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Why Stockholm for software development?

Stockholm is often referred to as a “unicorn factory” and there is data that makes it reasonable — the city has produced more billion-dollar companies per capita than any other place, besides Silicon Valley. And, interestingly, there isn’t one specific area of software development these companies are specialized in. Mojang created a bestselling Minecraft game, Skype dominated online calls, and Spotify brought easily accessible music streaming.


With around 20% of Stockholm citizens working in tech, our city is surely a great place to make connections and develop some great software.

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What makes us different?

Wide Range Of Experts

Our network of thousands of talents combines on-site talents, off-site collaborators and top software houses. We will pick software development superstars perfectly fitted for your company culture, industry and technology.

Holistic Business Support

Our goal is not to simply deliver the project. We will help you build a hypergrowth environment around your technology and your digital product.

Hypergrowth Approach

Even the best code is just a part of success. We will provide you with an interdisciplinary team of tech business talents, from project managers and strategy consultants to sales and marketing experts.

Truly Agile Process

We take the best principles of the agile approach to software development and expand it to other project areas, to ensure the highest efficiency and transparency of our expert's work.

We will help you execute your vision

by providing trusted and battle-tested software developers perfectly matched to your business needs

What types of software development experts are you looking for?

Web Developers

From UX/UI designers and prototyping experts to veteran full-on front-end to back-end devs, across all web great development technologies. Doesn’t matter if you want to build a website, web app, or multi-dimensional platform - our talent network in London will help you get the job done.

Mobile Developers

Make sure you shine on mobile with the support of our veteran mobile app developers, UX/UI experts, and talented mobile designers. Regardless of the platform and technology - we will provide you with top mobile talents to secure your growth.

Smart Devices Software Developers

Create state-of-the-art software for IoT devices. Make your smart devices even smarter, integrate them with other systems and build outstanding user experience for your customers.

AI and Machine Learning Developers

Build impactful AI-based digital products with the help of our AI experts and leverage the full power of data by hiring our data scientists and machine learning talents.


GoGetty: Building and growing a social impact startup

How we leveraged our tech business expertise and web development skills and helped in launching the product on a tight deadilne

Read the success story
Read the success story

I've never felt I had to ask questions elsewhere on how the different elements should be designed in the backend because they can always recommend me. They give me options and recommendations of the best routes. It was very helpful!

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Ewelina Reszke

Founder & CEO, GoGetty

They trusted us:

We will help you execute your vision

by providing trusted and battle-tested software developers perfectly suited to your business needs.

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