Ideamotive Weekly Digest #3

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Patrycja Mach
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It’s finally Friday! We’ve been waiting a whole week to share with you the next Weekly Digest with the most interesting news collected by our team this week.

1. State of AI report: Big Tech vs Startups

  • In 2018 VCs invested over $27 billion into AI startups.
  • Europe surpasses the United States and China in the number of annually published AI papers.
  • Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are the top 3 tech companies who gobble up the most promising AI startups.
  • Topics of the next year predictions are NLP, self-driving cars, privacy and governance.

2. Chain React 2019: Hermes Engine Announcement

  • Facebook released Hermes JS Engine – an open-source Javascript engine optimized for React Native apps on Android.
  • Comparing to Stock RN, Hermes reduced measurements for the metrics in sample demo: TTI by 2.29s (over 50%), APK by 19mb (almost 50%) and memory by 49mb (over 25%).
  • With Hermes parse and compile is moved to build time. Thanks to that execution begin immediately. It also reduces the size of the application.
  • Hermes code is in Facebook’s Github Repository

3. Announcing React Native 0.60

  • React Native Core team announced the release of React Native 0.60.
  • Many improvements are focused on accessibility. The list of important changes is listed on Facebook’s Github blog.
  • There are major upgrades to the linking process. Autolinking is the replacement for react-native link.

4. Glitch is bringing remix culture back to the web with a $30 million Series A round

  • Glitch is an online community which enable to upload projects and remix them by others.
  • Glitch CEO Anil Dash said that the creative impulse for recreating the web has never gone away.
  • The company had raised $30 million in Series A.
  • Glitch is moving towards AI and is particularly interested in Tensor Flow

5. Anchorage Raises $40 Million Series B Led by Blockchain Capital, Visa

  • Anchorage raised $40 million in Series B funding round, to accelerate the growth of crypto finance.
  • Along with Blockchain Capital, Visa is an investor.
  • Co-Founder of Blockchain Capital, P.Bart Stephens, believes that Anchorage is the safest place to hold digital assets.
  • Terry Angelos, Head of Fintech at Visa, said that the investment was consistent with Visa’s global strategy.

Patrycja Mach

Marketing Automation Specialist in Ideamotive.

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