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Picking React Native Experts To Build Your New Mobile App

Apr 7, 20205 min read

Michał Rejman

Chief Marketing Officer of Ideamotive. Travel addict and remote work advocate.

React Native is definitely one of the greatest accomplishments so far in terms of mobile app development. Backed by Facebook, the framework allows developers to build native-like apps with the use of only programming language, JavaScript. It changes a lot, because normally, to create software that looks and feels the same on Android and iOS, devs would need to create each of the two versions completely separately, using different solutions.


What does this mean to business leaders who don’t code themselves but rather choose the technological solutions their company will use? Mainly, that everyone will save a lot of time while working on React Native. Those who will develop the app at software will deliver the product faster and looking the same on every platform, and those who will later update the programs will also do it more smoothly. Everybody wins.


You can learn even more about why React Native is a great choice for your company in our ultimate, all-in-one guide to React Native for CEOs and Product Owners. It gives all the necessary information on the technology, alongside the stories of companies who already use RN, such as Walmart and Bloomberg.

And if you are already familiar with all the great benefits of using React Native, read further this piece to understand how to pick the best React Native experts to build your new mobile app.



Choosing the right developers


Thanks to its use of JavaScript and thanks to how fast and efficient cross-platform mobile development in React Native is, the Facebook-backed framework is currently very popular among programmers. This trend makes more and more beginners interested in the technology, which leads to app development companies being filled with people who might not be necessarily bad, but simply not experienced and not ready to tackle really big projects.

When money comes in play though, very rarely someone will say, “sorry, but we might not be the best people to handle such a huge project”. Instead, your plan will be accepted and approached by newbies who will spend more time Googling solutions to the problems that popped up on their way instead of actually working on the software. 


Will this kind of mobile app development company finally create the React Native app that you wanted? Probably yes. But it will take them much more time than experienced developers. Not to mention that the quality of the end product might also differ from what you expected.


To help you understand what are the signs of a React Native development company that is really worth hiring, we decided to create this handy checklist that every business leader should have noted down someone on their sticky notes. The list is based on our experience and some of the entrepreneurs we know and worked with. Therefore, you can be sure that these pieces of advice come from people who really understand React Native, cross-platform mobile development and the industry around it.


So what should you consider while looking for a software development agency to handle your next big project?

1. Being agile


Agile became a word that is now used by many, not always in the correct way. Various agencies tend to call themselves agile while not necessary following even the four basic rules laid out in the famous Agile Manifesto:


Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan


Making sure that your potential partner truly believes in these four rules is crucial to picking a mobile app development company for your next project. Correctly implemented agile principles make the company deliver software faster, more efficient and with the top quality of the final product in mind. 


You can read more about agile software development in another blog post of ours, “What Should You Ask Before Adopting Agile Software Development Method”.


2. Industry expertise


One app development company may not be the best choice for every idea you have in mind. If you find a company that has a portfolio full of simple apps for marketing purposes, would you hire them to do more complex banking software?


Probably not.

That’s why, when looking for React Native experts for your next project, it’s important to make sure that the agencies you have in mind already worked with businesses similar to yours. There are software houses that focus on Fintech, there are ones that do great marketplace apps, and there are some that create simpler apps for restaurants or hotels. 


So whatever project you have in mind, make sure that you hire people with expertise in your industry. Non-experienced companies might not necessarily do a bad job, but it will definitely take them longer to figure out the best solutions for a type of app you want.


3. Costs


Let’s be honest — while quality does matter, business leaders and managers often have to slightly bend this rule in order to make sure the new project doesn’t get the company into financial problems. Cutting costs is what every one of us have to do at some point, and we also understand it.


But paying less doesn’t always have to mean lower quality of the final product. When looking for React Native development company that doesn’t break the bank, you should consider its location. When it’s so easy nowadays to talk with people miles away from you, why not hiring a company located in a country where development costs are lower?


If this solution sounds good to you, we would recommend looking especially into app development companies based in Central Europe. Developers from this region are considered top-quality and not all of them want to emigrate to the richer West. So why not choose a company established by some of these great coders who decided to stay in their home countries? The price will be lower, but the quality is still top-notch!


4. Reviews


Internet made a huge difference when it comes to reviews. With just a few clicks anyone can see how others perceive a product they want to buy or a company they wish to work with. If the business is working well and taking care of its clients, this modern review system is a blessing, because more good reviews equals more potential clients.


However, the review system seems to be even more important to the customers themselves. Thanks to it, they can easily avoid a badly performing software development agency and make sure it’s crossed out of the list of potential partners.


Where to look for the best React Native experts then? Besides standard choices, such as Google or Facebook, we recommend having a look specifically at Clutch.co, a review platform focusing on companies offering B2B solutions. Other, similar platforms worth mentioning are GoodFirms.co, Wadline.com and Extract.co


Your next app in good hands

Need a quick recap of all the important things you need to remember about when looking for React Native experts? Here it is:


  1. Check if the company is really agile. If they do, they will probably bring you higher quality app in shorter time.

  2. Make sure you hire an agency that specialises in your industry. If they worked already on similar apps, they will deliver yours in no time!

  3. Look for React Native experts from regions where the development process is cheaper. We recommend checking out especially the Central European market.

  4. Carefully read the reviews of the agencies you have on your list. One of the best sites that give insights into what actual clients think about the company is Clutch.co


To make it easier for you, we do recommend to have a look at our own portfolio. As Ideamotive, we have been developing software solutions for our clients for both internal and external use. We specialize in building cross-platform mobile apps with React Native and have extensive experience in working with companies from e-commerce (marketplace platforms) and tourism industries.


Talk to one of our experts today and get a free quote on your next project.

You can also learn more about React Native itself by checking our all-in-one React Native guide for CEOs and Product Owners.

Michał Rejman

Michał is a digital marketing veteran with a growth hacking mindset and 10+ years of experience. His goal is building high-quality technological content, with particular emphasis on React and Ruby on Rails. Traveler, climber, remote work advocate.

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