot allows you to not only get analytics but also to manage the performance and speed of sales in real time. You get a convenient form for building forecasts and reports on the number of secured, hung, and failed deals. Based on these data, you can achieve effective conversion.


Back in the day, livechats were only available to users of paid CRM versions. With HubSpot, everyone gets it. You can place a dynamic chat on the site, enabling communication through a browser, mobile application, or Slack.

Great email and calendar interactions

You can send emails directly from Hubspot, and on the contact page, you can see the entire history of correspondence. If you are using Gmail or MS Outlook, you will be able to view CRM data in a small widget.


Using a convenient form, you can sync meetings with clients and add questions that they need to answer in order to schedule an appointment/call. If you are using Zoom, the client immediately receives a link to the session.

Customization, extensions, and integrations

You may add new fields of different types without restrictions. And integration with other systems expands this functionality (for instance, by connecting telephony) and allows you to collect all information about the client in CRM. This gives many opportunities to connect an additional stack of technologies, the support of which is close to ideal in HubSpot.

Compatibility with other CRMs

Hubspot seamlessly integrates with other systems. Some of them (for example, Salesforce) have direct integration, while others can be connected through the Zapier service or API.

Who needs Hubspot the most?

HubSpot - a single platform for managing marketing, customers, and sales based on end-to-end analytics is perfect for the following types of market players:

  • B2B companies of almost any profile, from event organizers to manufacturers of industrial equipment;
  • FinTech, SaaS companies, and online services. Open APIs make it easy to integrate solutions with online products;
  • IT businesses (especially B2B) with long sales cycles, as well as a large number of people involved in marketing and sales activities.

The service was developed with a focus on small businesses, but it has grown significantly since and now fully supports companies of any size. Even international corporations use HubSpot today. However, it is still the best solution for startups looking to expand internationally quickly.

HubSpot Ecosystem

The HubSpot ecosystem today contains more than 200 services. And connecting any of them does not require significant changes in existing structures and takes from several days to several months (depending on the complexity of the company's business processes). It is important to choose the right product configuration and customize the system for business purposes.

Implementing the CRM

Our specialists use the following algorithm:

  • Exploring platform capabilities;
  • Selecting the optimal configuration;
  • Integrating with useful technologies.
  • Maintaining data management.

We recommend starting with the free version of HubSpot CRM that you can get from the official website of the service by filling out a special form.


Right after activating your account, you can immediately start adding users. And their number is not limited. But before importing contacts, you need to consider what additional information you will need to store. Then you can create custom fields for them using the settings.


The import is done by simply uploading a CSV file. You can also import deals and notes. In the latter case, you can add any information about the client from your old CRM. For example, the history of calls, meetings, and email correspondence.


Then, you need to set up a sales funnel. You can set up a simple funnel or prescribe stages of multi-stage sales. The number and names of the stages of transactions depend on your desire to see individual states in the reporting. Now, you can connect your mailbox and get to work.


In the Dashboard, you can track the dynamics of workflow via a selection of several dozen standard reports. If you need advanced or more complex custom reports, you can connect the Sales Pro package or use the third-party Databox solution.


We also recommend installing the Chrome browser extension and mobile apps for iOS and Android. By the way, they allow you to scan, recognize, and save business cards.

Top 10 Best HubSpot Integrations

The use of advanced third-party services significantly speeds up workflows. Their main advantage is that you do not need to switch between systems. Everything you need can be packed in one place. But, of course, it is important to choose tools that meet individual business requirements perfectly.


The user has many options available in different categories. Below, we presented the top ten in our opinion.


Provides fast and easy automation of repetitive tasks across multiple applications. Enables different services to share data while all your information can be efficiently transformed, formatted, and sliced so that you can fine-tune all processes.


PandaDoc is the preferred option for creating quotes and editing deal documents, quotes, and contracts. It features well-implemented auto-completion of new documents and simple addition of custom fields.


Ensures better integration for capturing and qualifying leads. Allows you to create interactive forms that are unique in their beauty.

WooCommerce by MakeWebBetter

Offers a complete suite of marketing, sales, and customer service software. Automatically syncs historical user, order, and product data. Simplifies user behavior recognition and supports smart sales reports.


A flawless way to use a cloud-based VoIP system. Allows you to immediately initiate calls, access information about subscribers, and synchronize data with Hubspot CRM databases.


Calendly provides a popular way to stimulate and increase sales through the effective scheduling of meetings with potential customers. It allows you to track activity, update contact activities, and collect information from user requests.


The best system for registering user applications (tickets) to resolve user problems as soon as possible. In addition to syncing with existing contact lists, new ones are automatically added to HubSpot.


A powerful customer acquisition tool. The AI-powered builder makes it easy and quick to create compelling landing pages without coding. With Unbounce, you can run personalized email campaigns based on customer positions in the sales cycle.

Make (formerly Integromat)

Commonly, Make is considered the best tool for quickly designing, creating, and automating workflows. It visualizes and allows you to run scripts according to the schedule in real time, as well as connect to any application or service using the API.


The best free personalized online form builder with eCommerce features. It is also indispensable for conducting short-term surveys, voting, and filling out questionnaires.


It is very important that the integrations rely on their own API. This is why HubSpot apps are perfectly optimized for integration. If you intend to use all available resources to grow your business, integration is a must.


The product or service can be promoted at the next level of efficiency using the features of Hubspot integrations. They are able to make your internal and external systems, COS, CMS, and CRM solutions as specific and efficient as possible. This improves your sales and strengthens marketing and customer relationships.

And if you have more ideas than the service currently offers, you can implement custom integrations. If you find this too complicated - turn to professionals who can reliably create outstanding products. Contact Ideamotive to get qualified Hubspot developers and start building an ambitious project together now!

Dawid Karczewski

Dawid is a full stack developer experienced in creating Ruby on Rails and React Native apps from naught to implementation. Technological superhero, delivering amazing solutions for our clients and helping them grow.

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