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Ideamotive Weekly Digest #2 By Ideamotive

Jul 5, 20191 min read

Patrycja Mach

IT Marketing Expert at Ideamotive. Focused on Growth Marketing, Data Analytics and Marketing Automation.


Ready for the next collection of the best news about startups and technology? This time you’ll read about the newest Raspberry Pi 4 and Google’s robots.txt parser. Enjoy!


  1. Meet your new chief of staff: An AI chatbot
  • Founders of Mailbox are back with their second product: Navigator.
  • The AI-enabled assistant was created to enable more efficient work and communication.
  • Thanks to raising $12 million in Series A funding the tool has been beta testing within 50 organizations.
  • The main goal is to stop losing time for inefficient and unprofitable meetings.
  • The bot learns the topic and helps participants during the meeting by organizing information.


2. Raspberry Pi 4 Launches With More Powerful Processor and 4K Video

  • The Raspberry Pi foundation launched the Raspberry Pi 4.
  • The device has a new, powerful processor, the Broadcom BCM2711 and 4K video output.
  • Two USB 2.0 ports are replaced with USB 3.0.
  • The version comes with 1GB, 2GB or 4GB RAM.


3. Texas Monthly Venture Report: The State’s Most Active Investors And Other Star-Spangled News

  • 83% of the top 12 active investors in Texas are actually based in this state.
  • Telehealth startup Remedy had raised $10 million in Series A.
  • RV rental marketplace Outdoorsy, located in Austin, saw 400% growth.
  • Accelerator Capital Factory launched a podcast highlighting startups and investors in Texas.


4. Antwerp-based startup APICBASE receives €1.5M from Collibra-backer, aims expansion in cloud-based food management market

  • APICBASE raised € 1.5 million in an investment round by Newion.
  • They're food management platform, which helps with automatization and optimization.
  • The company’s goal is to support kitchen teams, marketing, sales and management.
  • The startup launched a specifically designed photo studio that has met with success.


5. Google’s robots.txt parser is now open source

  • Google announced that they open sourced the C++ library, used for parsing robots.txt files.
  • Some parts of the code were written in the ’90s.
  • They included a testing tool for testing rules.
  • The code is available in their GitHub repository.

Patrycja Mach

Patrycja is a B2B Marketing Expert with experience in growing IT businesses since 2014. She creates and implements 360-degree marketing strategy. In her career, she focuses on lead generation based on marketing automation, collecting data, AB experiments and complex customer journeys. Business and self-development and psychology enthusiast.

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