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7 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Team At Ideamotive

Oct 31, 20193 min read

Patrycja Mach

IT Marketing Expert at Ideamotive. Focused on Growth Marketing, Data Analytics and Marketing Automation.


We’ve built Ideamotive on assumption that the success of the company comes from the success of its employees. And the latter doesn’t come out of nowhere. Here in Ideamotive, we care about your development. We want to make it possible for our specialists to look after their careers. Because of that, we pay attention to a variety of aspects that we believe make working for Ideamotive a remarkable experience. Below you will find only 7 of them, but they will be the magnificent seven.

1. We are the true team

We are not just a bunch of tech-savvy people who work within one company. When you visit our office, you could be amazed by how positive the atmosphere there is. We constitute a real team. We know that the way we deal with our job influences other teammates. That’s why we care for and help each other. Without this connection, it would be much harder to get our job done. But, work is not our whole life, right? Collective barbecues or company table tennis competitions are only a couple of our ideas in terms of relaxation and good relationships within the company.

If you share the same team spirit and believe in mutual support too, we will get along.



2. We are where the newest technology ideas are born

Since Ideamotive is a technology company, we need to stay as close to the epicenter of pioneering solutions as possible. Even more, it should be us who develop these solutions. To stay in the center of the technological world we fly to various destinations to participate in summits, festivals, etc. No matter if it’s in the USA, Poland or Israel, we know that we need to be there.

Ideamotive spirit means also the emphasis on the development of the whole IT community. Therefore, we engage ourselves in a variety of events like ReaktorX workshops, where we help fresh start-ups boost their skills and business potential. Moreover, we take it as our responsibility to educate our clients and let them better understand the process of software development. It makes cooperation easier as well.

If you feel this passion for cutting-edge technologies that make the world a better place, welcome.

3. We are flexible and creative

We all share a start-up approach in Ideamotive. It means that we value flexible and creative solutions more than stiff processes. It’s a common belief among the Ideamotive staff, that we need to listen to our colleagues if we want to find the best solutions. And on top of that, we run most of our projects according to the Agile principles. We believe that this is the best way to deliver high-quality software and meet all business deliverables.

We hope you want to deliver well working and efficient IT solutions working in the best possible way.

4. We share our knowledge with each other

This is something we really care about. As you’ve read in the introduction, we know that any

success will stay beyond our capabilities, if we don’t care about our specialists. We consistently work on our crew development. As a member of the Ideamotive team, you can count on our internal training and webinars. Everybody here is encouraged to share their knowledge within the company. We won’t leave you behind, but at the same time, we want you to support others the way we support you.

We believe that this is the only answer to the call for sustainable growth. In Ideamotive you can both learn and increase your proficiency, and help others sharing your know-how.

5. We have a unique organizational culture

The way Ideamotive works as a company draws upon the recognition of our (programmers’) needs. Software development is difficult and creative work. Very often it’s not a 9-5 job with strictly established working hours. We also know that programmers usually have a strong need for knowledge acquisition. On the other hand, despite these similarities, your working styles differ, and we appreciate it. We’ve created our own business model, which gives us vast flexibility. Also, we care about organizational culture in which specialists don’t waste their time on ineffective processes.

6. Our bosses are real-life coders

Founders of Ideamotive are software developers themselves. You know it’s a game-changer if you’ve worked with a boss, who had never written a line of code. Our executive board members still remember, what it’s like to be a programmer. It means that you can always count on real support. For example, we can always get thorough feedback, which makes us grow. Constructive feedback, no matter positive or no, will help you plan your future development.

7. We work remotely when we want

It would be great if we could always share ideas face to face. However, we believe that it is you who know where you’re most creative and productive. Some of us are most efficient when they have other people around them. An office, where there is something going on all the time is the best place for them. However, there are also people, who dream of their own hermitage. So, with Ideamotive you can work from whatever place in the world you want. It’s up to you if you choose a beach house in Bali or a crowded café in Milan. The uppermost target is the well-done job.



What career do you strive for?

Now that you know what are the fundamental principles of being part of the Ideamotive team, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you want to work on average and repetitive projects, or do you have higher expectations? Would you like to work with somebody who supports your career and development?


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Patrycja Mach

Patrycja is a B2B Marketing Expert with experience in growing IT businesses since 2014. She creates and implements 360-degree marketing strategy. In her career, she focuses on lead generation based on marketing automation, collecting data, AB experiments and complex customer journeys. Business and self-development and psychology enthusiast.

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