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Vue vs. React – Which Should You Pick For Your Next Web Project? (2020 UPDATE)

image Dawid Karczewski Software Development
31 August 9 min read
Years ago, when people could only dream about browsing the internet on their phones and even the most popular websites looked quite rough, setting up the basics of your new site was relatively easy. The developers ...
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React vs Angular – Which One Is Better For Your Front-end?

image Patrycja Mach Software Development
12 May 8 min read
Like a number of other battles in the IT industry, the one we will talk about this time is also fuelled up by the industry’s giants. React, a JavaScript library created and maintained by Facebook is often compared ...
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Consider These JavaScript Frameworks To Be More Valuable on a Job Market

image Vitalii Danylov Software Development
5 March 4 min read
According to data from StackOverflow - Developer Survey Results 2019 report, JavaScript is still one of the most popular and growing programming languages, and it is constantly being enriched with new amazing frame...
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9 Amazing Examples Of React Web Development

image Michał Rejman Software Development
12 December 6 min read
What’s so great about React Web Development? React is the number one front-end framework worldwide. It has over 1300 contributors, more than 5.000 ready-to-use components and millions of downloads every week. React...
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