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How To Hire IoT Developers Perfect For Your Product?

According to Dr. Peter O’Reilly from Northeastern University, there are three types of experts who are responsible for the technical part of an Internet of Things project.

  1. Network specialists responsible for the connectivity of the device.
  2. Data scientists responsible for gathering and interpreting the data from the device.
  3. Engineers responsible for building and updating both the software and the hardware of the device.

When you want to hire IoT developers, you are looking for people from the third group. What makes them distinct from other groups of developers is the fact that they do not only code the software but also build the hardware. Most developers rely on the hardware built by third-parties, such as mobile devices or desktops. IoT developers, however, have to smoothly transition between working on the device and the software for it, aligning them to work together issue-free.

Because of this quite unique versatility of knowledge needed, it is sometimes difficult for companies (especially the young ones, with a limited budget) to hire IoT developers who truly fit their project. To make the hiring process as easy as possible for you, we’ve prepared the guide below — it will take you through all the steps and areas to consider when hiring IoT developers so you will end up with experts who won’t disappoint and built for you a device that truly shines.

The hard skills to remember when you hire IoT developers

„Being able to work on both software and hardware” is still a quite vague term. Thankfully, it’s easy to translate this into more specific technical skills that every IoT developer should have. We list the most important such skills below.

  1. Experience with IoT hardware and sensors

    Most IoT projects start with designing a prototype of the hardware itself. The software, at that point, can be rough, with UI hardly considered user-friendly but understandable for the developers working on the product. And the key to successful IoT hardware are sensors — they transfer data between the device and the software (e.g. a mobile app on a user’s phone). It would be perfect if you hire IoT developers with both business experience in the area as well as considering IoT as their hobby and playing with IoT devices at their home. There are many hobbyists who use machines like Raspberry Pi to make their homes smarter on the budget — these are true passionates who, because of their dedication, can deliver especially amazing results in a professional environment.

  2. Knowledge of IoT-relevant programming languages

    According to the 2020 IoT Developer Survey by Eclipse, the five most popular programming languages for IoT development are C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript. You should pick the one you will use before you start the hiring process so you can hire IoT developers using specifically the language you want. If you are unsure which technology is the best for your project, we recommend discussing this first with another IoT expert, a software consultant, or an IT project manager experienced in running IoT projects.

  3. Experience with database management

    Database management is crucial to virtually all aspects of an IoT product — from the performance of the software itself to data analytics that aims to improve user experience to the cybersecurity of the whole solution. As the aforementioned IoT Developer Survey reports, the most popular database solutions for IoT products are MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

  4. Cybersecurity expertise

    IoT devices are now one of the most common targets for hackers as they often lack proper cybersecurity solutions. Protect your customers’ data and your company’s reputation before it’s too late — hire IoT developers who always consider cybersecurity a top priority when building an IoT product.

  5. Proficiency with cloud platforms

    The power of the cloud is very often utilized for Internet of Things products. When you hire IoT developers, consider first the cloud solution you chose for your company and then pick the candidates that have experience in this specific platform. As for most other products, the most popular cloud platforms for IoT development are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

  6. Experience with working with APIs

    APIs (both third-party and built in-house) are utilized in most types of Internet of Things products — from smart lightbulbs to the most advanced devices. Whether you want to simply add Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant voice control for your device or make it usable with health trackers from companies like Garmin, there is most likely already an API for that and it can be implemented into your IoT device with the help of an experienced IoT developer.

The most needed soft skills in IoT development

Soft skills — a feature often overlooked because of the hard, technical skills, considered usually as more important. And while technical excellence is, of course, crucial to effective IoT development, so are the soft skills. This is because they directly impact the cooperation and innovation across your whole company.

When you hire IoT developers, look especially for candidates with the following set of soft skills:

  1. Desire to learn new things

    To often bring to the table new ideas that can truly revolutionize the still-young field of smart devices.

  2. Expert time management

    To find time every day to tackle all the important issues and areas of IoT product development.

  3. Attention to detail

    To strive to deliver a product that is as much as possible issue- and bug-free.

How to find and hire IoT developers who truly fit your business?

Both hard and soft skills are crucial to the effective and efficient work of your new IoT developers — but so is the company fit. The more your candidate matches your business, the better for you. And it’s not only about the effectiveness of their work but also how they feel about working for you and how much connection they feel to your company and product.

When you hire IoT developers, consider especially the following three areas of company fit:

  1. Project/product fit

    You already know that you simply need to hire IoT developers with actual business experience with IoT products. But there are many types of such devices and they are all built a bit differently — both in terms of software as well as hardware. If possible, hire IoT developers who have experience with building IoT products similar to yours. They will already have some ideas on how to make your product better and therefore deliver first results faster.

  2. Industry fit

    IoT devices can be utilized in virtually every industry, from construction and manufacturing to hospitals and farms. Try to hire IoT developers who already have experience within your business vertical — they will have the much-needed understanding of your target customers, being able to deliver solutions better suited to your users.

  3. Company culture fit

    This one is especially often overlooked and by some even considered an HR gimmick — don’t fall into this trap! The company culture fit is actually incredibly important, especially in such areas like IoT development where healthy brainstorming between different teammates as well as cross-team collaboration are so important.

    How to hire IoT developers who match the company culture present in your office? First, consider the values that drive your company to success — this can be anything, from the preferred style of management to the established work environment (startup-style vs corporate-style) to the approach to remote work and the working hours flexibility. Then, pick the candidates who also consider these values as important elements of their preferred company culture.

Who else will you need to develop amazing IoT products?

IoT engineers are a crucial part of an IoT development team. However, as we’ve already mentioned in the introduction to this piece, they are not the only people you need. Get on board professional data scientists and network specialists or power up your product even further by investing in specialized cybersecurity engineers, machine learning engineers, and other experts relevant to your product.

Whoever you are currently looking for, Ideamotive can deliver. We run the industry-leading network of IT talents from all specialties, including many experts in the Internet of Things field. Just get in touch with us and our consultants will shortly get back to you with a list of IoT developers and other experts perfectly matched to you based on your company profile and any unique requirements you might have.


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